The Best Souvenirs to Buy in the USA

America (by which I mean the United States of America) is a shopper’s paradise, whether you head to one of its huge shopping malls and department stores, browse charming independent shops or buy branded merchandise from sports venues and tourist attractions. I also have a soft spot for supermarket shopping, as I love buying food and drink items I can’t find at home.

The Best Souvenirs to Buy in the USA

Barbecue Sauce | Candies and Cookies | Disney Merchandise | Ghirardelli Chocolate | I Love NY Merchandise | Kachina DollNASA Merchandise | New Orleans Voodoo Doll | Petoskey Stones | Team Baseball Caps | Turquoise Jewellery | Wine

Barbecue Sauce

Maull's Original BBQ Sauce - The Best Souvenirs to Buy in the USA
Barbecue sauce is a classic American condiment, predominant through the middle of the country.  Several countries use the term barbecuing, meaning to grill outdoors, but true barbecue includes basting, smoking, and a special sauce. For visitors to the United States, barbecue is a must try cuisine, and a bottle of sauce makes an inexpensive souvenir.

Barbecue sauce is highly regional, with varying ingredients, recipes, and flavors. In the east, Carolina barbecue has a tart mustard based sauce. Western states, such as Kansas and Texas, are known for a tomato and sugar based sauce that is thick and rather sweet. Most supermarket brands are based upon these recipes. In the deep south there is even mayonnaise-based white barbecue sauce.

For me, the best and most evocatively American barbecue is found in the middle. Both St. Louis and Memphis are known for dry rub barbecue, with a vinegar and tomato based tart-sweet sauce, that perfectly accents the smoked meat.

The most renowned barbecue houses sell bottled versions of their own special sauce right in the restaurant. This is the best place to get a bottle as a souvenir. In Memphis, try Charlie Vergos Rendezvous, and in St. Louis try Pappy’s Smokehouse. Have dinner and take a bottle of sauce home. If you can’t make it to a restaurant, in St. Louis pick up a bottle of Maull’s Original at the supermarket.  It is the most authentic brand of St. Louis sauce that you can buy outside of a restaurant.

Roxanna blogs at Gypsy With A Day Job. Find her on Instagram

Candies and Cookies

Candies and Cookies - The Best Souvenirs to Buy in the USA

Wherever I travel, I’ll always visit at least one supermarket to browse for local treats, things that natives of the country might be surprised are even of interest to a visitor. As Roxanna recommends,  savoury specialities such as condiments and sauces are often on my list, as are local beers and wines, as suggested by Wendy, below.

In the US, I always look for local sweets (candies in America-speak) and biscuits (cookies). I’m a huge fan of Trident sugar-free gum, particularly the Layers series, with flavours such as Swedish Fish, and Berry and Tangerine. There’s so much more choice on flavours than back home. There are many other sweets I also love, such as peanut butter M&Ms (the whole peanut ones are widely available but the peanut butter ones not so much) and candy corn.

I also love the cookie aisle, not only for brands like Oreos – we can get the originals in the UK but rarely the special or limited edition flavours such as berry – but also American favourites such as devil’s food cookie cakes and nutter butters.

And here’s a wildcard for you, when I was a child (in the 1970s and ’80s) we often visited family in Florida, where I developed an intense love of Lucky Charms cereal, with its multicoloured marshmallows liberally distributed throughout. So much so that we used to bring several boxes home with us and insist that when our family came to us in the UK, they do likewise. A box may still make its way into my suitcase all these years later!

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Disney Merchandise

Disney Merchandise Mugs - The Best Souvenirs to Buy in the USA

Disney World and Disneyland are classic American experiences and guests come from around the world to visit the four theme parks at Disney World near Orlando, Florida and the two theme parks at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. While visiting the parks, you can purchase just about any item with a Disney logo, attraction, or beloved character on it. Whether you want a souvenir T-shirt, hat, kitchen accessories, jewellery, stuffed animal, or crazy socks, you can almost certainly find it in one of the many gift shops at the parks and resorts. T-shirts are available with traditional park logos, popular rides, funny sayings, and of course, Mickey Mouse himself.

