The Grand Kavey Eats Hotel Chocolat Easter Giveaway (Closed)

With Easter just around the corner, it’s time for the annual Hotel Chocolat Easter giveaway here on Kavey Eats.

It’s become quite a ritual for me to browse the entire range of Easter products and pick some of my favourites to share with three lucky winners. Enter now and share the news with your friends and family, as this year’s prizes are more tempting than ever!


300429_Easter 2015_All your eggs in one basket-v2

New this year – and a limited edition, so get to the shops fast if you want to buy one – is the fantastic All Our Eggs In One Basket.

The hexagonal box contains a gigantic cookie-crammed milk chocolate Ostrich half eggshell, an extra-thick caramel-chocolate half eggshell, an extra-thick 70% dark chocolate half eggshell, a Supermilk Facet Egg, a milk chocolate Goose Egg, a caramel-chocolate Goose Egg, a milk-chocolate Scrambled Egg and – nestled in tissue paper at the bottom, a selection of salted caramel egglets.


300430_Easter 2015_Facet Egg SUPERMILK

I’ve loved the geometric design of the Facet Egg since it was first introduced a few years ago. Made from Hotel Chocolat’s Supermilk, this is one for dark and milk chocolate lovers to share!


300428_Easter 2015_Scrambled Egg_White-v2

The new Scrambled Egg range are the perfect size – each box contains a 150 gram chocolate egg and a box of 6 matching chocolates. I’ve chosen the White Chocolate Scramble Egg as the third prize for this year’s giveaway.



It’s my pleasure to join  with Hotel Chocolat in giving away these three prizes to readers of Kavey Eats!

  • First prize is Hotel Chocolat’s All Our Eggs In One Basket (£50).
  • Second prize is a Hotel Chocolat Supermilk Facet Egg (£18).
  • Third prize is a Hotel Chocolat White Chocolate Scramble Egg (£15)
  • Each prize includes delivery within the UK.


You can enter the competition in 3 ways – the more ways you enter, the higher your chances of winning:

Entry 1 – Blog Comment
Leave a comment sharing your favourite Easter-related memory.

Entry 2 – Twitter
Follow @Kavey on Twitter. Existing followers are, of course, welcome to enter! Then tweet the exact sentence (shown in italics) below.
I’d love to win @HotelChocolat Easter egg prizes from Kavey Eats! #KaveyEatsHCEaster
(Do not add my twitter handle into the tweet; I track twitter entries using the competition hash tag. And please don’t leave a blog comment about your tweet either, thanks!)

Entry 3 – Instagram
Follow @Kaveyf on Instagram. Then instagram a suitably Easter-themed image (chicks, rabbits, eggs…) in your Instagram feed. In the caption include my username @Kaveyf, @hotelchocolat and the hashtag #KaveyEatsHCEaster.


  • The deadline for entries is midnight GMT Friday 27th March 2015.
  • Kavey Eats reserves the right to alter the closing date of the competition. Changes to the closing date, if they occur, will be shown on this page.
  • The 3 winners will be selected from all valid entries (across blog, twitter and instagram) using a random number generator. The first name selected will win the first prize. The second name selected will win the second prize. The third name selected will win the third prize.
  • Entry instructions form part of the terms and conditions.
  • Where prizes are to be provided by a third party, Kavey Eats accepts no responsibility for the acts or defaults of that third party.
  • First prize is Hotel Chocolat’s All Our Eggs In One Basket. Second prize is a Hotel Chocolat Supermilk Facet Egg. Third prize is a Hotel Chocolat White Chocolate Scramble Egg. Each prize includes delivery within the UK.
  • The prizes cannot be redeemed for a cash value.
  • The prizes are offered and provided by Hotel Chocolat.
  • One blog entry per person only. One Twitter entry per person only. One Instagram entry per person only. You may enter all three ways but you do not have to do so for each individual entry to be valid.
  • For Twitter entries, winners must be following @Kavey at the time of notification. For Instagram entries, winners must be following @Kaveyf at the time of notification. Blog comment entries must provide a valid email address for contacting the winner.
  • The winners will be notified by email, Twitter or Instagram so please make sure you check your accounts for the notification message. If no response is received from a winner within 7 days of notification, the prize will be forfeit and a new winner will be picked and contacted.

