Crowd-Pleasing Coolers | August BSFIC Roundup

What a damp squib August has been. Yeah, we’ve had a few days of sunshine here and there but the traditional run of hot summer days has felt distinctly autumnal (and wet) much of the time.

Still, some of you have found the sunshine and motivation to share some crowd-pleasing coolers.


You’ll see in a moment why Margot from Coffee & Vanilla, is a lady after my own heart with these gorgeous Banana & Custard Ice Cream Lollies. Super quick and easy, using ready made custard as their base, these are a perfect way to offer up a tasty frozen treat within just a few hours.

watermelon sorbet

This 2 ingredient Watermelon Sorbet by Little Sunny Kitchen is definitely full of tropical sunshine. I can just taste it now, with the zing of lime juice cutting through the super sweet watermelon flavour.

Blackberry Breakfast Pops 2 sm

First up, a wonderfully inventive idea from Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary – these Blackberry Breakfast Pops make it totally OK to have an ice lolly for breakfast, by combining blackberries and yoghurt to make a colourful froyo, and adding in some crunchy granola! I think this is such a clever way to add texture and another flavour.

Roasted Banana Ice Lollies aka Paletas Ice Pops Popsicles - Kavey Eats © Kavita Favelle -overlay 2

Like Margot, I was all about the bananas this month. My Roasted Banana & Cream Ice Lollies are inspired by a South American paletas recipe I jotted down a while ago and I have to say, roasting the bananas before blending the mix really gives such a wonderful mellow flavour. I used rich double cream instead of yoghurt.


Kellie, author of Food To Glow, has created another healthy version of a very indulgent classic. Her Chocolate-Raspberry Fudgsicles use avocado, yes you read that right, combined with greek yoghurt to create a creamy, rich base flavoured with cocoa powder, raspberries, honey and vanilla.


Margot gets the double duty BSFIC award this month, as she posted a second delicious recipe for Raspberryade Ice Pops. And she ought to get an award for double leftover usage too – the raspberryade itself was a way to use leftovers from making a raspberry spong cake, and the ice pops were a way to use the leftover raspberryade – good thinking, Margot!


Last but not least is Sarah from Taming Twins’ grown up contribution – her Gin & Tonic Ice Lollies look just the thing for calming down a frazzled parent and I reckon us non-parents might be rather keen too!

Interestingly, all but one of this month’s entries would also have fit into last month’s challenge – do check out last month’s round up for more ice lolly inspiration!


Thank you all for joining in with Bloggers Scream For Ice Cream this month! I’ll be posting the next theme shortly.

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19 Comments to "Crowd-Pleasing Coolers | August BSFIC Roundup"

  1. Margot⚓Coffee & Vanilla

    Thank you Kavey for including my ice pops in such a great company. It seems that berries and bananas were favourite flavours of August 😉 I also quite like the idea of turning gin & tonic into ice pops… great end of summer treat!


    Margot, the thanks are all to you, definitely the star BSFICer of the month! 🙂

  2. kaveyeats

    Yes, it’s pouring outside so a reminder that it’s meant to be summer is no bad thing!

  3. Tracy

    They all sound wonderful but I have to say I’d be picking the G&T ones … well, if the weather was nice anyway – I think summer is over!

  4. Corina

    Some lovely ideas! I was hoping to join in again this month but didn’t find the time. I just hope the weather improves so we can enjoy some of these in the sun again before summer actually does end!

  5. Elizabeth

    Mmmm ice cream! Some fantastic ideas here! I’ve just received a brand new ice cream maker, so expect some more entries from me over the coming months! 😀


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