Recipe Roundup | Savoury Ice Creams

For this month’s BSFIC I set quite a challenge, asking you to create savoury ice creams. I gave you the choice of creating wholly savoury recipes or offering a sweet ice cream based on a savoury ingredient.


I posted first, sharing my recipe for Roquefort & Condensed Milk Ice Cream, using the no churn cream and condensed milk base. Impatient, I tried to whip my cream without cooling it sufficiently first, leading to it splitting, but have shared an adjusted recipe which should avoid that problem. The balance between salty tangy blue cheese and the caramel sweetness of the condensed milk worked very well indeed!


My husband Pete, who writes drinks blog Pete Drinks, offered up a real savoury ice cream, with his Tequila Ice Cream. Based on the traditional combination of tequila, lime and salt, he made a savoury with tequila and lime. It has a very small amount of sugar, but this doesn’t come through as sweetness in the finished ice cream. The salt is added last, to retain a crunch. Surprisingly, this works very well and I’m wondering what it would be like served with a semi-warm beef salad.

Laura from How To Cook Good Food made a Cucumber & Dill Frozen Greek Yogurt as a perfect accompaniment to buttery rich smoked salmon. Like Pete, she added a tiny amount of sugar, to balance the saltiness, but this is very much a savoury ice cream. I think it would be particularly refreshing for summer dining, served instead of the raita or tzatziki.


Foodycat Alicia also went for a blue cheese ice cream, but she created a very different combination in her Blue Cheese and Quince Olive Oil Ice Cream. Having tried and enjoyed an olive oil ice cream in a Greek restaurant she visited, and a blue cheese ice cream in a French one, Alicia decided to bring them together for this month’s challenge. The additional of seasonal quinces completed her flavour combination. Like me, she used a no churn cream and condensed milk base.

sweet pot

I’d never come across the combination before but have learned from Deb, writer of Supper and Scribbles, that sweet potato and marshmallow pie is popular in the USA. For her Sweet Potato and Marshmallow Ice Cream, she added baked and blended sweet potato, cinnamon and marshmallows to a vanilla custard base before freezing. The colour looks beautiful and I’m certainly intrigued by the taste!

BSFIC goats milk beetroot blackberry icecream

Lynda from Wonderlusting came up with this vibrant Goat, Beetroot & Blackberry Froyo recipe. Not goat meat, of course, but goat’s milk yoghurt which she combined with roasted beetroot, fresh blackberries, honey and vanilla. Using frozen berries means that the dessert is like soft-serve ice cream once blended, but it could be frozen further to make it more solid if preferred. This strikes me as both a healthy and delicious idea.


Well done everyone, I think we all rose to the challenge and I absolutely loved reading your posts!

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10 Comments to "Recipe Roundup | Savoury Ice Creams"

  1. kaveyeats

    So pleased to hear it. The December one will go up tomorrow, do have a go, I think the theme is going to be fitting and easy for the month.

  2. Miss Whiplash

    These look great – I can’t believe that I didn’t manage to make one this month – it’s the actual first time 🙁

    The beetroot, in particular, is so pretty!


    So pretty, sorry you didn’t manage to do one this month but hope December will inspire you!

  3. Laura@howtocookgoodfood

    This collection of recipes for savoury ice creams is pretty impressive. That beetroot fro yo has my name on it. Sweet potato & marshmallow…mad but good I bet. Love the creativity of this challenge :)x

  4. Lynda

    (n)ice one everyone! – such great inventive flavours. Quince, olive oil and blue cheese, who’d have thunk it? Really enjoyed this challenge.


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