Recipe Roundup | Ice Creams Inspired By Hot Drinks

This month I set the challenge of making an ice cream (or any other frozen treat) inspired by a hot drink. As always, everyone who took part showed great creativity and came up with these inventive and fun ideas on the theme.

Earl Grey Ice Cream

Michael, author of Me My Food & I, thought I was a mind reader when I announced the challenge theme just a day after he’d shared his recipe for Earl Grey Ice Cream. Of course, I was happy to bend the entry rules by a day, so he could include his creation as our first entry. Like me, he usually drinks his tea black, but enjoyed the addition of milk and cream in ice cream form.


It’s no secret that I’m in love with Japanese food – two recent trips to Japan leave me longing for more. So it was a no brainer for me to use matcha in my own entry for BSFIC. Ever the lazy cook, I made a super Quick & Easy Matcha Ice Cream using ready made custard and it worked wonderfully well!


For Gary aka Big Spud, the hot drinks ice cream theme got him thinking about affogato but rather than taking an easy option, he turned affogato on its head by creating his Inside Out Affogato consisting of coffee ice cream scattered with vanilla-flavoured Italian meringue. He reckons its one of the best ice creams he’s ever eaten, which is high praise indeed!


Phil is, as always, In Search Of Heston, and what better way than to use Heston’s dry ice technique to make a Heston-Style Earl Grey Dry Ice Ice Cream? If you’ve ever wanted to know more about adapting the dry ice technique to try at home, do read Phil’s blog for more on his fire extinguisher method which works a treat.


Appropriately, given the name of her blog is Something Missing, I had completely forgotten about hot malted drinks like Horlicks and Ovaltine until Julia posted her challenge entry. She made a Dairy Free Malted Milk Ice Cream using an almond milk base with cocoa powder and malt extract for flavour.

bsfic mulled wine granita bsfic iced latte small

FoodyCat Alicia is a regular contributor to BSFIC, enjoying the challenge of coming up with new ideas to fit each theme. But this time she’s outdone herself by creating not one but two different entries. Her first idea was a Mulled Wine Granita, featuring red wine, apple juice and mulling spices. She liked the result but when Paul dismissed it as tasting like cough syrup she decided to make a second recipe. That was a cream based Frozen Caffè Latte in individual glasses, made with both instant and Camp coffee and a slug of kirsch too.

coffee turkish delight granita

Hannah from Corner Cottage Bakery let her handbag decide what to make for this month’s BSFIC – yes you heard that right, her handbag! A delve into its depths revealed a sachet of instant coffee and a turkish delight bar and lo! her idea was born. She created a Coffee and Turkish Delight Granita that puts me in mind of the end of a wonderful meal in a Turkish restaurant – a lovely combination!

IceCreamChallenge miniMy Pete (who writes Pete Drinks) muttered about making a Hot Toddy inspired ice cream featuring whisky and stem ginger in the no-churn base and lemon curd rippled through it before freezing. Sadly, he realised it was very similar to a Whisky Mac Ice Cream he made previously, and I couldn’t persuade him to go ahead and make it anyway, though I think it would have been utterly delicious!

As always, thank you to everyone who entered.

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9 Comments to "Recipe Roundup | Ice Creams Inspired By Hot Drinks"

  1. Phil

    It’s an honour to be included amongst so many fascnating and creative ice creams. I really like Foodiecat Alicia’s Mulled Wine Granita, and Michael is definitely a man after our own hearts with his Earl Grey Ice Cream recipe.

    Sorry to hear you missed out on the hot toddy ice cream, you’ll have to make sure the next theme is one that Pete just can’t resist! 🙂

    It was great to be able to take part. Hope we can think of something for the next challenge!

  2. Elizabeth

    I’m craving ice cream now! What a fantastic selection of flavours, and I’m going to follow up on that no churn one I saw in there. My ice cream maker died last summer and I’m not replacing it (no pennies). Need to get more inventive with condensed milk ice creams. I wonder, can the ones with ready made custard be no churn too? HHrrm!

    Alicia (foodycat)

    Custard-based ones can be no churn if you add quite a lot of booze! The condensed milk works because the process of condensing the milk makes it like an inverted sugar solution which inhibits crystallisation, while the cream holds air, so you get a proper creamy mouthfeel.


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