Win an Elizabeth Shaw Hamper

This week Elizabeth Shaw Luxury Chocolates are encouraging us to use the hour we gain when the clocks go back at the end of the month to do something kind and thoughtful for others.

I asked my friends for their suggestions on how to help others when you have just an hour or two to spare, and was truly humbled and inspired by all their ideas.

Whether it’s making an extra effort to share compliments and smiles with those all around you, or to put into action some of the suggestions in my post, I hope you will join us in spreading a little extra happiness on Sunday 30th and in the weeks and months to follow.


In the meantime, Elizabeth Shaw are giving away this gorgeous hamper of products to one Kavey Eats reader. The prize includes delivery to a UK address.

The hamper contents are:

  • Dark Chocolate Cappuccino Flutes
  • Dark Chocolate Lemon Flutes
  • Dark Chocolate Mint Flutes
  • Dark Chocolate Orange Flutes
  • Milk Chocolate Amaretto Flutes
  • Dark Chocolate Mint Crisps
  • Milk Chocolate Mint Crisps
  • Milk Chocolate Orange Crisps
  • Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Crisps
  • Milk Chocolate Almond Bites
  • Milk Chocolate Cappuccino Bites
  • Dark Chocolate Raspberry Bites
  • Dark and Milk Chocolate Mint Collection
  • Orange Merry Christmas Mini Gift – includes Orange Flutes and Bites
  • Mint Merry Christmas Mini Gift – includes Mint Flutes and Bites


You can enter the giveaway in 2 ways – entering both ways increases your chances of winning:

Entry 1 – Blog Comment
If you could design the next new flavour of Elizabeth Shaw Chocolate Crisps, what flavour would you choose and why?

Entry 2 – Twitter
Follow @Kavey on Twitter. Existing followers are, of course, welcome to enter! Then tweet the exact sentence (shown in italics) below.
I’d love to win a hamper of @ESChocs goodies from Kavey Eats! #KaveyEatsESChocs
(Do not add my twitter handle or any other twitter handle to the beginning of the tweet or your entry will be considered invalid. Please don’t leave a blog comment about your tweet either; I track twitter entries using the competition hash tag.)


  • The deadline for entries is midnight GMT Friday 18th November 2016.
  • The winner will be selected from all valid entries using a random number generator.
  • Entry instructions form part of the terms and conditions.
  • Where prizes are to be provided by a third party, Kavey Eats accepts no responsibility for the acts or defaults of that third party.
  • The prize is a hamper of Elizabeth Shaw products, as pictured and detailed above. Delivery to a UK address is included.
  • The prize is offered by Elizabeth Shaw and cannot be redeemed for a cash value.
  • One blog entry per person only. One Twitter entry per person only. You may enter both ways but you do not have to do so for each individual entry to be valid.
  • For Twitter entries, entrants must be following @Kavey at the time of notification.
  • Blog comment entries must provide a name and valid email address for contact.
  • The winners will be notified by email or Twitter so please make sure you check relevant accounts for the notification message.
  • If no response is received from a winner within 10 days of notification, the prize will be forfeit and a new winner will be picked and contacted.

Winner of this giveaway is CathyJ (blog entry).

Kavey Eats was commissioned by Elizabeth Shaw Luxury Chocolates to write this post and to run the giveaway.






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170 Comments to "Win an Elizabeth Shaw Hamper"

  1. Suelle

    My new flavour would be dark chocolate ginger crisps, because i’m surprised there is nothing flavoured with ginger in the Elizabeth Shaw range.

  2. Tracy Smith

    If I could choose the new flavour, it would be a milk chocolate crisp flavoured with cherry.

  3. Carole E

    Blueberry because it’s my favourite fruit and haven’t seen any chocolate with these in.

  4. Lizzie

    Chunky Sea Salted Caramel bites because who wouldn’t love that. Also a Ginger & Date concoction would go down a treat with the taste buds!