Kavey Eats received samples of items in the range.
Winners: 1st prize @thestax (twitter), 2nd prize trevor linvell (blog), 3rd prize @bettyjaneee (twitter).

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174 Comments to "The Grand Kavey Eats Hotel Chocolat Easter Giveaway (Closed)"

  1. PC

    My favourite Easter memory is of my Grandad hiding Cadbury Creme Eggs around the house, searching frantically for them…then scoffing them!

  2. Tracey Peach

    I remember sneaking some of our Easter eggs before Easter, never again I learnt that lesson! lol

  3. Tracy Nixon

    My birthday is always close to Easter so when I was little we were usually away in our caravan so took our Easter eggs with us! I loved caravan holidays as I always got to sleep on the top bunk above my older brother!

  4. Jane Willis

    One Easter Sunday many years ago we went to the Lake District and it snowed. Tarn Hows looked so beautiful with the snow and frozen lake glittering in the sunshine!

  5. Sandra Clarke

    My Mum’s and sister’s birthday often fall around Easter so when my Mum was 70 we took her on a steam train journey with champagne, chocs & afternoon tea with all the family. We were going to do the same on her 80th birthday but sadly she died 3 weeks before but we still did the same trip in memory of her so I always think of that at Easter.

  6. Rosie

    What a fab prize. My Easter memory is hiding all the eggs for young cousins round the garden, going inside for all of 2 minutes and returning to find 2 very guilty and sick looking dogs who had found every single egg and demolished them, wrappers and all….!!

    Rosie xx


    My favourite Easter memory is the Easter egg hunt my nan & grandad did for me and my school friends. They hid tokens in their orchard

  8. laura banks

    my treasure hunts i do for my son i do some really hard clues that rhyme

  9. kim plant

    I remember when I was about 5 easter egg hunting in large garden and I remember putting eggs I found into a basket then my brother sneaking them out and putting them in his own basket :/

  10. kellyjo walters

    my parents doing an easter hunt in the morning.. it came to the afternoon and my gramps who had been sitting all morning said ergh.. whats this.. he had been sitting on an egg.. it had squashed down the side of the couch

  11. Jayne T

    My best Easter-related memory is doing an Easter egg treasure hunt for my children, they spent ages solving all the clues, it was great fun.

  12. Wehaf

    I have such great memories of dyeing Easter eggs asa kid; my brothers and sisters and I always had such a wonderful time!

  13. Tina M Holmes

    I love crafting with the kids, egg decorating, egg hunts, baking. all good fun

  14. katie

    ME and my daughter love melting any un eaten easter eggs into silicone moulds to make new smaller chocolate treats,

  15. Sue Harrison

    All dressed up in my new Easter best on a walk with various relatives,I stopped to talk to a tethered Billy Goat next thing my Great Aunts knew was me flying through the air into a very muddy puddle no longer a clean,dry Easter outfit!!!!

  16. Sharon

    My favourite Easter memory is the Easter in the hot ’76, eating my Easter egg over at the play park and it being so warm they melted.

  17. Emma

    I have loads of favourite memories of Easter. I think the best would be when I was in bed half asleep and thought I saw the Easter bunny but I found out years later it was only my Dad making a trail of eggs for an Easter egg hunt in the morning!

    Emma Xx

  18. liz denial

    Having an easter egg hunt in the woods at the top of my garden when my friends were over from australia with their kids

  19. Bethany Raphel

    We had an Easter disco at school, and you could bring in a decorated egg to win a prize. Somebody turned their egg into a Barbie – god knows how! It was so cool.

  20. Amelia Kennedy

    An Easter egg hunt party I attended as a kid (many years ago!). We all had great fun and I found more eggs than anyone else!

  21. Sharon Griffin

    when i was little and my nan and grandad would always give me a real egg box with 6 cadbury cream eggs inside and those cute little yellow chick ornaments 🙂

  22. Paul Wilson

    We used to go stay at the coast for a few days when I was a child – fish and chips in newspaper on the seafront.

  23. Julie Feathers

    we are doing an easter egg hunt this year, when I was growing up I was one of 6 so my mumcould only afford 2 eggs each, and we really appreciated them

  24. Lorna Kennedy

    We love rolling hand painted hard boiled eggs down the hill with all the family – I used to do it every year with my Dad.

