Blossoms of Spring

I’m always cheered by the arrival of spring, no more so than when the trees burst into bloom, their boughs heavy with blossom.

I often feel inspired to take quick snaps on my phone camera; the quality of the images doesn’t do justice to the beauty but I wanted to share.

Blossom2013-Apr-23-0407 Blossom2013-Apr-23-0408 Blossom2013-Apr-23-0411 Blossom2013-Apr-23-0410
April – Home (and car)

Blossom2013May2-0434 Blossom2013May2-0436 Blossom2013May2-0437
May – Work, Near Office

Blossom2013May2-0438 Blossom2013May2-0439 Blossom2013May2-0440
May – Visiting a friend

Blossom 2013May11-0494
May – View from mother-in-law’s flat window

I hope you’ve been enjoying spring too!

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