Kavey Eats Cookbooks 2016 + Eat Your Books Giveaway

I’ve enjoyed lots and lots of great cookery books this year, and reviewed several of them here on Kavey Eats.

I used to find it hard to make use of my full collection until I started using Eat Your Books, an online service that helps you catalogue all the books you own, and to easily search the resulting index to find recipes using a given ingredient… if you’re wondering just what to do with that aubergine and tub of crème fraiche, just plug in those ingredients to see a list of every matching recipe so that all you have to do is grab the relevant book from your shelf and flick to the right page. You can also search on cuisines or by course if you prefer. And to add even more value, Eat Your Books also catalogues and links to a huge list of recipes online, including some of mine here on Kavey Eats. You can read my full review of Eat Your Books here, though note that prices and features may have changed slightly since then.

My friends over at Eat Your Books are offering a reader a free year’s membership of Eat Your Books worth US$30.
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In the meantime, here is a reminder of all the books I’ve reviewed this year. Please note that this post contains Amazon affiliate links (see sidebar for more information).

Tokyo Cult Recipes cover

Tokyo Cult Recipes by Maori Murota.
Read my full review of Tokyo Cult Recipes.
Find Tokyo Cult Recipes on Amazon.


Grow Your Own Cake by Holly Farrell.
Read my full review of Grow Your Own Cake.
Find Grow Your Own Cake on Amazon.

Vegetable Perfection Mat Follas

Vegetable Perfection by Mat Follas.
Read my full review of Vegetable Perfection.
Find Vegetable Perfection on Amazon.

Pride and Pudding (mini)

Pride and Pudding by Regula Ysewijn.
Read my full review of Pride and Pudding.
Find Pride and Pudding on Amazon.

everyday harumi 2016 paperback cover

Everyday Harumi by Harumi Kurihara.
Read my full review of Everyday Harumi.
Find Everyday Harumi on Amazon.

Ferment Pickle Dry cover

Ferment Pickle Dry by Simon Poffley and Gaba Smolinksa-Poffley.
Read my full review of Ferment Pickle Dry.
Find Ferment Pickle Dry on Amazon.

Chocolate jacket

Chocolate: Indulge Your Inner Chocoholic by Dom Ramsey.
Read my full review of Chocolate: Indulge Your Inner Chocoholic.
Find Chocolate: Indulge Your Inner Chocoholic on Amazon.

If you are looking for more great cookery books, check out my round up of cookbooks from 2015 here.


Kavey Eats was not compensated for this post, but still uses a subscription to Eat Your Books originally provided for review in 2014. Amazon links are affiliate links – please see sidebar for more information.

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7 Comments to "Kavey Eats Cookbooks 2016 + Eat Your Books Giveaway"

  1. Alicia (foodycat)

    I was lucky enough to win a lifetime EYB subscription through you a while ago, and I have to say it’s probably the most useful thing I have ever won. Hate the new-ish front page and will never stop saying that, but as a tool it is brilliant.


    Yes, I’m not as keen on the current front page layout as previous either. But I do love the service itself, sooo useful!

  2. Chris @thinlyspread

    I’d quite like one of each of these but, if I had to choose, there is definitely room on my groaning shelves for Grow Your Own Cake (especially after the rain came through the ceiling and murdered part of my collection!)


    Oh noooo! That would be so upsetting. Hope your insurance will cover the cost of replacing all the ones you lost!

  3. kaveyeats

    Thanks, hope you find some gift ideas! You can get a signed copy of Chocolate from the author’s site!


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