  5. Paul Wilson

    Dark chocolate with chilli – I think it’s a combination that goes together surprisingly well.

  6. chris williams

    I’d love a dark chocolate with either a truffle filling or a liqueur filling which would be lovely for Christmas

  7. Liz Slade

    Dark chocolate with cherry and a hint of chilli – a perfect combo of sweet and spice

  8. James McLaughlin

    Coconut. Its a classic flavour. Chocolate and coconut go very well together.

  9. Emma Potter

    Strawberry and yogurt because it sounds refreshing and I think people would like it!! : ) Thank you!!!

  10. Andrew Petrie

    Irish Cream. It’s so rich and would blend perfectly with Elizabeth Shaw chocolate.

  11. Lucy Thompson

    It would be two dark chocolate layers sandwiched together with peanut butter. I have been DIYing this flavour for a while…

  12. Cherry Edwards

    I would love Salted caramel with white and milk chocolate , just because I really love salted caramel

  13. Lorraine Stone

    A chocolate made up of dark choc on bottom, then a layer of blueberry jam then a layer of dark choc on top. One of your super foods ~ good for you and so, so tasty!

  14. Carol Greenfield

    An intense coffee for the coffee lover in me I know that there are many coffee flavours out there but they are all a bit light on taste.

  15. Emma Wallace

    I would say use a beetroot or parsnip crisp with dark choc – nom – Im loving root veg crisps at the mo

  16. Michaela Jennings

    Milk chocolate praline crisp, praline flavour is sooo tasty with chocolate

  17. Jane Willis

    Chilli crisps – chocolate and chilli are a match made in heaven. Maybe one day I’ll make my chocolate chilli ice cream for you!

  18. Rachel Arnup

    I would make a “Mocha Milk Crisp” which is a Coffee flavoured Milk Chocolate Crisp, because Coffee flavoured chocolates are very rare and when you do find them they mostly come with dark chocolate!



  20. Kayleigh White

    It would have to be Coffee Cream!!! Nobody seems to do this flavour and I love it!

  21. tracey gwynne

    I love the classiness of Elizabeth Shaw – so with this in mind, maybe something with a champagne flavour, even popping candy in champagne sorbet flavour on the top as a design

  22. Emma Eminoglu

    I would choose pistachio crisps, oh my pistachio and chocolate go so well together. Also christmas is coming, and who doesn’t like nuts at Christmas?! (Apart from nut allergy sufferers!)

  23. theresa cooke

    I would like have the popping candy I used to eat as a child or Turkish Delight, now I am older I cant get enough.

  24. Lynda Mattick

    Mango and dark chocolate. Mango has quite a sharp flavour and with dark chocolate it would be a lovely combination.

  25. Louise Comb

    I would suggest, lime with milk chocolate. I think lime is underused in flavours. It’s delicious in chocolate 🙂

  26. Jen Rogers

    I would love Cranberry, Goats cheese and walnut – because I could serve them in wicker dishes with my gorgeous salads

  27. Cheryl Edwards

    I would love a nice crystallised ginger and cherry in milk chocolate for a change from dark chocolate.

  28. Ellen H

    Has to be coffee and cream maybe the lightest hint of rum, takes me back to my favourite brand of chocolates sadly no longer available.

  29. ros lewis

    Nibbled walnut, the flavour of this rich nut would marry so well with the bitter plain chocolate of Elizabeth Shaw.

  30. Joanna S

    I’d love an Aniseed (liquorice) flavour, I think it’d work well with Elizabeth Shaw chocolate 😀

  31. Corinne Henson

    Coconut as I love coconut chocolate and there’s not a lot on the market 🙁

  32. Caroline H

    I’d love a marzipan mint crisp. I love marzipan but it’s really underused in confectionery – and it’s so festive, so would be perfect at Christmas.

