Travel Quote Tuesday | I Wish I Could Beam Myself Anywhere Instantly

“I love to travel but hate traffic and planes. I wish I could just beam myself anywhere instantly.” ~ Jordan Ladd

I cannot tell you how often I’ve expressed a similar sentiment, so it tickled me to find this quote by Jordan Ladd, American ‘scream queen’ actress.

Whilst there are still those who insist that the journey itself is more important than the destination, that just doesn’t work for me, not with the modern-day experience of airport security, waiting, more waiting, and a long flight crammed like sardines into a tin can. Sure, if the trip itself is a roadtrip… or an adventure on rail or boat, then yeah, the journey is a big part of the destination(s). But otherwise, yeah, Scotty, please beam me the heck out of here!

There’s a selfish little twist in my dream – only I (and my nominated friends, family and minions) have this technology. Imagine the pleasure of being able to hop to Paris for breakfast, Portugal for morning coffee and custard tarts, Kyoto for lunch and a stroll beneath the cherry blossom if my timing is right, America for a little clothes shopping, Botswana for a sundowner game drive, Chiang Rai for dinner at the night market, followed by a last hop home to sleep in my own bed! I could weave these into my everyday life too, so instead of a coffee break in the office kitchen, that little hop to Lisbon before hopping back to my desk…

(And yes, if I actually had a Trekkie transporter for real, of course I’d look at how it could be used as a force for good, to help people and the environment, but since it’s obviously a pure fantasy, so are my dreams of how I’d use it!)

What might you do if you could beam yourself anywhere instantly?

“I love to travel but hate traffic and planes. I wish I could just beam myself anywhere instantly.” Jordan Ladd

Another image from our trip to Iceland a few summers ago.

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11 Comments to "Travel Quote Tuesday | I Wish I Could Beam Myself Anywhere Instantly"

  1. Marvi

    I’d definitely love to beam myself anywhere too! I’d say breakfast in Paris, lunch in Maldives and dinner in New Zealand! 😀 But kidding aside, if only a technology that can do that is available today, people will just be appearing anywhere in the world! 😀

  2. Kirstie Saldo

    Will beat Around the World in 80 Days for sure! haha awesome quote, awesome idea! Still waiting for some smart dude to come up with a solution to this haha

  3. Sandy N Vyjay

    This is something I too have dreamed about often. i refer to it as teleporting. Something straight out of a Sci-Fi film. You are de-materialized from where you are and materialize within seconds at the place where you want to be. This way I can see more of the world faster and more efficiently. Oh! if wishes were horses!

  4. Reshma Narasing

    I hadn’t heard of this quote until now, but it’s just so amusing! And yes, I agree with it as travel can sometimes get overwhelming. I wish we could transport ourselves to the places we dream in a beam! I would probably create a wilderness tour if I had a chance!

  5. Suruchi Mittal

    We too would love to do this. Breakfast in the Himalayas, Lunch at Paris and Evening in London. Wow! What a life it will be. If this turns to reality.

  6. Ami Bhat

    I am one of those who believe that the experience of the journey is what matters. I guess, it would even hold true if I could teleport myself. But I don’t mind road trips either. Guess I just have a lot of patience.


    I love road trips, it’s the modern experience of long haul flights I hate!

  7. Greg

    OMG – I’ve been saying this for years! Sure, I love long train rides and winding bus rides through the mountains … but if I could just “beam myself up” – I would totally have a crossaint in Paris for breakfast, a thali for lunch in India, and a nice falafel in Israel for dinner. Mmmm. Now I’m hungry!

  8. Jennifer Melroy

    I don’t mind the planes, now the traffic I hate that. Traffic in some the US national parks is awful. I feel like sometimes we need to limit car traffic and better public transport.


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