Kavey Eats Hotel Chocolat Christmas 2015 Giveaway!

One of the classic signs that Christmas has come to Kavey Eats is our annual Hotel Chocolat Giveaway! As always, Hotel Chocolat’s Christmas Collection is bursting with delicious treats, beautifully packaged and perfect to give away or keep for yourself.

This year’s design is a very elegant with lots of white accented by silver, gold and red.

As always, Hotel Chocolat have kindly let me choose my personal picks for this giveaway, and here are the three wonderful prizes on offer.


For the first prize winner I’ve selected this gorgeous prize. I love the design of this Christmas Wreath Box with it’s striking snowflake decoration and big red ribbon. Inside is even better, containing 43 truffles, a chunky cookie wreath and two large chocolate snowflakes, one in salted caramel chocolate and the other in 85% dark chocolate.


It’s all about wreaths for me this year – as I’ve chosen this Festive Wreath for second prize. Moulded from Hotel Chocolat’s 50% milk chocolate and studded with cocoa biscuits, shortbread biscuits and caramelised Florentine squares, it’s a perfect edible centre piece.


For the third prize, I’ve indulged my love for marzipan with this lovely Marzipan Box.


It’s my pleasure to share this Hotel Chocolat giveaway with readers of Kavey Eats!


You can enter the competition in 2 ways – entering in both ways gives you double the chance of winning!

Entry 1 – Blog Comment
Leave a comment below, sharing your favourite story about decorating the Christmas tree.

Entry 2 – Twitter
Follow @Kavey on Twitter. Existing followers are, of course, welcome to enter! Then tweet the (exact) sentence below.
I’d love to win @HotelChocolat Christmas prizes from Kavey Eats! http://bit.ly/KaveyEatsHC2015 #KaveyEatsHC2015
(Do not add my twitter handle into the tweet; I track entries using the competition hash tag. And please don’t leave a blog comment about your tweet either, thanks!)

  • The deadline for entries is midnight GMT Wednesday 9th December 2014.
  • The 3 winners will be selected from all valid entries (across blog comments and twitter) using a random number generator. The first name selected will win the first prize. The second name selected will win the second prize. The third name selected will win the third prize.
  • Entry instructions form part of the terms and conditions.
  • Where prizes are to be provided by a third party, Kavey Eats accepts no responsibility for the acts or defaults of that third party.
  • First prize is Hotel Chocolat’s Christmas Wreath Box. Second prize is a Hotel Chocolat’s Cookie Caramel Festive Wreath. Third prize is Hotel Chocolat’s Marzipan Box. Each prize includes delivery within the UK.
  • The prizes cannot be redeemed for a cash value.
  • The prizes are offered and provided by Hotel Chocolat.
  • One blog entry per person only. One Twitter entry per person only. You may enter both ways but you do not have to do so for your entries to be valid.
  • For Twitter entries, winners must be following @Kavey at the time of notification. Blog comment entries must provide a valid name and email address for contacting the winner.
  • The winners will be notified by email or Twitter so please make sure you check your accounts for the notification message. If no response is received from a winner within 7 days of notification, the prize will be forfeit and a new winner will be picked and contacted.

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67 Comments to "Kavey Eats Hotel Chocolat Christmas 2015 Giveaway!"

  1. Mim

    I don’t know that I have a favourite story about decorating the tree, but we buy one or two new decorations each year, so every year it’s like unpacking a whole lot of memories. There’s the blue one that was the one thing I could afford when we were flat broke in London, the bears that were Pete’s family decorations, the teapot from my family, a ship in a bottle from a trip to the SS Great Britain… so many lovely memories.

    This year, though, we’ve been out and bought a load of unbreakable ones because KITTENS.

  2. Suelle

    My parents always used a little artificial tree, which had branches like green bottle brushes. It was used right through the 50s, 60s and probably the 70s too (I’d left home by then!) except for one year in the mid 60s when Mum decided to go modern. She found a bare tree branch somewhere, painted it white and hung it upside down from the ceiling, so that all the baubles hung down. Very minimalist, but for some reason it was never repeated – back to the old tree the following year.

