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Regular readers will know that I’m married to a beer enthusiast. Pete loves to drink beer, to talk about beer and to brew beer. He even grows his own hops! Although supermarkets are getting a little better at stocking a wider range of interesting beers, Pete often buys his beer online, from the growing number of beer specialists that offer a far better choice.

We recently came across Beer52, an online beer retailer founded last year by James Brown after his epic motorcycle craft beer road trip round Europe. His discovery that there were more than 12,000 microbreweries in the world inspired him to create a business in which his team handpick eight different beers to share with subscribers each month; the selection is delivered to your door for £24 a box. Beer52 are often able to source exclusive, small batch beers from small and experimental breweries around the world – not the kind of beers a supermarket is ever likely to stock.

Pete put a recent box to the taste test. Whilst he didn’t love all eight beers in the selection, what he did like was the opportunity to try beers he’d have been unlikely to come across otherwise.

Also in the box is a copy of Beer52’s in-house magazine, Ferment, sharing more information about the beers they feature. Our boxes also had a couple of extra gifts including an edition of Craft Beer Rising magazine, some crisps, a little bar of chocolate and some product leaflets.

beer52-2 beer52-3


Barcelona Beer Company, 5%
A father golden, big billowing white head. Sweet, slightly biscuit aroma, some background hops. Flavour is – surprisingly – deeply bitter which overwhelms the residual sweetness.

Cerveza Mica, 4.7%
One of the most explosive gushers I’ve seen for a while! Golden, flat white head. Honey nose, with a slight mustiness. Flavour is a little bland, slightly sweet, boring.

Charles Wells DNA, 4.5%
Copper, little head, “new world IPA”. Nose is mostly mallet, very little floral hops. Flavour is just as unremarkable – slightly fudge sweet, insipid.

Freigeist Bierkulture Hoppeditz, 7.5%
A dark reddish brown coloured beer, thin white fine bubbled head. Aroma is treacle sweet, flavour is similar, sweet, slightly bitter burnt sugar, resinous hops and dark fruit. Very nice, but not as big on the hop front as I was expecting. Over time, actually it is pretty damn hoppy, nice lingering bitterness!

Kaapse Brouwers Karel American Bitter, 4.9%
BIG white fluffy head that takes a long time to go away, deep golden colour. Aroma has nice floral hops, mineral barley. Over fizzy in the mouth, honey with quite a harsh bitterness at the back of the mouth. Average at best.

Media Biere Blanche, 5%
Golden, big but fleeting white open head. Wheat aroma, grassy with a hint of metallic. Foamy in the mouth, softly sweet and more wheat grain. Not bad, unremarkable.

Microbrasserie de la Principaute Curtius, 7%
Belgian triple, golden with a thin white head. Typical belgian yeast aroma, spic and slightly fruity. Champagne foam texture, with a slightly sour background, metallic. Tasty triple, but maybe a touch turned?

Oppigards Indian Tribute, 6.6%
Copper, mid sized fine head. Floral hop aroma, sweet and slightly toffee flavour, with fruity flavours and a nice building resinous hop kick at the end. Yum.

beer52-5 beer52-9 beer52-8


Beer52 have offered us two cases of beer to giveaway and we’ve set up an unusual joint competition for you between Kavey Eats and Pete Drinks. Each winner will receive a box of eight beers selected by Beer52. The prize includes free delivery to UK Mainland addresses.

Running the competition across both blogs gives you 6 chances to enter, all of which go into one big list from which two winners will be drawn randomly.


You can enter the competition in 3 ways via Kavey Eats and another 3 ways via Pete Drinks – the more ways you enter, the higher your chances of winning:

Entry 1 – Blog Comment
Leave a comment below, telling me about your favourite bottled beer.

Entry 2 – Twitter
Follow @Kavey, @PeteDrinks and @Beer52HQ on Twitter. Existing followers are, of course, welcome to enter! Then tweet the (exact) sentence below.
I’d love to win a box of craft beers from @Beer52HQ and Kavey Eats! http://bit.ly/ke-beer52 #KaveyEatsBeer52
(Do not add the @Kavey twitter handle into the tweet; I track twitter entries using the competition hash tag. And you don’t need to leave a blog comment about your tweet either, thanks!)

Entry 3 – Instagram
Follow @KaveyF, @PeteDrinks and @Beer52HQ on Instagram. Existing followers are, of course, welcome to enter!
Share an image of a bottle of your favourite beer via your Instagram feed. In the caption include the name of the beer, instagram usernames @KaveyF, @PeteDrinks and @Beer52HQ, and the hashtag #KaveyEatsBeer52

Entries 4-6 – PeteDrinks.com

Visit PeteDrinks.com for instructions.