Mickey ears are another classic souvenir and fun to wear in the parks. They come in a wide range of styles from the classic black ones to elaborately decorated sets for specific characters and holidays. You can go with an ear hat or a Minnie headband, either of which are sure to liven up your park photos.

Coffee mugs are another favorite and the big gift shops at both Disney locations have dozens of options to choose from. My favorites are styled after characters, like a Chip teacup designed to look like the character from Beauty and the Beast.

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Ghirardelli Chocolate

Ghirardelli chocolates - The Best Souvenirs to Buy in the USA

Ghirardelli chocolates are indelibly linked in my mind with my favourite US city, San Francisco. Even though the chocolates are available everywhere, the little square treats always take me back to the first time I stared up at the enormous Ghirardelli lightbulb sign, and tasted the famous intense chocolate-ness of Ghiradelli chocolate.

The Ghirardelli Chocolate Company was started in 1852 by an Italian immigrant, Domenico Ghirardelli (he changed his name from the Italian Domenico to the Spanish Domingo when he came to California). He reportedly came to California in search of gold, but soon realized that chocolate was his true calling!

In 1893, the company moved to the location now called Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco. The famous illuminated sign was created in 1923. In 1982, Ghirardelli Square was placed on the National Historic Register and is today one of the most visited places in San Francisco. In 1998, Ghirardelli was acquired by Lindt, the Swiss chocolatier.

The famous Ghirardelli square chocolates were launched in 1999, and they are my favorite sweet treat. The company also sells chocolate bars, and their ice cream is delicious. Ghirardelli chocolates are sold all over the USA and the company has a sales web site as well, where they offer their chocolate in special USA and San Francisco gift tins and bars, ranging in price from US$7.50 to US$49.95. These gift packs make the perfect souvenir from the USA, representing, as they do, the realization of the American dream by an individual willing to follow his dream.

Dhara blogs at Not About The Miles

I ♥ NY Merchandise

I Love NY Souvenirs - The Best Souvenirs to Buy in the USA

Was “I ♥ NY” the first “I love” logo? I don’t know, but it sure seems that it is the most popular. Everyone visiting NY wants something with that on it to take home. Personally, I think the cheaper the better when it comes to cups and T-shirts, which will probably get ruined in the first wash… or not! Sometimes the cheaper quality turns out to be better. It is buyer beware to decide this.

The usual is a white background with black letters and a red heart but in some NYC shops I’ve found cups with many background color choices. I guess the secret is to keep looking until you find the item that steals your HEART. Figure the cup might go as low as $2 and the T-shirt might go as high as $20.  They are likely to be most expensive at the airport. I bought my cup on Canal Street for about $2. I remember it was dusty and uninviting, but ironically, after 5 years it is still looking good.

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Kachina Doll

Kachina Doll - The Best Souvenirs to Buy in the USA

Kachina (katsina) Dolls are small figures carved and ornately decorated, by the Pueblo native Americans of Arizona and New Mexico, most notably the Hopi. They represent ancestral spirits and are traditionally carved from cottonwood root by Hopi men and given to girls each year as they grow up as a way of instructing them about the ancestral spirits. There are over 200 different figures and the colors, clothing, masks etc. all have specific meanings. Traditionally, they were hung on walls, but they are now often made to stand up.

They are also a common souvenir in Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon and nearby places in the American South West. Good quality ones are made with great attention to detail. Consequently, whilst making great souvenirs of your travels to this region, Kachina Dolls are not cheap. We bought one for about $200, but most good ones cost an average of $500-$1,000 and can go as high as $10,000 (or $250,000 for rare antique ones, but that’s for a serious collector!) Better ones are carved from one piece of wood (look for glue as a telltale sign that they are not) and are incredibly detailed. Make sure feathers are not from exotic birds such as eagles!