  3. Jo Hutchinson

    The year we brought a Christmas tree and it was just too big, we had to chop the top off, so we ended up with a small little Christmas tree and a tree without a top. We made lots of Christmas decorations that year because the tree looked so sparse. It started a family tradition of making a few new Christmas decorations each year.

  4. Heather

    I’m not sure if this is a favourite story exactly, but it’s definitely memorable. After carrying a 7ft christmas tree home for a mile (my boyfriend and I were ambitious about our strength – turns out trees are very heavy), and then struggling to get it up the stairs to our flat, we finally managed to squash it into a corner. I had bought a lot of beautiful glass decorations and was perhaps unfairly insisting my boyfriend didn’t touch the tree because he would “mess it up”. Well I finished the decorating (it looked great), and then promptly stumbled, fell into the tree, knocked it over and smashed a load of the new decorations. This year I think I’ll let him help!

  5. Diana Cotter

    My mum is in her 90s now, but she still loves to decorate the Christmas tree. I left her happily hanging ornaments on the tree and went off to make some supper. When I came back, the tree had disappeared – every single ornament, every piece of tinsel, even the garlands, now adorned that little tree. I couldn’t bear to upset her, so that tree sported its festive cladding right through to 12th night 🙂

  6. Lisa

    Tex doesn’t do Christmas trees, but I do. I love the smell of a live tree. One year, after me being a bit sad but resigned to my fate of not having a tree yet again, I came home from work and he opened the boot of the car, saying “There, look. A Christmas Twig.”

    It was the very top of a Christmas tree, about 12 inches tall. Believe me, I decorated the hell out of it!

  7. Hester McQueen

    All my decorations are memories. Love decorating the trees as we now have 2! One tree is gold, silver and white ornaments – the expensive ornaments! The other tree is more traditional reds, greens and gold. The saying is ‘Look don’t touch” and for some reason it’s always worked. My friend replaced her tree decorations every year when her son was young. She came to collect him and he took his mum in to see the tree and told her “Look don’t touch!”

  8. Jane Willis

    I don’t really have any memories of decorating the tree, but as I child I always used to look forward to seeing the welcoming sight of the tree lights in our living room window as I came home from school on dark winter afternoons

  9. Helen

    We’re Jewish, so we don’t have a Christmas tree!
    We do have a very special Menorah that we light each Chanukah though. It was made from the glass which my husband ceremonially broke at our wedding. We were married on Chanukah, so this a very special time of year for us 🙂

  10. Shereen

    I remember decorating the tree the first Christmas I had a cat.

    It wasn’t the most glamourous of trees, with more than a hint of Charlie Brown about it, but it was my wee tree, in my new wee house, and I couldn’t wait to get it up and lit. I unpacked everything and started to assemble it. I lifted the cat out of the storage box, untangled the lights, started putting them on the tree, stopped the cat chewing the lights, and put moggy in the kitchen out of harm’s way.

    When the tree was swathed in masses of gold tinsel with all the baubles in place, I released the cat. She ran into the living room and screeched to a halt, cartoon-style, transfixed by this new shimmering thing in her room. She gave the tree a wide berth for the first few days, so I relaxed my guard. So of course, a couple of days later, I lost the cat. I looked everywhere, but couldn’t find her, so pulled the old “rattle the bag of treats” trick. And there she was – poking her head out from two thirds of the way up the tree. I’d just assumed the wee tree was sagging because it a Poundland tree, but it was struggling under the weight of a small black and white cat.

    I untangled her from the tree, and made sure she was never left alone in the room with the tree again. The morning after her tree adventure I learnt that tinsel passes through a feline digestive tract unharmed and leaves a very festive offering in the litter tray!

  11. Karen Hughes

    My favourite story about decorating the Christmas tree brings me back to when my children were younger and would argue over who puts the angel or star on the top. They’d both argue that the other one done it last year and that its their turn this year. To avoid arguments we got two small artificial tree’s each for their rooms to decorate as they wish! They loved decorating the tree, so much fun.

