Best of the Blogs: Kavey Eats in the Times!

To my utter delight – more accurately described as delirious euphoria – Kavey Eats is featured as this week’s Best of the Blogs in the Times’ weekly food supplement, ‘The Table’.

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I particularly like journalist Nick Wyke’s description of my blog as “rambling (in a good way)” and his comment that I have “an eye for the unusual”.

For those of you visiting for the first time, after reading about Kavey Eats in the Times, welcome and thanks for stopping by!

I hope you stick around and enjoy the mix of restaurant reviews, recipes, cookery book reviews, interviews, reports from our kitchen garden, feedback on food festivals, beer and drink reviews and other random food-related mutterings.

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P.S. I must give credit where it’s due – the “Courgette-saka” is (husband) Pete’s invention, not mine!

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24 Comments to "Best of the Blogs: Kavey Eats in the Times!"

  1. Kavey

    @Meemalee – Is that an owl? It's cute!

    @Becca – As if! I doubt I'll be inundated with millions of new readers but if a handful of food lovers find their way here and stay, I shall be pleased indeed!

    @Bron @LadySG @May @Sig @DianeW @Debs @Myriam – thank you all so much for sharing in my delight!

  2. Gill the Painter

    I'm not surprised, Kavey.
    Well done you.

    Looking at my husband's the Times online account, this looks like a feature blog recommendation?
    One off feature of the week, as opposed to a list.

    All the better for it!

  3. Kavey

    @Gill – yes, I think it's weekly but I don't usually get the Times so not sure – for all I know it's fortnightly or monthly. But yes, it was just my blog featured this week, very flattering! I know many of the blogs featured before and all are ones I respect hugely!

  4. Elizabeth

    CONGRATULATIONS! Well deserved! Such good news, I'm happy for you. I told AnneW this news yesterday, as a matter of fact. I saw her at the big party my friends threw.

  5. Annie

    Not Surprised you got a mention here – (I know it's old news). LOVE your blog 🙂


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