  25. Holly Farnham

    What an amazing competition and to be find a great food blog to read, thank you!!! My favourite Easter memory actually ‘seeing’ the Easter bunny hop past the window, a child’s imagination is a poweful thing

  26. Elizabeth Hinds

    I’ve always had a pretty rough time at Easter – for some reason it’s when I always used to get into accidents and end up in hospital as a kid, I used to call it the Easter curse! However since I had children of my own, I’ve managed to reverse my bad luck and I’ve had a lovely Easter every year. My favourite Easter memories are the most recent ones – creating Easter egg hunts around the house every year for my daughters, making huge Easter dinners, and just generally enjoying family life 🙂

  27. Fiona S

    when I was little (and before easter eggs were cheap!) my lovely older sisters sent me a huge parcel filled with easter eggs and other goodies for Easter. It was amazing. I felt like Charlie in the Chocolate factory!

  28. Alan Chung

    My favourite Easter memory was getting a Yorkie Easter Egg which comes in a box shaped like a lorry. Had hours of fun with that

  29. Stephanie Harrison

    My favourite Easter memory is winning the decorate an egg competition at primary school!

  30. Gill bland

    We went to a national trust garden and it started snowing. We’d just got a new Espace car where the seats would turn around to face each other and had little tables. We sat having a picnic in the car and I thought it was the best thing!

  31. lynn lewer

    Hiding Easter egg all over the house and watching the kids running around trying to find them

  32. Dom

    My favourite Easter memory is definitely when I was 10 and pretty much every relative I had at the time gave me an Easter egg. I ended up with double figures much to the dismay of my older sibling 😀

  33. Rhi

    Always painting eggs as a child with my mum… and then last year, thinking I was far too old for easter eggs, being surprised by my boyfriend with a luxury ‘grown-up’ egg 😀

  34. Louise A

    My favourite Easter memory is an Easter Egg I was given as a child, it was huge, hand made with sugar flowers decorating it and hand made chocolates nestled inside on tissue paper. I’ve never seen one like it since.

  35. Louise Comb

    Round at my friend Sharon’s, with her family. I brought pudding, a home trifle. I put in whole Cadburys Cream eggs – one per person. It went down very well 🙂

  36. Jessica Fairley

    My mum ( the easter bunny) hiding clues and eggs all over the house and garden! Was so much fun 🙂

  37. hayley berry

    Letting my children paint their own eggs and then scoffing the chocolate ones. This year will include a egg hunt!

  38. tiggerific1973

    My favourite Easter memory is of when my children were younger and we had Easter egg hunts that lasted hours lol I hid them in some rather strange places! 😀 x

  39. Gillian

    I remember one year my mum making us boiled egg & soldiers for breakfast at Easter but when we chopped the tops of the eggs off they were chocolate!!! They were amazing, looked like real eggs but were totally edible, I must have been about 7 but it is so clear in my mind 🙂 xx

  40. Marycarol

    Remember gathering gorse flowers to dye boiled eggs yellow and then painting face on them xx

  41. Sarah Morris

    I can remember a really hot Easter when I was a kid, our parents took us to Hayling Island beach and we got to go on the funfair..then we got to come home and eat our chocolate eggs, good times!

  42. Laura Harris

    Making “dinosaur eggs” with my mum when you crack the shells and put them in coloured water and when you peel the shells they look amazing!

  43. maddalena dalton

    I remember as a child my mum buying me a really expensive Easter egg

  44. Angela McDonald

    My favourite memory has to be my parents putting me in the car when I was about 6 and it was around 10am and saying we were going to visit my gran for the day on good Friday (i was super excited as she always gave me cadbury mini eggs!) After a couple of house I was beginning to think we were lost and my mum got in the back with me and made me close my eyes for the next 10 minutes.. when they told me I could open them we were at a Haven holiday camp for the weekend!! I was so excited and it was one of the best weekends away ever!

  45. Maria Mays

    Taking great delight in eating my Easter eggs more slowly than my brother in order to torment him when his were all eaten – what a meanie I was!

  46. Richard Worth

    Sitting in my front room with my mum and dad eating all the easter eggs they’d bought for me.

  47. Brad Start

    Watching my wife eating her Easter eggs….she really does love a good chocolate egg.