James blogs at Travel Collecting

NASA Merchandise

NASA merchandise - The Best Souvenirs to Buy in the USA

I was just a small kid interested in the magical world of space. So when NASA announced the success of Apollo 11 and an exhibition on the mission at New Delhi, India, I was excited.

NASA displayed various artifacts, the Command Module “Columbia” and the Lunar Module Eagle (I am now sure they were models, but at that time I thought they were for real) and the highlight of the exhibition was the mysterious looking “Moon Rock”. There was a kilometre-long queue to see them. These memories were deeply etched and at one point I wanted to be an Astronaut too.

With time these memories were pushed deeper. All of them came rushing back after over 4 decades when I was in the US and got a chance to visit NASA’s Johnson Space Center, Houston, where Apollo 11 Mission Control Center was located.

Having come thus far I wanted to pick up a few Apollo 11 souvenirs including the medallion, Saturn V, Columbia, the eagle and figurines of astronauts, maybe. They had run out of Apollo 11 medallions at that time and the last 3 decades had changed the face of space exploration so much that memorabilia pertaining to Discovery in particular and NASA in general, were available in great numbers. Eventually I picked a key chain, a hat, a T-shirt and a NASA magnet that still adorns our fridge. I am yet to use the hat and T-shirt. The key chain is displayed along with other key chain collection.

Nisha and Vasu blog at Lemonicks

New Orleans Voodoo Doll

Voodoo Dolls from New Orleans - The Best Souvenirs to Buy in the USA

If you’re searching for the perfect souvenir from New Orleans, a Voodoo Doll just might be the answer. No other souvenir I’ve found is capable of granting wishes, revenge, or simply making your unfaithful ex miserable so easily. Having your own Voodoo Doll puts the power of happiness in YOUR hands.

On the Voodoo Doll, there may be a small card with instructions on the proper use. “Your doll is a medium to solve a problem or desire. You may personalize it with hair, a small photo, or any small personal item. Tuck them into doll. Every morning and every evening make a ceremony by lighting a candle and incense. Stick pin in doll. In heart for good. In stomach for bad. Say aloud 3 times your desires or intentions and concentrate for 3 minutes. Repeat for 9 days and you shall have your desire.”

Voodoo is such an integral part of the culture of New Orleans. You’ll find Voodoo Shops with spectacular dolls for almost every occasion. Most souvenir shops in the French Quarter of New Orleans carry Voodoo Dolls for under $10, but if you’d like to buy them in bulk to share with friends, the open air French Market is your best option to find them for around $2 each.

Lisa and Cheryl blog at What Boundaries Travel. Find them on Instagram

Petoskey Stones

Petoskey Stones - The Best Souvenirs to Buy in the USA

If you’re headed to Michigan, you should definitely bring home a Petoskeystone. This unique rock is actually a 350-million-year-old fossil of a coral that lived during the Devonian period. While not rare, it can only be found in the state of Michigan and has been recognized as the official state stone since 1965.

Petoskey stones are most abundantly found along Lake Michigan’s Little Traverse Bay in the town that gave the fossil its name – Petoskey, Michigan – but you’ll also find large numbers of them in neighbouring bayside towns such as Charlevoix and Fishtown. Prices vary according to the size of the stone and whether or not it has been polished or made into jewellery.

If you prefer to hunt for one yourself, it’s completely free and legal to take less than 25 pounds from the beach (although a single pebble should suffice). Due to the movement of frozen lake ice grinding against the shores each winter, a new batch of stones is overturned and exposed every spring. At least for now, Michigan is in no danger of running out of fossils anytime soon, and the Petoskey Chamber of Commerce actively encourages tourists to take home these unique treasures as souvenirs.