  33. Lyn Burgess

    Peanut butter half dipped in plain and half in milk chocolate because it would be an interesting flavour combination and would look good too

  34. Tom Morrison

    My idea for a new flavour would be dark plain chocolate with a hint of chilli to tantalize the taste buds 🙂

  35. Michelle montford

    White chocolate rasberry crisps would be amazing! Or maybe tiramisu! Yum!!

  36. Jo Carroll

    I would love to see Elizabeth Shaw create a ‘popping candy’ flavoured chocolate which would be perfect for Halloween and Bonfire Night to help set things off with a bang. 😉


    I have never tried an Elizabeth Shaw so will have to go out and buy some now!!! I imagine it would be nice to have a Cognac flavour as it will feel naughty and decadent! 🙂

  37. Raha

    just realised i commented in wrong place! So here I go again 🙂

    I imagine it would be nice to have a Cognac flavour as it will feel naughty and decadent!

  38. Michelle

    I’d pick a brandy and mixed fruit flavour( like Xmas pudding) as they’d be great to munch on during the festive period

  39. Angie Hoggett

    I’d love to make a creamy eggnog flavour sprinkled with fresh hazelnuts embedded in it.

  40. Kelly Jones

    Salted caramel because it’s so tasty! Little chunks of rock salt in caramel flavoured milk chocolate….:)

  41. Ness

    I think my flavours are already made but I know my daughter would love a peanut butter flavour added to the collection.

  42. Jane Adair

    Coffee nibs dark chocolate crisps would be my choice because every grown up needs a little bit of indulgence and what better combination is there to please a palate.

  43. Lindy Hine

    I’d like White Chocolate flavoured with Lemon and tiny pieces of Meringue for the crispiness!

  44. lilibaloo

    brownbread because brown bread icecream is delicious so I think ES could make great chocolate on the same principle

  45. Allison Sherwood

    Dark Chocolate with Black Cherry centre because it’s the perfect combination x

  46. Annette Oliver

    I would love to have a Crisp made of dark chocolate, peanut butter and a tiny amount of ginger

  47. Niki Clifton

    I would have to choose the salted caramel, it looks like thee is something for everyone in this hamper, yummy x

  48. Thomas L

    I wouldn’t mind trying some Root Beer Chocolate. I have no idea how that would taste, but I’m a fiend for Root Beer.

  49. Michelle Ptak

    I would choose salted caramel, a great mix of sweet and savoury and one of my boys favourites.

  50. elaine norrie

    i would make chocolate & spearmint flavoured crisps because all the places that make mint chocolates always make peppermint, but i love spearmint and have tried eating spearmint and a piece of chocolate at the same time it tastes mmmm

  51. Maria Jane Knight

    I would choose a mulled wine toffee covered in dark chocolate – perfect for the festive season

  52. Toni Stokoe

    Ginger and lime, a nice after dinner combination with a zest and tang that would be incredibly moreish

  53. Mark Whittaker

    It would have to be something with ginger in . A little bit of heat or warmth with chocolate is wonderful .

  54. Louise Middleton

    I would create a violet and dark chocolate crisp as I loved Parma Violet sweets as a child and still do. I just love the taste of violet and dark chocolate would be the ultimate coating.

  55. Cathy O

    I would love a special crispy turkish delight flavour because chocolate and turkish delight are my Christmas favourites.

  56. Vicky Robinson

    Peanut butter and honey in Milk chocolate as I love peanut butter with either honey or jelly (jam) also milk chocolate and honeycomb is a big fave of mine so I would love to see those on sale.

  57. Lynne OConnor

    Dark chocolate with cherry and almond; an amazing combination I can only ever find at Christmas in Spain

  58. Sam Bailey

    I would go for strawberry and biscuit, having a little crunchy bit through a chocolate makes for an added treat

  59. Wendy Tolhurst

    Milk chocolate with cranberry and almond – love chocolate with nuts and cranberries just add that little bit of bitterness


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