  48. Tania Atfield

    When my grandparents bought massive box of creme eggs with them to easter lunch and all the children’s eyes were enormous when they realised they were for them.

  49. P Wendy Clayton

    I can remember that my sister and I before Easter carefully opened the boxes, unwrapped the foil from the eggs and took out the sweets/chocolates inside the eggs and then wrapped them back in the foil and put them back in the boxes to make them look untouched. I am 55 now and I still don’t know if we were “found out” lol

  50. Sarah Mc

    My favourite memory is rolling eggs down the hill at home with my mum and dad. Dad was an art teacher so the eggs were always a bit out there!!

  51. susan younger

    Getting an Easter egg from my nan. It was a Roses one and I really wanted a chocolate button one. Remember feeling sad!

  52. Angie Hoggett

    Making an easter bonnet for a competition and my naughty parrot Meesha jumping on it trying to eat the flowers! (see instagram pic!!)

  53. Kev C

    When we were very young, we used to play hunt the egg!!! There were 4 of us and 4 eggs of various sizes, I always used to get the small one lol

  54. Victoria N

    I had a tradition with my mum decorating eggs before Easter. I’ve now continued that with my daughter, although my mum (Granny) also now joins in!

  55. lynn savage

    We lived on the top of a small but steep hill, 7 houses in total. On Easter Sunday all the kids would come out and sacrifice one egg in the egg rolling tournament. It was so much fun and when we moved to a new house that wasn’t on a hill we were so disappointed at Easter when there was no egg rolling.

  56. lucky cat

    wow! amazing prize. My favourite Easter memory is making pace eggs with my Gran and having egg rolling competitions on the Westwood. Happy days! 🙂

  57. Jacqui S

    My favourite Easter memory is hiding small eggs round the garden for the children to find when they were toddlers, it kept them occupied for ages and they wanted to do it again and again. Really good fun and great memories. x

  58. Lucy Poulton

    My favourite Easter memory is really believing a big Easter bunny had left me loads of chocolate eggs at the bottom of my garden! I can’t wait to re-create that magical little feeling for my own children one day!

  59. earthmaiden

    My favourite Easter memory is receiving a really expensive grown-up kind of decorated Easter Egg lying on straw in a beautiful basket from a kind lady at our church. I was 6 years old and really appreciated the beauty of it, I didn’t eat it for ages. I have adored beautiful Easter eggs ever since because they are such a joy to look at.

  60. tigerbabe68

    Back in my youth when you could only buy Easter things near Easter rather than for months before, waking up on Good Friday to the smell of Hot Cross Buns toasting knowing this was the only day in the year you’d get them (unless Mum had bought extra to have the next day as a treat)

  61. olivia kirby

    I always do a few overly cryptic clues for the children’s egg hunt then go out and collect the ‘leftovers’ 😉

  62. Rose

    It snowing at Easter (in April) when I was about 7 – we had so much fun making snow Rabbits and having snowball fights 🙂

  63. Rachel

    My favourite memory is doing an easter egg hunt around my house when I was little – my mum had set up a trail of clues to lead to the chocolate!

  64. Elizabeth Smith

    I don’t know why but my grandmother always used to buy me socks for easter – posh ones with patterns or lace etc. When I want cheering up now I usually buy socks. If I had money I’d probably be buying designer shoes but socks are easier on the ban balance

  65. Chrissie Curtis

    When we were kids we had an easter egg hunt but we hid one of the eggs under the carpet and it was stamped on… leaving a right mess! I will never forget it though.

  66. sallyh

    When we were very little my uncle turned up one Easter with a cake in the shape of a rabbit. It was quite spectacular at a tiome when cakes were mostly cake shaped… It certainly made an impression I still remember it 45 years later:)

  67. Rachel

    Haha I think my favourite Easter memories are all the times I ended up eating the rest of my older cousin’s Easter lunch whenever we went out for lunch cos he was always such a picky eater back then. More chips for me = awesome.

  68. William Gould

    I don’t really have an outstanding Easter memory, except for eating Easter eggs as a kid, and currently enjoying my wife’s special Easter Sunday roats!

  69. William Gould

    I don’t really have an outstanding Easter memory, except for eating Easter eggs as a kid, and currently enjoying my wife’s special Easter Sunday roasts!

  70. Daniel Coles

    My favourite is when our daughter was able to do her first egg hunt round the garden. She loved it.