Jillian blogs at Adventure Dragon

Team Baseball Caps

Baseball Cap - The Best Souvenirs to Buy in the USA

Image via Pixabay, Creative Commons

One of the best souvenirs to get in the US is a baseball cap. Baseball is an all American sport and honestly, there’s not a trendier accessory that goes with so many outfits from sporty to fashionable.   You’re likely to make fun conversations with Americans that you meet abroad who will most likely compliment you on your hat and maybe ask you about baseball and it’s a great conversation starter while traveling in the US!

If you’re visiting New York, I recommend picking up a Yankees or Mets cap. Although Yankees caps are easy to buy around the world, a baseball cap from the Mets baseball team in Queens is a bit harder to find.

An authentic item, rather than a rip-off, tends to cost more (upwards of $20). That said, it’s easy to buy baseball hats with various team logos that are unlicensed for as little as $6-$15 in many US cities. You can tell if it’s authentic based on the holographic sticker that will say MLB. I’d recommend buying the licensed ones as they are more likely to last longer.

Karen blogs at WanderlustingK

Turquoise Jewellery

Turquoise Jewellery - The Best Souvenirs to Buy in the USA

The turquoise gemstone has special significance in many Native Indian cultures, especially amongst the Navajo tribe in Arizona. Historically, the Navajo people used turquoise as currency and as a symbol of wealth and prestige. It was also a symbol of good luck and fortune in ancient times. Today, turquoise jewelry is a symbol of the fine craftsmanship of the Navajo people and a way to understand the Native American heritage.

I found unique turquoise jewellery set in sterling silver at many Navajo trading posts while road-tripping in Arizona especially near the Indian reservations around the Grand Canyon, Four Corners National Monument, and Monument Valley. The jewellery was uniquely designed and stylised and came in a range of earrings, rings, necklaces, and pendants. Buying Navajo turquoise jewellery from the Navajo women manning the stands and shops was a great opportunity to learn more about their culture and life on the reservations.

Ketki blogs at Dotted Globe


Wine in a Wine Shop - The Best Souvenirs to Buy in the USA
I think most people would be surprised to know that there are more than 3,000 commercial wineries in the United States, and that wine is produced in each of the fifty states. Throughout the US there are dozens of wine regions offering visitors scenic drives and lovely tasting rooms. Due to the great variety of ecosystems, every state has something unique to bring to the wine industry. Some regions specialise in reds, others whites, and a few are even able to produce excellent sparkling wine. So for visitors looking for souvenir, a bottle of wine is ideal.

If you are visiting California, a bottle of wine is an absolute must for a souvenir. This state produces 84% of the country’s wine. The varieties are endless and the quality is consistently high.  Even better, there are great options for bottles of California wine for $10 and less.

For those fortunate enough to visit one of California’s wine regions – Napa, Sonoma, Temecula, Central Coast – do stop by one of the many wineries and purchase your souvenirs there.  But if that isn’t possible, then make a trip to BevMo or Trader Joe’s, where the staff can help with your purchase once they know your price range and general tastes.

Wendy blogs at Empty Nesters Hit The Road.

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The Best Souvenirs to Buy in the USA

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Please check the customs restrictions of your home country before your trip, so that you know which food and drink souvenirs you are permitted to import.

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  1. Paige

    That was interesting to read. 🙂 Candy corn! Lucky charms! Yes! I love Ghirardelli. Have you tried the dark chocolate sea salt caramel squares? I have that same voodoo book. 🙂 Lost track of my voodoo doll though. Did you get a hurricane glass from Pat O’Brien’s? 🙂


    Yeah, Lucky Charms are my guilty pleasure! I’ve not tried the dark chocolate caramel, I’ve never been a huge fan of Ghirardelli though I know others love it. It’s not to my taste!

  2. Sandy N Vyjay

    Though not much into souvenir shopping, we could not resist ourselves when we were in the USA. The shopping paradise was irresistible and we ended up buying a lot of trinkets. The main haul was of course loads and loads of candy.