  • The deadline for entries is midnight GMT Wednesday 24th December 2014.
  • Kavey Eats and Pete Drinks reserve the right to alter the closing date of the competition. Changes to the closing date, if they occur, will be shown on this page and the related page on PeteDrinks.com.
  • The two winner will be selected from all valid entries (across both blogs, both twitter hashtags and both instagram hashtags) using a random number generator.
  • Entry instructions form part of the terms and conditions.
  • Where prizes are to be provided by a third party, Kavey Eats and Pete Drinks accept no responsibility for the acts or defaults of that third party.
  • Both prizes are one box of 8 craft beers selected by Beer52 and and include delivery within the UK Mainland.
  • The prizes cannot be redeemed for a cash value.
  • The prizes are offered and provided by Beer52.
  • Only one Kavey Eats blog entry per person. Only one Twitter #KaveyEatsBeer52 per person. Only one Instagram #KaveyEatsBeer52 per person. Only one Pete Drinks blog entry per person. Only one Twitter #PeteDrinksBeer52 per person. Only one Instagram #PeteDrinksBeer52 per person. You may enter all six ways but you do not have to do so for your entries to be valid.
  • For Twitter entries, winners must be following @Kavey, @PeteDrinks and @Beer52HQ at the time of notification. For Instagram entries, winners must be following @KaveyF, @PeteDrinks and @Beer52HQ at the time of notification. Blog comment entries must provide a valid email address for contacting the winner.
  • The winners will be notified by email, Twitter or Instagram so please make sure you check your accounts for the notification message. If no response is received from a winner within 14 days of notification, the prize will be forfeit and a new winner will be picked and contacted.


As well as the competition, Beer52 have also set up a special discount code for our readers. Use special code KAVEYPETE10 to take advantage of a £10 reduction on any subscription, including the gift subscription. Use KAVEYPETE30 for £30 off the £48.99 gift box (which adds a book and wooden bottle opener to the usual selection of 8 beers).

Kavey Eats and Pete Drinks received product samples from Beer52.

Winners: Ashleigh Allan (Kavey Eats blog entry) and @One2CulinaryStew (Pete Drinks instagram entry).

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58 Comments to "Kavey Eats & Pete Drinks | Beer 52 Giveaway (Closed)"

  1. uncle wilco

    My fav bottled beer is Duval – its strong small and very very tasty – yes it;s not new fanged craft beer but an old classic just asking to be drunk

  2. Tracy Nixon

    Being a Geordie, I love our Newcastle Brown Ale, man 🙂 I love the taste and the label!

  3. Sarah (@tamingtwins)

    My favourite bottled beer is Oxford Gold. My husband worked for Brakspears 20 years ago and now works for Marstons who now own the brew (please don’t shun me because he’s part of a big brewery!) He’s so pleased that he’s back involved in the brand and his love of their beers has rubbed off on me. I could drink Oxford Gold all day 😉

  4. Shereen (@shezza_t)

    I’m not a massive beer drinker, but the Farmageddon Golden Pale Ale I taste last month was very refreshing. My husband on the other hand, is a huge fan of beers. He enjoys porters and dark ales the most, with Clanconnell’s McGrath’s Irish Black being a current favourite of his.

  5. Maxine

    Ooh, I’m rather partial to the St Peter’s brewery range, especially their grapefruit beer (sounds wrong, but tastes so right!)

  6. Andrew Petrie

    Amstel. It’s probably a rarity thing, the only time I ever see it it when I’m abroad.

  7. Andrew Loades

    My new fave is from a north-east indy brewer Black Paw IPA, Alc 5.0% vol from Black Paw Brewery a good strong flavour to it well worth trying.

  8. Lee Vaughan

    Got to agree with Newcastle Brown, but….I found the Wychewood Beers recently. Most notably Hobgoblin. Fantastic tasting range of beers. They even do a Scrooge one for Xmas!


    i can’t state the actual name as it’s a bit rude for on here but it start with ‘rat’s p***’ get little local store sells local brewed beers with interesting names!

  10. Caroline Clarke

    I used to like Yuengling and Pabst Blue Ribbon, but that was back in my college days. Now I like a bit Bah Humbug and Hobgoblin. 🙂

  11. Rachel Graves

    I love a bottle of Castle Rock’s Harvest Pale. A bit stronger than the cask version, loads of flavour!

  12. Julie Booth

    A few years ago, we spent Christmas in New York and went to Staten Island. We found this amazing South American restaurant that served this bottled beer called Otromundo. It was very fruity and absolutely delicious. Unfortunately it is only exported to the USA 🙁

  13. William Gould

    I like Stella just for everyday/cheap-ish drinking at home, but I do like trying various bottled beers. I love Spitfire, and recently had a really nice beer (IPA?) from Orkney – wish I’d saved the label now……

  14. Susie M

    My favourite is Black Isle Blonde. It’s a tent essential for summer festivals when run of the mill lagers are sold onsite and we tend not to buy it regularly because it really makes the occasion. There may be a few bottles bought for the festive period though!

  15. Helen G

    Brewdog’s Punk IPA. I became a shareholder on the basis of how much love I have for it 🙂

  16. Stuart W

    Midnight Bell from the Leeds Brewery. A wonderful dark flavoursome beer. Very smooth to drink and has a good strength to it.

  17. Dawn Canning

    I love ‘Old Empire’ IPA. It’s crisp, refreshing and ‘hoppy’ (love da hops).

  18. Laura Hadland

    I love anything by Lagunitas, which we tried in California – imagine my surprise when I found out Wetherspoons have started selling their IPA! Delicious and affordable – but no music!

  19. Heather Jenkinson

    St. Peter’s Organic Ale, it has such a wonderful round taste and is just so full of hoppy flavours.


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