  71. Janice Papworth

    my parents had a newsagent shop so I was allowed to choose my egg and I can remember choosing one with a pink wrapper in a basket

  72. Steve S

    “Helping” the Easter Bunny preparing for my lads first ever egg hunt in the garden. Great memories.

  73. Susie M

    I really remember the Easter that we’d gone out to the country taking our picnic and our hard-boiled decorated eggs to roll. And it was snowing!

  74. Claire Eadie

    Being given those little yellow chicks at school to decorate a card or bonnet 🙂

  75. Claire C

    I remember I always loved making easter bonnets with my mum for the school easter competition when I was little, my mum was great at it so I always had an amazing creation! 😀 great memories!

  76. Kayleigh White

    I remember decorating chocolate eggs, but eating them as I went along.

    Followed and tweeted as @xxfluffywhitexx

    Followed and instagrammed as kayleigh39white

  77. Deborah Higgins

    My favourite Easter memory is Easter egg hunting in the garden, my mum would give me a few clues and I would have to find the rest

  78. Su Tyler

    I remember as a teenager wanting the Contrast Swan egg but my mum said it was too expensive. It was lovely surprise on Easter Sunday to be presented with it. I kept the Swan packaging for ages after.

  79. Sarah Davies

    Decorating hand blown duck eggs (from our own ducks) when I was a child.

  80. Emma Nixon

    I remember Painting eggs at school. Making lots of mess but having a great time.

  81. Stephanie Whitehouse

    For years we had a party on Easter Saturday, where we painted hard boiled eggs then rolled them down the road – the winner was the last one intact

  82. Jess Howliston

    My favourite easter memories where the easter egg hunts in my nans garden! It used to take us ages to find them all and quite often some would take us that long to find they would be melted before we got to them lol! One year she hid them so well me and my sister found a few the following week lol!
    My nan has now passed away but I remember them being such fun and its something I am most definitely going to continue with my children. xx

  83. Karen B

    I remember a line of Easter eggs all along the shelf looking wonderful – friends and family must have been feeling generous that year! I did share – honestly!

  84. Sheri Darby

    Doing Easter Egg Hunts when the children were little – there were always some that weren’t found til weeks later

  85. Ali Thorpe

    My mum’s aunt used to bake the most delicious cake from a family recipe and, at easter, she would decorate it with little praline eggs and fluffy chicks. I used to wait for that cake to appear.

  86. Kristy Brown

    Laughing at the kids on their first Easter Egg treasure hunt in the massive shared garden in Germany!

  87. Mark Chamberlin

    When I was 8 my sister (who is 3 years younger than me) found our Easter eggs in my mothers wardrobe and proceeded to scoff not just hers but mine as well. I’ve never forgiven her!

  88. Suzanne Howell

    When I was little we always used to go away in our caravan for Easter. My mom would hide Easter eggs under the caravan that we used to hunt for. The story was that the “magic Easter rabbit” had put them there for us. Happy Days.

  89. Emily Knight

    My favourite Easter memory is of my dad doing an Easter egg hunt in the garden…forgetting where he’d hidden most of the eggs, and us continuing to find more over the next 6 months…

  90. Lisa

    The Easter Egg hunts the local church used to organise. There were hundreds of eggs and I’m sure many were never found despite our determination!

  91. Lisa

    The Easter Egg hunts the local church used to organise. There were hundreds of eggs and I’m sure many were never found despite our determination! (This said I have already said this comment but I can’t find it – sorry)

  92. Eleanor Wigmore

    Running around the garden as kids to hear Mum saying to Dad she had forgotten to actually hide the eggs!

  93. Lydia Houghton

    I remember being more than a little disappointed to find out that Easter eggs are hollow. Bah!

  94. trevor linvell

    I remember going on an easter egg hunt with my sister in a holiday cottage when we were young

  95. Frances Heaton

    I remember the tradition of rolling eggs down slopes at local parks. We used to hard boil eggs and paint them, then roll down hills. Great fun.

  96. Susan B

    Opening and eating the gorgeous eggs that we were lucky enough to be given and having a sisterly competition to see who could slurp the loudest while sucking out the runny centres.

  97. Mandi Bomani

    Now that the kids have grown, we wait till dark and send them out with a torch to hunt for eggs!

