The Pong Christmas Explorer Box of Cheese + Competition (Closed)

It’s no secret that I adore cheese. I’ve even been known to spend more on cheese for Christmas day than on presents for the husband. What? He eats it too!

Most often I buy my cheese in person, both from the supermarket and cheesemongers like Neal’s Yard Dairy. But I’ve also bought online, especially when I’ve fancied sending cheese as a gift.

I live in hope that friends will take the hint and send (good quality) cheese back to me, but I’m still waiting…

My online cheese shop of choice is Pong, who I first encountered back in 2009, when they (like Kavey Eats) were a young start-up. Indeed, I gave them the idea for both their Ultimate Pong Box and their New Mum’s Box (for mum’s desperate for their favourite stinky unpasteurised cheeses after a long nine without), both of which, they have said, are enormously popular. Kudos, me! I’ve enjoyed their cheese many times since then and it’s always impressed me as tasty, tasty cheese.

PongCheeseXmas2014-KaveyEats-(c)KavitaFavelle-9604 PongCheeseXmas2014-KaveyEats-(c)KavitaFavelle-9608
my happy delivery

Today, I’m bringing you their Pong Christmas Explorer Box, a super selection for your seasonal cheese board. (Try saying that fast after a glass or two of port!)

For £29.95 + delivery, this box provides over a kilo of fabulous cheese in the form of Langres AOC, Cropwell Bishop Shropshire Blue, St Maure de Touraine, Lincolnshire Poacher and Wyfe of Bath. Yep, sounds bloody marvellous to me too!

from Pong’s website


Pong are offering one reader of Kavey Eats a Pong Christmas Explorer Box of delicious cheese, including UK Mainland delivery.


In addition to the competition, we’ve created a code to give you all a tasty 10% off your orders (excluding delivery).  Enter PONGKAVEY10 into the Discount Code box during checkout. Active through December 31st 2014.


You can enter the competition in 3 ways – the more ways you enter, the higher your chances of winning:

Entry 1 – Blog Comment
Leave a comment below, telling me which three cheeses you’d pick for your seasonal cheese board.

Entry 2 – Twitter
Follow @Kavey and @PongCheese on Twitter. Existing followers are, of course, welcome to enter! Then tweet the (exact) sentence below.
I’d love to win a @PongCheese Christmas Explorer Box from Kavey Eats! #KaveyEatsPongCheese
(Do not add the @Kavey twitter handle into the tweet; I track entries using the competition hash tag. And please don’t leave a blog comment about your tweet either, thanks!)

Entry 3 – Instagram
Share an image of a tasty piece of cheese via your Instagram feed. In the caption include the instagram usernames @KaveyF and @PongCheeseUK and both hashtags #KaveyEatsPongCheese and #PongChristmas.


  • The deadline for entries is midnight GMT Wednesday 10th December 2014.
  • Kavey Eats reserves the right to alter the closing date of the competition. Changes to the closing date, if they occur, will be shown on this page.
  • The winner will be selected from all valid entries (across blog, twitter and instagram) using a random number generator.
  • Entry instructions form part of the terms and conditions.
  • Where prizes are to be provided by a third party, Kavey Eats accepts no responsibility for the acts or defaults of that third party.
  • The prize is Pong Cheese’s Christmas Explorer Box and includes delivery within the UK Mainland.
  • The prize cannot be redeemed for a cash value.
  • The prize is offered and provided by Pong Cheese.
  • Pong Cheese will do their best to deliver before 25th December, but please note that this is not guaranteed.
  • One blog entry per person only. One Twitter entry per person only. One Instagram entry per person only. You may enter all three ways but you do not have to do so for your entries to be valid.
  • For Twitter entries, winners must be following @Kavey and @PongCheese at the time of notification. For Instagram entries, winners must be following @KaveyF and @PongCheeseUK at the time of notification. Blog comment entries must provide a valid email address for contacting the winner.
  • The winners will be notified by email, Twitter or Instagram so please make sure you check your accounts for the notification message. If no response is received from a winner within 7 days of notification, the prize will be forfeit and a new winner will be picked and contacted.

Kavey Eats received review products from Pong Cheese.

The winner of this competition is Mark Hampton (blog entry).

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120 Comments to "The Pong Christmas Explorer Box of Cheese + Competition (Closed)"

  1. Jane Willis

    I like to have a hard, a soft and a blue. And at Christmas the blue has to be Stilton. I’d have Tunworth for my soft cheese and a really good strong cheddar as the hard cheese.

  2. Shezza_t

    I’d choose some aged Coolea for the crumbly sharp cheese, some Gubbeen for the creamier cheese and some Young Buck for the blue cheese. I’m not a huge fan of many blue cheeses, but Young Buck manages to be creamy, crumbly, and blue sharp. It’s really great.

  3. Tracy Nixon

    I would choose Cotswolds Blue Brie, Westcombe Cheddar and Smoked Godminster Cheddar!

  4. Gill Bland

    Gosh, I’m not such an aficionado as you so I’d be looking to learn, but here’s my initial attempt…

    Selles Sur Cher
    Cropwell Bishop Stilton
    Humming Bark

  5. Tracey Peach

    I would have to choose by looking at the cheese because I don’t know any posh cheese, would be lovely to experiment to see what I like xxx

  6. Maxine

    Oh my … this is the competition for me!!! Having licked the screen for the last few minutes whilst deciding which gorgeous cheeses to pick, I think I have finally whittled the selection down to:

    Robiola Alta Langa
    Celtic Promise
    Perl Las Blue

  7. Lee

    Always a blue, a hard and a soft. So that would be Cashel Blue, some serious Beaufort and some Epoisses. Unbeatable!