    We always buy a lot, but some of it is clothes and shoes, so I don’t count it as souvenirs but yes lots of candy!


    I have got more of chocolates as souvenirs than any others from the US. This is a very useful list and that Kachina doll looks so very quirky and beautiful!


    I buy a lot of clothes and some shoes when there, but for souvenirs and treats, candy is top!

  4. Yukti

    I loved all the list of items which we can purchase during our US trip. I have bought some NYC, Disney and NASA stuff when I did my US trip. Never knew about turquoise jewelry and Kachina doll as they seem to interest me more. Next time, I would look out for them. Thanks for sharing!


    I remember buying turquoise and silver jewellery from native American craftspeople when we visited during my teens. Still love it!

  5. Clarice

    This is very timely. My sister is in the US and has been asking me what should she get me — the Ghirardelli Chocolate and Disney Merch are great ideas. Thank you for sharing.


    She should be able to find the Ghirardelli merch across the US, though obviously easiest in San Francisco where it’s based. For Disney, again I think there are merch stores across the country.

  6. Victoria

    I bought a Voodoo spellbook on my trip to New Orleans! I was afraid to post it up for fear of what ppl might say. I visited NASA in Houston also, awesome place to indulge your inner nerd!

  7. Michelle M

    I love this list! My husband and I visited Ghiradelli square in San Francisco a few weeks ago, and there’s so much chocolate that I wanted to take home!

  8. Danik

    I can see the appeal on why people buy this sort of stuff, but not for me. I just like to take away the memories 🙂 and maybe a beer glass from a local bar 😉

  9. Annick

    You captured the most memorable souvenirs from those regions. I find myself in grocery stores too when I go abroad to find special treats that I’ve never seen at home – particularly sweets! Plus I love how bringing back these items sparks joy in the recipient and will always remind me of my fabulous memories.


    Yes same here. Plus the edible stuff its consumable so don’t fill my house more, already have too much stuff!!

  10. Navita Deshpande

    Souvenir shopping can be quite a challenge especially when there are so many options! Happy to find this post on Best Souvenirs in USA as it makes it easy to make choices! Would pass on to anyone who is visiting USA and make a reference when we make our next plan. Would love to bring back Kachina Doll.. they looks so cute and unique. And would keep an eye out for Turquoise Jewellery… it looks so beautiful!

  11. amar singh

    Souvenirs are a way of you taking a piece of the place back home with you for me and I take this quite seriously. USA truly gives me a lot of food stuff to take back home and my kids love the variety of cereals that is on offer aimed at kids. Chocolates not that much from me as I enjoy my English chocolates more but never mind a small Hersheys. some great tips here thanks for sharing.


    Yes, lots of great ideas to take home, some of them to keep and cherish, others to share and enjoy and then they’re gone!

  12. Hannah

    I’m with you Kavey, candy is so unique from the USA. I adore peanut butter M&Ms and always hunt them down to bring them home. And I did indulge in a team baseball cap when we were in San Francisco this year – I got a Giants one, as we went to a game (despite me being a Red Sox fan first!). It’s orange on black and quite trendy actually!


    Orange and black sounds a good bet, I don’t suit baseball caps but I like those colours!

  13. Linda (LDH)

    We have downsized and rarely bring stuff back home. Our children are not yet settled and don’t want souvenirs. But we do like to bring back local food and drink! Authentic bbq sauce is always a great choice. We always come back with local chocolate. Especially things we know will never be imported to Canada. And we did once bring back a voodoo doll for a friend. She needed help with another troublesome friend ? Hubby collects baseball hats (and brings Canada hats to give away when we travel). He refuses to call these souvenirs! A good list of things to look at. Even if we don’t bring them back!


    Food and drink is such a great souvenir as it doesn’t take up space long term! I love that the hats are resolutely not souvenirs! ha!