  12. Karen Hughes

    My favourite story about decorating the Christmas tree brings me back to when my children were younger and would argue over who puts the angel or star on the top. They’d both argue that the other one done it last year and that its their turn this year. To avoid arguments we got two small artificial tree’s each for their rooms to decorate as they wish! They loved decorating the tree, so much fun!!

  13. Hazel Rea

    My favourite memory of decorating the tree was from when I was a child. We always had a real Christmas tree and my Mum had very firm ideas about the shape it should be. She liked a really bushy tree – and she didn’t like a long tall spindly bit at the top. We couldn’t buy a sufficiently nice tree near to home so we used to go to the local market and bring one home on the bus – until the year we picked one that wouldn’t fit on the bus and had to walk the whole way home carrying it between us. It was worth it though because it looked fantastic when decorated. We tended to walk home every year after that.

  14. Emma

    we always had a real Christmas tree growing up, the smell was unbeatable. My absolute favourite memory is of our first christmas at a larger house, when we got over excited and bought a tree so large we hadn’t got enough decorations to fill it! We had to buy extra candy canes just so it didn’t look bare!

  15. Elaine Savage

    I used to love decorating the Christmas tree as a child. I was very cheeky with the chocolate decorations, sometimes breaking off a piece of chocolate then re-wrapping the decoration before hanging it on the tree!

  16. Fiona Paley

    One year I loved the look of my tree so much I kept it up until August. It became an Easter tree and then a birthday tree.

  17. Lee Donovan

    Not decorating as such as i don’t have a story about that. But every year we would have family friends say “oh it must be nice to have access to “no drop” Christmas trees at a reasonable price” (as we sold them)… Only for mum to point out that ours was fake…

    Because no drop Christmas trees still drop in a centrally heated house.

  18. ashleigh allan

    The first year my children were old enough to help! We had mince pies and hot cocoa with it too!

  19. Jane Gant

    The Vintage Tree. My Mum has given me all her vintage decorations some where my Great Aunts and come from just after the war. It is not colour coordinated but a mixture of colours and looks just how I remember it as a small child.

    My parents now live in a lovely modern cottage and this would make her a super gift for Christmas.

  20. aj

    I decorate mine with apples some call it the apple tree. I also have Disney characters on there too.

  21. Jill McPherson

    My favourite story about decorating the tree is the year my daughter was old enough to help decorate it for the first time. She wanted to do it herself and it ended up looking like a dogs dinner. We let her do it then proceeded to rearrange it after she had gone to bed. In the morning she looked at and it said you’ve moved something. Luckily she thought it was only one decoration which she quickly moved back x

  22. Yvonne Graham

    My memory of decorating the tree is that my Mum always put chocolates on tree and we were told not to eat them till Xmas. My brother and I always had them eaten.and would blame each other when my Mum noticed any chocolates missing. I’m nearly 50 and still pinch the chocolates of her tree!

  23. Laura Pritchard

    I remember my mum being confused after finishing the tree as the hanging chocolates had disappeared – it turned out that my 2 year old sister had been reaching them from the back of the sofa & eating them as they were put up!

  24. Rachel H

    I remember when I was about 8 and my sister 6 we were trying to get the artificial tree to stand up in the lounge with our mums help – we couldn’t get the legs to stand flat on the carpet so we had to find some books to put under them. We had finally got it up and were part way through decorating it when the cat jumped off the back of the sofa, caught one of the branches and knocked the tree over!

  25. Jan Beal

    I always decorated our Christmas tree, but when my son made a Fimo Christmas ornament at school -it was a Christmas tree. he decided to start dressing the tree to ensure his ornament had pride of place. The tradition continued until he left home 🙂

  26. Tracey Peach

    I used to love decorationg the Christmas tree when I was little we used to buy cotton wool which came in a flat pack & we tore bots off to make it look like it’s been snowing on the tree 🙂

  27. laura banks

    i always used to help my mum decorate the tree when i was a kid and after i went to bed she used to correct it and now i do the same when my son goes to bed

  28. kellyjo walters

    I’m a bar humbug I don’t put up a tree… I don’t have kids and that’s all christmas is for in my eyes… Plus I personally think a lot of the trees I see look vile, they are just dust harbours while they are up ..

