A Meander Through Kyoto’s Nishiki Market

Like our fascinating walk through Takayama’s Miyagawa Morning Market, Nishiki in Kyoto is full of wonder.

Stall after stall of fresh and processed produce, kitchen cookware and tableware line a long and narrow glass-covered arcade that runs parallel to Shijō Street, a main commercial artery running east to west through the city. With Teramachi and Shin-kyogoku Streets and the department stores on Shijō nearby, this is a great destination for browsing or shopping.

Some of the produce is familiar but much is not, and without a guide or translation tool, it’s hard to identify. Some stall holders are clearly not very interested in tourists, and that’s fair enough – I doubt they get many sales from us. But others are happy to share a smile or try and help explain their products.

Japan2012-2547 Japan2012-2550 Japan2012-2555
Japan2012-2552 Japan2012-2553 Japan2012-2556
Passing through Teramachi and into Nishiki; Vegetables that seem to be preserved in sand; fish


Japan2012-2558 Japan2012-2573 Japan2012-2568Japan2012-2564Japan2012-2565
Dried fish; Chestnut salesman


Japan2012-2566 Japan2012-2567 Japan2012-2587
This strange decorative fruit is known as Fox Face in Japan, and as Nipplefruit, Titty Fruit and Cow’s Udder elsewhere!


Japan2012-2574 Japan2012-2571
Persimmon; dried snacks; a dried tofu specialist


Japan2012-2580 Japan2012-2584 Japan2012-2585
Japan2012-2588 Japan2012-2592 Japan2012-2593
Preserved vegetable; fresh mushrooms; apples; beautiful fresh seafood


Japan2012-2575 Japan2012-2597 Japan2012-2589
Japan2012-2590 Japan2012-2583
Eggs; seafood; fried snacks to takeaway; unidentified preserved produce


Japan2012-2569 Japan2012-2560 Japan2012-2579
Browsing; pumpkins; ceramics


Japan2012-2595 Japan2012-2561Japan2012-2598
Singing pickle salesmen; live clams; sweets


Japan2012-2601 Japan2012-2599 Japan2012-2549
Buying vegetable; Pete checking out the chop sticks shop; restaurant front on Teramachi Street


Japan2012-2606 Japan2012-2608
After exploring the market, delicious cakes and iced coffee in a tiny cafe in a nearby side street


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5 Comments to "A Meander Through Kyoto’s Nishiki Market"

  1. Chris

    Very interesting walkthrough of the market. Yes, shopping must be very difficult, if you don’t know what you are buying.


    We still picked up a few things — I bought a snack from one stall, some pickles from another and chatted with a few about their products… I nearly bought some tea but the one I wanted from their list they’d run out of!

  2. Urvashi

    Lovely simple post Kavey. Yet again your photos have made me long to be back in Japan. My favourite market was always the one in Shiinamachi where I lived for a while. I remember the first time I was so cautious walking round and got a lot of scares but each week I got a different smile and a little beckon every now and then to sit and have tea or try something. Ceramics were my downfall. I had so many I simply couldn’t bring the whole collection home. Now when I do my food photos I long for those little bowls and cups. Another favourite was Akihabara because it was the only place I found spices. I got followed home once by this Indian man and was really afraid but he had been asked my his mother to invite me to dinner as she thought I looked so lost and homesick. It was true. The spices made me tearful for home!


    Oh how lovely. I think being a regular visitor must be wonderful in terms of building up those little relationships and how adorable that you were invited to the spice seller’s home! That’s a lovely story!

  3. NickyB

    Love it! Your pictures are great, very evocative. I’d love some of those pretty ceramics too – my downfall. Nipple fruit, not so much 😉 Delighted to read that you’ve booked your flights back (and not too surprised!). Enjoy …


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