  14. Marvi

    Cool list! Getting a souvenir or two when I travel is one of my guilty pleasures! 😀 Personally, I’d probably get the Kachina Doll, they look really interesting with an equally interesting history! I’m sure my husband would love some NASA merchandise as he’s a big space lover!

  15. Christina

    There are some fun ideas on this list. I’ve never heard of a Kachina Doll but will be sure to look out for it next time I’m there. I love Oreos and who doesn’t like BBQ sauce!


    I hadn’t come across the kachina doll either until contributor James told me all about it!

  16. Renata

    These are some nice ideas what to buy. I’m not so much into merchandises, so I always bought my toiletries at one of the American drugstores – and used them on the spot and carried the rests with me home. That way I felt like still being in the States days or even weeks after I came back. I love to buy things I can actually use or even use up.


    We do that too sometimes, and similarly we buy regular food items from supermarket!

  17. Carissa

    I always love to bring souvenirs from the places I traveled. I looove chocolates so Ghirardelli chocolates would never be out of my list lol Disney and NASA merchandises are a must too! Thank you for sharing this interesting list.

  18. eli

    Interesting post. Never really thought about what kind of souvenirs people would like to bring back from the USA. Barbecue sauce is an interesting idea


    Yes, I love that one, it’s very much along the lines of what we often bring back!

  19. Carol Perehudoff

    Ahaha. Lucky Charms as a souvenir. That’s a blast from the past. I think today I’d go with the Ghirardelli chocolates. I’d never heard of a Petoskeystone but now I want one, too.

  20. Juliette

    I did bring a few of these items you’ve listed here back from my most recent trip to the US! I just HAD to buy some Ghirardelli Chocolate while I was in San Francisco. I also bought back wine from the Napa Valley and local candies and sweets I’d never seen before. I didn’t get to Disneyland although brought back merchandise when I visited some years ago. And a couple of Lake Tahoe/Heavenly Mountain clothing items too, where I skied. Not a bad haul!

  21. Daniel

    You covered the most interesting souvenirs from all the regions. Great job! I actually brought back a few of these items after my most recent trip to the US! There are also some I didn’t even hear about, like the Petoskey stone but now I want one too 🙂


    Same here, I hadn’t heard of Petoskey stones or Kachina dolls before calling on fellow travel bloggers for their recommendations!

  22. Claire

    I didn’t realise that turquoise jewellery was from the US, I love the colour 🙂 I was so happy when a Disney store opened in my home town in England, I am a sucker for the cuddly toys. Oh and don’t get me started on Ghirardelli Chocolate, I brought back tons of it from San Francisco!!


    The US is one of the main places it’s mined but it’s also found in Egypt and Iran.

  23. Parnashree Devi

    I haven’t been to USA till now. But whenever I will go, I would definitely pick some chocolates and Kachina (katsina) Dolls. The dolls look so interesting. Disney Merchandise are something I like a lot. You have mentioned some great souvenir options.

  24. Ami Bhat

    I like the idea of hunting for Petosky stones and taking them back with me. It will probably be the most amazing souvenir as it will carry back an experience too. Kachina dolls would be my other pick. Will keep these in mind for my visit

  25. Medha

    One of the best things about travelling is collecting souvenirs from all over the world. I always pick up local wine, especially in regions where they grow it extensively. Apart from the usual fridge magnets, I picked up some Disney souvenirs from the US on my last trip and Ghiradelli chocolate as well! I love NY mugs seemed a bit too cliche to me so I did not haha.


    Fridge magnets is a great one as they are such a popular souvenir that you can always find great designs!

  26. Mariechen Hoelyfield

    I have a voodoo doll from New Orleans but I didn’t know there was a book that tells u how to use it, pretty neat

  27. Tami

    I loved seeing what you suggested for US souvenirs! All are very good choices and represent things that do seem to be unique to the United States. But I’d never heard of a Petoskey stone before! You learn something new every day. The other thing I commonly purchase wherever I travel is an ornament for my Christmas tree.


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