  98. Maddy

    Our children used to hang on to most of their eggs from the hunt and then hide them again for each other for days afterwards – thrill of the chase I guess!

  99. kim neville

    I always remember my sister and I being caught by my mum sneakily eating Easter eggs.

  100. Penelope Hannibal

    I have a bit of a naughty one from when I was 10yrs old. We had a Welsh dresser in the kitchen & all my EASTER eggs were on top of it & when I was longingly looking at them about a week before Easter I had an idea. I lifted one down, eased it out of the box, peeled back the foil & removed the back half of the chocolate egg. Then I neatly folded the remaining foil into the back half of the egg & carefully put it back into the packaging. Success, it now looked exactly the as before & I had half a chocolate egg to eat whilst my Mother would be none the wiser! I repeated this process with some of the other eggs coming up to Easter & didn’t get caught, I will never forget now I have kids myself it’s seems so funny.

  101. Diane Carey

    Our first Easter with our 2 adopted daughters. They had missed out on so much in the past. We made Easter baskets for the Easter bunny to fill with small chocolates. Their faces were a picture on Easter Sunday when they saw what had been left for them, together with their big eggs from everyone

  102. Rachael Marsden

    I remember a clock shaped box that had an egg for each number, I thought it was the most amazing thing ever

  103. Sheila Reeves

    One of my favourite Easter memories is when I was on a German exchange, we decorated boiled eggs, had a decorated tree, ate chocolate bunnies – I think it was because it was different that it sticks in my mind

  104. anthony harrington

    I remember the Easter Egg Hunt, was always fun finding the eggs and each year my parents trying to find new hiding places. I used to then keep the empty boxes and make little puppet theatres!

  105. Patricia Avery

    As a child in the 50s money was very tight and for a time sweets on ration. Easter excitement was provided by getting a new pair of sandals and white socks (if I had grown out of the previous years) 🙂

  106. Laura Caraher

    My mum & dad are catholic and every Easter they observed lent which meant no cakes, biscuits or chocolate which felt like it would never end. My favourite memory is rolling my Easter eggs down our stairs with my dad

  107. Pamela M

    My best Easter memory was going on a big family outing to the park for a picnic and to roll our eggs. Then we went to the cinema to see Toy Story (yes, it was THAT long ago!).

  108. Ellen Stafford

    I remember when I was 7 years old it was my birthday on Easter Sunday. I thought it was so cool that I got eggs and presents on my birthday.

  109. Kathryn Casbolt

    Easter egg hunts in the garden when the children were small. They got so excited 🙂

  110. Claire Ward

    My nieces first Easter egg hunt, she lived searching the garden for all the hidden treats

  111. Alison Johnson

    Easter Bonnet parades – one for the kids, another for the adults – at the social club I lived at which my parents ran when I was a child. Used to enter every year in the hope of winnng a really big easter egg!

  112. chris keenan

    Finding the stash of Easter Eggs early when I was a boy and tucking in until I felt physically sick!

  113. Ireena

    I remember being genuinely excited as a kid about my Cadbury chocolate buttons easter egg. Now that I’m a grown up and can buy some chocolate buttons any time I want, I kind of miss the excitement of those days!

  114. chirag p

    when i was 7 winning a raffle and get eater eggs when stacked on top on one another were bigger than me

  115. Hazel Rush

    Spending Easter on holiday in Florida having an egg hunt in the blazing sun!

  116. Maria Jane Knight

    My favourite memory of Ester was the Easter eggs that my nanna used to do for us when we were little. She had chickens and used to hide the foiled eggs in their chicken house. I just have a wonderful memory of my brother being chased by nannas cockeral and him trying to peck the foil off of the largest egg which was in my brothers easter bucket.Lovely memories 🙂

  117. Sarah Phillips

    Easter has been difficult in the last few years for our family as my younger brother passed away three years ago on Easter sunday. However, we do remember him fondly and enjoy making new memories with his nieces and nephews (my children)

  118. Lisa

    We have that egg basket in our foyer at work. The smell from it has permeated the entire 8 floor building. It’s such a good scent, but we’ve all been craving chocolate for weeks now.

    My only distinct Easter memory was of being given Suchard mini eggs on holiday in St Osyth when I was about 6. I’d never had chocolate like that before, and I refused to leave the house until I’d eaten them all.


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