Augurken Sticks from Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, I did my best to search out as many local specialities as I could. Maatjes are meltingly soft, lightly soused herrings traditionally served with gherkins and chopped raw onion, with or without a soft white bread bun. I enjoyed mine from Vlaardingse Haringhandel at the Albert Cuyp Street Market, in business since 1916.

The sweet sharp pickled gherkins were so good I bought a jar (€2.50) to bring home.

AmsterdamGherkins-0897 AmsterdamGherkins-0902 AmsterdamGherkins-0904
AmsterdamGherkins-0900 AmsterdamGherkins-0901

I’ve eaten most of them straight from the jar on their own but did have a few as a side to some barbeque-marinated and grilled pork belly slices.

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  1. KSalty

    Ooh, I love the name and I love me a good gherkin. One of the first things I did when I got back from NY the other week was to buy a big jar of pickles and some French’s Mustard from Sainsers.


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