  8. kellyjo walters

    wow!! .. now we love cheese in this house but never had such posh cheese
    only cheese I dont like is stuff with mould lol.. hubby does tho

  9. kellie@foodtoglow

    The St Maure de Touraine is right up my street, as well as the Shropshire Blue and the Lincolnshire Poacher. I love the name of the company {and delighted to see @pongcheese on my twitter feed – very jolly!) and also the fact that you knew them from the beginning and gave them ideas they actually use. So cool! Yes, this is an entry to the comp, despite the rambling.

  10. Choclette

    Oh Kavey I love cheese too – cheese and chocolate and actually loads of other things. Strangely my friends never seem to get the hint either!

    I would choose local cheeses as we have some fabulous ones down here in Cornwall – Cornish Blue, Cornish Brie and Cornish Gouda to give a good bit of variety and texture.

  11. Jen Price

    Oooh a cheese delivery would be fantastic for Christmas. I think my cheeses would have to be a very ripe unpasterurised Camembert, a crumbly vintage cheddar and a stilton.

  12. Susie M

    I’d definitely go for the Cropwell Bishop Shropshire Blue and add a smoked cheddar and pot of crowdie.

  13. John Tingay

    Oxford Blue, Yarg and Smoked Lincolnshire Poacher would be my “seasonal variety” choice.

  14. christine shelley

    Because Im allergic to cheese I have to rely on others to advise me as I have no idea as to their taste

  15. kathryn gaunt

    For me it would be a wendesleydale with cranberries, Appleford smoked chedder and just to be different a nice baked camenbert

  16. Sandra Henderson

    My fav part of Christmas! I would choose Lincolnshire Poacher,Roquefort ,Sainte-Maure de Touraine,Manchego

  17. Margaret Gaskell

    I’d choose Lincolnshire poacher, Cropwell Bishop Stilton,and Brie for the best cheese board.

  18. Rebecca Duncan

    vignotte is my favourite cheese so that would have to go on there. A good stilton and then some cambazola to keep my husband happy.

  19. Emily Grosvenor

    Colston Bassett Stilton, Beenleigh Blue and Quicke’s Cheddar – yes, two blues but it’s Christmas and my cheese choice! We had all three of these cheeses at our wedding so they have special cheesy memories for my husband and me.

  20. Vicky S

    Shropshire blue, Lincolnshire Poacher and Wyfe of Bath. Special treats for a special time of year!

  21. Kim Newsome

    I would choose Cotswolds Blue Brie, Westcombe Cheddar and Smoked Godminster Cheddar!

  22. Bruce Kennedy

    I love blue cheese so would have to include Blacksticks Blue and a soft Cambozola. And you cant beat a good white crumbly Cheshire to have with your Christmas Cake (It’s a Yorkshire thing!).

  23. Mim

    Mmm, cheese. I think I’d go for some Two Hoots Barkham Blue, the local cave-aged cheddar (I hope the stall is back at Bath Christmas Market again!) and some Torta del Casar (the splidgiest, stinkiest sheep’s milk cheese in the world – heavenly).

    Lasat year we had so much cheese for Christmas, I didn’t finish it until February!

  24. Adrian Barnett

    My three cheeses would be Blacksticks blue, Sussex Charmer a really good hard cheese that’s produced locally to me and Sussex Slipcote a nice fresh soft cheese.

  25. Fede

    Oh cheese!I do love cheese too, of course being Italian. My dream trio would be Pecorino di Moliterno (oh it’s divine), Mozzarella from Paestum (of course) and a Colton Basset Stilton too.

  26. Liz B

    I’d pick a smoked cheese, a mild goat’s cheese and then finish off with Pont l’Eveque

  27. Ruthy @ Minibreak Mummy

    Oh my goodness, the Pong Cheese website is stuffed full of cheesy temptation!

    For my Xmas cheeseboard I would choose a Cropwell Bishop Stilton, a Golden Cross Goat’s Cheese log and the Swaledale Old Peculiar.

  28. julia

    Definitely a Shorrock’s Lancashire Bomb which I tried for the first time last week, a wedge of Montgomery’s Cheddar and a piece of Pecorino Toscano DO. Delicious.

  29. Gilla01

    A hard, a soft and a pongy. OH loves cheddar, whilst I prefer red leicester, so I’d dither over that, brie is a definite favourite, and stinking bishop would be good for the pongy.

  30. meena

    ooh yum, i would love to have the Langres AOC, Cropwell Bishop Shropshire Blue and Wyfe of Bath
    if not just for the great names

  31. Ali Hart

    I would like Old Amsterdam for its nuttyness, Stilton (it would not be Christmas without it) and smoked applewood.

  32. Roger Bufton

    Shropshire Blue, Hereford Hop and i would try Elsdon Goats to see if i likes it.

  33. Julia Wulff

    I would choose the Comte AOC, the Gorgonzola Dolce DOP and Kidderton Ash Goat cheese.

  34. Sarah B

    I’d go for a lovely strong cheddar, a creamy brie and an edam for my boyfriend (it’s his favourite for some reason).

  35. Em S

    I’d pick the Ste Maure de Touraine, Quickes Cheddar Truckle and the Vacherin Mont d’or. I love cheese!

  36. clare

    Its hard but I would choose smoked godminster cheddar, brie de meaux aoc and camembert de normandie aoc..nom nom :)))


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