Allotment Pickings: Pickled Beetroot

As usual, time ran away with us down at the allotment and the thickly sown rows of beetroot never did get thinned out or weeded. That resulted in a harvest of lots of teeny tiny beetroots which we were determined to use, as they were our very first home-grown.


Pete roasted them in their skins before laboriously peeling each one. I heated some white wine vinegar with whole black peppercorns, powdered mixed spice and some Demerara sugar.

PickledBeetroot-1874 PickledBeetroot-1876

We bottled them in a (sterilised) hinged Le Parfait jar and poured the hot pickling liquid in before sealing.


No idea what they’re like, but hoping they are good enough to motivate us to make a better job at the allotment next year!


With thanks to Le Parfait for sample preserving jars.

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8 Comments to "Allotment Pickings: Pickled Beetroot"

  1. Deena kakaya

    This post made me smile as my dad was hooked on them when we were kids. I remember the sweetness of beetroot being much subdued. Let us know if yours are still sweet x

  2. Mamta Gupta

    I still have a few in the garden, but will probably finish them off before winter sets in. Yours look good.


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