Edge of Belgravia Black Diamond Knife Block & Precision Knife Set Giveaway

Edge of Belgravia is a contemporary chef knife brand established in 2010. Based in London, the brand prides itself on the avant-gard design and quality of its products combined with a modern marketing approach.

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The Black Diamond knife block, designed by Christian Bird, is not only a piece of art for the kitchen but also superbly useful, suitable for most knives with a blade thickness of up to 4 mm. The futuristic design can hold up to 11 knives, but looks just as elegant with less. Clever use of weighting holds knives securely in place and they are easy to extract too.

Edge of Belgravia’s Precision Chef Knives have a similarly bold and modern design, and look wonderful in the Black Diamond knife block. The stainless steel blades cut well and are easy to sharpen. The Complete Set contains a bread knife, a chef’s knife, a paring knife and a deba (aka Japanese salmon) knife.

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Edge of Belgravia are giving away a Black Diamond Knife Block (RRP £99.90) and the Precision Chef knife Complete Set (£69.90) to one lucky Kavey Eats reader.

The prize includes free delivery in the UK.

Entry to the giveaway is via Rafflecopter and we’ve provided lots of ways to gain extra entries and increase your chances of winning!

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Kavey Eats received review samples from Edge of Belgravia.

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306 Comments to "Edge of Belgravia Black Diamond Knife Block & Precision Knife Set Giveaway"

  1. Tracey Peach

    A lovely stir fry so I will have lots of veg to cut up with my new super sharp knifes

  2. William Gould

    A chilli – loads of different veg to chop to test them, especially as we add mushrooms to ours to bulk it out!

  3. Tom Edwards

    Fish in a hedge (All steamed)
    Filleted sole (using knives), Steam
    Broccoli, cut into florets and use the stem (Steam)
    Cauliflower, Cut into small florets and some of the stem (Steam)
    New Potatoes (Steamed)
    Lastly a very light on the garlic aioli
    served with a Pinot Grigio from the Trentino area of Italy. for me heaven

  4. Helen Battle

    I would do a dish with tomatoes and mozzarella.It would make a nice change from having squashed tomatoes 🙂

  5. Kirsty

    These knives deserve to be used for something gorgeous, like roast pork with proper crackling

  6. Ryan Chu

    A tomato, mozzarella and basil salad, followed by a roast loin of pork on a bed of rocket and pine nuts.

  7. Kat Lucas

    I would have my in laws over and make their fav a proper Sunday roast with mash potatoes, gravy, peas, fresh baked rolls and a must have, pudding with custard.

  8. Lorna Kennedy

    I’d make some homemade chicken goujons – with herby crust. I would love to get a really fine dice on the herbs 🙂

  9. Rudy Roversi

    I would do a tuna carpaccio with light soy and wasabe sauce; you need proper knives for this dish!

  10. hannonle

    I’d make butternut squash soup because we have some growing in the garden and it would really put those knives to the test chopping up a rock hard squash!

  11. Steve Williams

    Roast pork – it should fall off the knife without having to put much effort into the cutting.

  12. Tina Hewitt

    I would cook a variety of meals and have an open house for my friends and family in order to use as many of these knives as possible …..and to be a “show off”

  13. Caroline H

    It’s that time of year when I love a spicy pumpkin or butternut squash soup but chopping them up is a workout in itself, so that would be the first thing I’d use them for.

  14. Claire Tucker

    My husband is a keen fisherman so it would be a fishy dish of what ever he catches! …or fish fingers if it doesn’t go to plan

  15. Tracey Hallmark

    Home made Beef Stew with lots of vegetables and meat to cut up, chop or peel.

  16. Ashley Phillips

    A chicken stir fry for me because i’m boring and Kung Po chicken for my partner. Both require lots of chopping 🙂

  17. Joy Connor

    Something to put those knives to good use…a rack of lamb with all the trimmings!

  18. Elizabeth

    I’d get my husband to make something because right now I’m too poorly and I’m laying on the couch and can’t think of food!

  19. Kathleen Bywaters

    A delicious goat biryani complete with mint and cucumber raita, washed down with mango lasssi!

  20. Patricia Avery

    A casserole with lots of veggies from the garden which will require cutting…hopefully more effectively than with my present kitchen knives 🙂

  21. Emily Hutchinson

    I’d cook a Sunday roast. The knives would come in very useful for preparing all the vegetables

  22. Margaret Clarkson

    Probably some kind of stir fry, the knives would be great for cutting the eat and the vegetables.

  23. Margaret Clarkson

    Probably some kind of stir fry, the knives would be great for cutting the meat and the vegetables.

  24. Karen Lloyd

    Beef stew and dumplings. I would finally have a knife sharp enough to cut through a swede!

  25. jodie harvey

    i would make a beef stew with dumplings and mash, perfect for the upcoming cold days

  26. Victoria Prince

    A chicken and vegetable potato topped pie – that would test them on a variety of different textures 😀

  27. Theresa M

    Moussaka, because it is my birthday dish, so as winning this knives block set would be like it was my birthday, this would be the suitable dish for celebration (plus the family love it).

  28. Jessica Hutton

    Chicken stir fry so I can use my new knives cutting up lots of chicken and veg xx

  29. Nancy Bradford

    I’ve also got a new wok so would like to cook something from my Chinese recipe book.

  30. Lora

    turnip would be less daunting with a good knife so maybe some neeps and tatties since autumn is kicking in now

  31. Caroline James

    The best way to test how good a knife is to slice a tomato, so I’d make a delicious salad.

  32. Susan B

    I’d buy a big pumpkin, carve out a face for the children for halloween and use the flesh to roast with root vegetables and I’d make a pumpkin soup with small/untidy bits.
    Pumpkin is a food staple in the USA and the Antipodes. Such a shame that it is not popular in the UK.

  33. Lorraine Crawford

    I’d make venison casserole with carrot,onion, juniper berries, blueberry jam, served with creamy mashed potato!

  34. Lorraine Crawford

    I’d make venison casserole with carrot, onion, juniper berries, blueberry jam, served with creamy mashed potato!

  35. Laura Norman

    It would have to be something to show off my knife skills! Perhaps an asian inspired noodle dish, with some carved fruits and vegetables!

  36. Daphne Mueller

    Chicken and ham pie, John Torodes’ recipe, it includes chicken thighs, which I struggle to skin and bone, I am sure with these knives my problems would be a thing of the past


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