  29. kim neville

    My kids love helping decorate our Christmas tree and making it look pretty and each year make something to put on it. We don’t put the hanging chocolate on it until Christmas Eve though as they disappear by little monkeys

  30. Samantha loughlin

    We always decorate the tree together every year I rember spending hours in 2012 decorating our with my daughter. And with in an hour our puppy pulled over the whole thing. Did make us chuckle. Xxx

  31. Choclette

    When I was little, we always has a real green Christmas tree which it was my duty to decorate, however ineptly! Since growing up I always have a bare branch, which I think is infinitely more elegant and so much better than cutting down trees.

  32. emily henderson

    I just remember being so excited to go round to my grandparents house to decorate their christmas tree each year, and having to have my own ladder to decorate it as i was so tiny!

  33. Sandra Clarke

    I love decorating our Christmas tree with my family. Most of the decorations and baubles have precious memories – like the old ones from our late parents, ones we bought when very young and the newer ones we have bought for our son. I always think of our parents and nice memories when decorating the tree.

  34. Anthony G

    Growing up, I was the smallest out of me and my brothers, so I ended up decorating the bottom of the tree!

  35. charlotte

    Spending ages decorating the tree, and putting this beautiful feathered angel on top. I thought I hadn’t seen anything so pretty. Leaving room and hearing a ‘thud’. Cat which usually never left the sofa has bought down the tree and has a mouth full of feathers! We had a rather skantily decorated tree that year, but the cat’s face when we caught him was well worth it 🙂

  36. Kelly Ellen Hirst

    We always go to our local garden centre a couple of weeks before Xmas and let the kids pick out a new decoration then come home to decorate. We have built up a lovely collection of different decs over the years

  37. Marina

    My brother and I always decorate the tree at my parents’ house together but never take it down after Christmas. Once I visited my parents again in the summer and the tree was still up!

  38. Nat thomason

    When my kids were young we could never have chocolates in the tree x while we were out the dog would have the tree over and eat them foil and all 🙁

  39. Rosie Dunningham

    My favourite story of decorating the Christmas tree is when me and my brother surprised my mum one year with these two funny looking angels that we’d made in secret out of paper and straws. We must have been about 6 and 8 at the time, and to this day they have pride of place on the tree every year, and we’re 22 and 24! They always make me smile! Rosie xx

  40. Emmy Fisher

    We always have a real floor to ceiling tree, always have always will, but year before last we really couldn’t afford to spend £60 on a tree, we couldn’t really afford to buy any type of tree real of fake (no sympathy actually worked out fab) my mum felt so bad about not having a tree for christmas that we decided to get small(3-4 foot) cheap real tree and place it on a small side table, well it was the best decision we’ve ever made, having it up on the table and off of the floor was amazing in terms of the light switches, and we filled under the table with presents and it wouldn’t take up as much room, and because the table was in the corner blocked by 2 sofas, no one could really tell it was a small tree, we did the same last year and plan to do the same this year!!

  41. Keyan

    I don’t have any interesting stories about decorating the tree but one of my Christmas favourites was a few years ago when Mum started giggling as we were all tucking into her traditional Boxing Day roast sugar and clove ham.

    She told us, after we had finished, that our doddery old dog, Biscuit, had managed to gnaw off a large chunk of the ham after Mum put it in the garage to keep chilled (all the fridges were full).

    Thanks Mum!

  42. lesley Stevenson

    It isn’t a favourite memory its a recurring nightmare of having to keep redecorating it because our one eyed monster cat Patch likes to launch all the baubles off it, hold on its not a nightmare its real. We love it really. 🙂

  43. William Gould

    Every year, when I sit struggling to untangle the fairy lights, it’s deja vu going back years and years….

  44. kaveyeats

    Marchelle, as per the details provided above, the prizes are delivered in the UK only. However, overseas readers are welcome to enter, if they have a UK address that the prize can be sent to – perhaps for a friend or family member?

