A Personal Ramble About Trees And Broccoli

I’m taking you on a slight departure from my usual content today, to share a personal ramble about trees and broccoli.

It was prompted by this link that I came across on Twitter, of a story about a project in Melbourne in which individual trees were given email addresses. The intention was to give locals a quick way to report issues related to the trees that might need local government attention, but what happened was the most delightful correspondence, in which locals wrote letters to their favourite trees instead.

It made me smile. In fact it made me grin with delight!


I love trees. I love to talk to them. I often admire them. Whenever we drive anywhere – unless it’s one of the trips in which I fall quickly asleep and snore all the way – I excitedly point out the most pretty trees to Pete , to which he usually responds with disappointing disinterest or a reminder that he should really watch the road rather than join me in judging the beauty of trees.

I used to want to eat all the prettiest leaves because some of them are just so green and beautiful. But since I didn’t know which ones were poisonous I did stop myself from doing that. It’s odd really that I’m not as drawn to salad, but it just isn’t the same as leaves from trees. Sometimes I pluck a particularly beautiful leaf and lick it but I keep this to a minimum since, you know, that whole poisonous thing and I have enough trouble with people assuming I’m a loon as it is. And only ones from above the dog piss line, obviously.

I thought at first that I would write rather a lot to trees if our local ones had email addresses. But perhaps I’d eschew email and stick to talking to them, since I don’t think any of the ones I know have access to computers. I am confident they can hear me when I talk.

Then I got to thinking… (I know, the insights above are probably a scary enough look into my mind already, but bear with me.)

shutterstock_119124580 shutterstock_65901991 shutterstock_210135814

I have never liked eating calabrese broccoli, because to me it looks halfway between a tree and a shaving brush.

Allotment harvests

I do like sprouting broccoli though, because, less tree like. The purple stuff is the best because it’s purple!

Are you a broccoli fan? And what about trees?!

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20 Comments to "A Personal Ramble About Trees And Broccoli"

  1. Jen

    This has made my Sunday Kavey. When I moved to a new school at the age of 10 one of my new friends gave me the seemingly bonkers nickname firtree, she still calls me that now nearly 20 years later. The origin of the nickname made perfect sense to her as my full name is Jennifer, add tree to the end and you get Jenny Fir Tree. Quite apt really as I do enjoy being around trees even though I haven’t started talking to them… yet.


    Oh that’s just marvellous, I love that! Jenny Fir Tree. Makes total sense to me too! Thanks so much for sharing that!

  2. Sarah (@tamingtwins)

    Oh Kavey I LOVE trees! I am always taking the children to wander around forests and I have been known to hug a tree. Forests are good for the soul. We has a wonderful trip to stay in a cabin in the Forest of Dean recently. It was awesome waking up in the trees. PS. You are right. The purple stuff is best, just because it’s purple. FACT.


    Sarah, lovely to know I’m not alone (on both the trees and the purple broccoli)!

  3. kaveyeats

    Heh, I want to eat the trees but not the vegetables that look like them… What can I tell you, in a little strange this way!

  4. Ren Behan

    Definitely a tree and broccoli fan! My favourite tree is the Bramley apple tree at the bottom of our garden or the rows of cherry trees that line the streets nearby.

  5. Helen @ Fuss Free Flavours

    Broccoli is green trees, cauliflower is white trees. Everyone knows that. I do see the shaving brush resemblance now you mention it.

    A delightful, and very Kaveyesque post, this is what blogging should be about!


    Haaa, cauliflower isn’t the same though, as the florets are more hard at the top, rather than those little tiny frondy bits on broccoli!! Thanks, so glad you enjoyed the post, it’s good for me to let the Kaveyesque out now and then!

  6. Lucy

    Hilarious! Love the thought of people emailing their favourite trees. Would love to be responding on behalf of the tree. “Thank you for your compliments, my left branch is rather attractive at the moment isn’t it”!!


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