  45. Greig spencer


  46. clair brown

    We ordered a new tree this year and my Daughter was so excited when it arrived (in November!) that she asked to put it up early. I couldnt say no as she was so excited and had so much fun decorating the tree, it got us all feeling Christmassey 🙂

  47. Anthea Holloway

    My grandchildren always decorate our Christmas tree which is a real one. They insist on putting ALL the decorations we have on to the tree and there is so much tinsel that you cannot really see the tree! On the top is not a fairy but a toy Red Indian girl doll. It is always the same and is not very tasteful but we love it. When they were little the decorations were always at the bottom of the tree but now they are bigger we are gradually getting the decorations a bit higher up.

  48. Donna Caldwell

    I had put the lights on the tree and left my 6 year old watching TV whilst i made the dinner when I came back in she had stuck all these coloured bits of paper to the tree she was so pleased with herself I haven’t the heart to take them off .

  49. Jade Hewlett

    I remember making decorations as a child with my mum, my favourite has always been the snowman we made, to this day we still put them on the tree each year.

  50. Donna Gilligan

    I love the fact that my girls now make an angel for the top every year, they work really nicely together.

  51. Cristín Williams

    This year our Christmas elves decorated our tree when we were sleeping, or so we told the children, they loved it and were amazed!

  52. sue mcdermott

    My favourite memory is of my daughter playing in the box whilst I was putting up the tree

  53. elaine stokes

    we make a big fuss of decorating the tree, the whole family all take part. But we always make sure the Christmas decorations that have been passed down from my great great gran go on the tree. Over the years the tree has got smaller but the decorations have stayed the same.

  54. Susan B

    We always had a proper tree when I was a child as artificial ones were not widely available and not as nice as real ones, anyway. Every year we would get the box of decorations out from under mum’s bed and decorate it with her and every year the lights didn’t work!

    Dad would be summoned to test them and identify the one(s) with the blown fuse then hop on his bicycle to go the local electrical shop to buy replacements. So, our ‘ta da’ moment always had to wait until dad had fixed the lights!

  55. Kimberley H

    My boyfriend has just bought a house, so we got to decorate his tree all by ourselves for the first time 🙂

  56. Jamie Gallant

    The only year we had a real, it was knocked down by our Afghan who was rooting through the presents for something. Alot of the pines came off and lodged themselves in the carpet, which took ages to remove

  57. Fiona K

    When my daughter was 6 or 7 years old, someone gave her a CD called Merry Chipmunk, which features the Chipmunks singing (or more accurately squeaking) a bunch of Christmas songs. It became my daughter’s favourite and she insisted on listening to it when we decorated the tree each year, much to my husband’s annoyance. Over the years this became a tradition – my daughter putting on Merry Chipmunk as we started to decorate the tree, and my husband swearing “turn that horrible [expletive deleted] record off!” My kids & I used to look forward to annoying him with the dreadful Chipmunk Christmas songs every year. Now my daughter has got married and it will be her daughter’s first Christmas this year. My husband gave her the Merry Chipmunk CD so he no longer has to listen to it, and instead our granddaughter can annoy her parents each year, at least that’s the revenge my husband is hoping for.

  58. Kirsti Peters

    It takes me ages to decorate my tree, I think I become a bit OCD with getting it symmetrical and perfect. Last year it took me a good 3 hrs fiddling with it, only for my cat, Pickles, to come along and destroy my efforts by trying to climb it, yes it went completely over…i did swear quite a bit. After I had chased my cat around the house in anger (don’t worry even though I chased it I end up cuddling her and apologising…like it understands), I then sat in front of it and shed a tear and redid it all over again.

  59. Sheila Reeves

    Not so much a story about decorating the tree, but every year our cats would climb into it as soon as our backs were turned and we would knock half the baubles off trying to get them out again!

  60. Natalie Crossan

    We had a real one once but soon got fed up with the constant hoovering. Especially if you accidently knocked into it. it was like pine needle snow!

  61. Claire Ward

    This year I spent the day with my sister and nice make Christmas buns and putting up the tree she spent the whole time waking around with the star on her head we told her she would have to go on top of the tree.

  62. Alica

    Every year I let my children (they are all grown up now!) help me dress the tree and we sing songs and have lots of fun but when they disappear I have to rearrange all the decorations as I have an awful OCD about how it should be dressed! They still to this day do not realise I do this! 🙂


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