The Kavey Eats Hotel Chocolat Christmas 2014 Competition (Closed)

Every year, I’ve had great fun choosing prizes from Hotel Chocolat’s Christmas Gifts range to giveaway to readers. This year, the choice was just as hard, as there’s so many tempting products that it’s hard to narrow down to three fabulous prizes.

I’ve chosen a Collection box jam-packed with goodies, the impressive Christmas Truffle Tree, which I think would make a lovely dessert centrepiece, and the adorable red and white stocking filled with moulded chocolates.

Christmas Collection Christmas Collection-2

The Christmas Collection is a generous selection of Hotel Chocolat treats. It contains an H-Box of Christmas Chocolates, a bag of Butterscotch Puddles, the Dasher’s Dream slab, a Hazelnut Bûche and 6 Christmas Eton Mess truffles.

Truffle Xmas Tree Truffle Xmas Tree-2

The Christmas Truffle Tree is a rather impressive solid chocolate centre piece. The alternating layers are 50% milk praline feuilletine chocolate and sea salted caramel chocolate. On top are baubles of milk, vanilla white and dark chocolate.

Mini Stocking Mini Stocking-2

The rather sweet Dinky Christmas Stocking has a ribbon hook to hang it up on the tree, mantelpiece or a bedpost and is filled with caramel chocolate presents, milk chocolate santas and white chocolate bells.


It’s my pleasure to give away these three prizes to readers of Kavey Eats!

  • First prize is Hotel Chocolat’s Christmas Collection (£35).
  • Second prize is a Hotel Chocolat Christmas Truffle Tree (£26).
  • Third prize is a Hotel Chocolat Dinky Christmas Stocking (£10)
  • Each prize includes delivery within the UK.


You can enter the competition in 3 ways – the more ways you enter, the higher your chances of winning:

Entry 1 – Blog Comment
Leave a comment below, sharing your favourite story about wrapping or unwrapping presents.

Entry 2 – Twitter
Follow @Kavey on Twitter. Existing followers are, of course, welcome to enter! Then tweet the (exact) sentence below.
I’d love to win @HotelChocolat Christmas prizes from Kavey Eats! #KaveyEatsHotelChocolat

(Do not add my twitter handle into the tweet; I track entries using the competition hash tag. And please don’t leave a blog comment about your tweet either, thanks!)

Entry 3 – Instagram
Share an image of your favourite Christmassy wrapping paper (opened out, not rolled up!) via your Instagram feed. In the caption include my username
@Kaveyf and the hashtag #KaveyEatsHotelChocolat.


  • The deadline for entries is midnight GMT Friday 5th December 2014.
  • Kavey Eats reserves the right to alter the closing date of the competition. Changes to the closing date, if they occur, will be shown on this page.
  • The 3 winners will be selected from all valid entries (across blog, twitter and instagram) using a random number generator. The first name selected will win the first prize. The second name selected will win the second prize. The third name selected will win the third prize.
  • Entry instructions form part of the terms and conditions.
  • Where prizes are to be provided by a third party, Kavey Eats accepts no responsibility for the acts or defaults of that third party.
  • First prize is Hotel Chocolat’s  Christmas Collection. Second prize is a Hotel Chocolat Christmas Truffle Tree. Third prize is a Hotel Chocolat Dinky Christmas Stocking. Each prize includes delivery within the UK.
  • The prizes cannot be redeemed for a cash value.
  • The prizes are offered and provided by Hotel Chocolat.
  • One blog entry per person only. One Twitter entry per person only. One Instagram entry per person only. You may enter all three ways but you do not have to do so for your entries to be valid.
  • For Twitter entries, winners must be following @Kavey at the time of notification. For Instagram entries, winners must be following @Kaveyf at the time of notification. Blog comment entries must provide a valid email address for contacting the winner.
  • The winners will be notified by email, Twitter or Instagram so please make sure you check your accounts for the notification message. If no response is received from a winner within 7 days of notification, the prize will be forfeit and a new winner will be picked and contacted.

Kavey Eats attended the Hotel Chocolat Christmas preview event and received samples of items in the range.

Winners: 1st prize KellyJo Walters (blog entry), 2nd prize Anna Ibbotson (blog entry), 3rd prize @loeby (twitter entry).

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120 Comments to "The Kavey Eats Hotel Chocolat Christmas 2014 Competition (Closed)"

  1. Tracy Nixon

    I remember getting a tiny gift box from my parents on Christmas Day. I was 18 at the time and assumed it was an item of jewellery but when I opened it, I saw a pair of car keys and out in the driveway was my very first car – a brand new blue Pergeot 306! I was thrilled as I had passes my driving test a few months previous and was saving hard to buy my own car! So I was able to spend my car savings in the January Sales!

  2. Pina

    My grandmother used to love getting food as Christmas presents. Once Christmas after we had exhausted all of the food options, I decided to give her her favourite fish. I distinctly remember ‘wrapping’ the packaged fish in tissue paper, then placing it in a festive tote bag… at the very last minute of course! Then it went straight back to the fridge! She loved it! 🙂

  3. julie booth

    I love wrapping presents and try to either match the paper, the ribbon or the gift tag to the present.

  4. Leanne moore

    I love wrapping my boys presents on Christmas Eve with the Christmas music playing and the Christmas lights on .

  5. Tiffany

    Once, my sister wrapped up a tissue so many times, it looked like a box! I’ve never forgiven her for that, but I’m too nice to trick her back 😉

  6. Laura S

    When I was around 13, my sister, brother and I were opening our Christmas presents when I came across a big shaped box. I opened it up to find a speaker and nothing to match it. I was so confused. About five minutes later my sister found a speaker in her piles and again we were really confused. After a while my brother came across a cd player in his pile. My mum and dad thought they would be really funny and confuse us all by sharing out the joined present among us all to open.


  7. Emma Hogg

    Never again let my husband wrap up, Consists of laying paper around the present and then getting the selotape roll and looping it round multiple times to save time.

    Never again though it was quite funny when the girls tried to get into the presents. “I think the elf’s need to learn how to wrap up” At least it helped pace the present opening!

  8. Lorna Kennedy

    We first had Hotel Chocolat this Easter and was amazed how delicious it was. If we won this I seriously
    doubt it would last long enough to even get wrapped up!!

  9. Vicky Carter

    I accidently unwrapped a present meant for my sister, it was a proper nice blue scarf I instantly went on about how perfect it is and how it’s the best christmas present they’ve ever got me… then my mum had to break the news.


    I love using wrapping paper, nice labels and a bow on each present I wrap. I am not very good at wrapping, but I enjoy it and I am getting better 🙂

  11. Paul Wilson

    When I was about three years old I woke up early on Christmas morning and my parents found me about covered in wrapping paper from opening my presents – to this day no one is allowed to touch any presents on Christmas morning until everyone in the household is present and correct.

  12. sian hallewell

    I am useless at wrapping presents, despite my best efforts with ribbons and bows they never look like I have made an effort. Just don’t have an ‘eye’ for details.

  13. Rebecca Duncan

    my husband (before we were married and lived together) was really excited one year as he had the ‘biggest present under the tree’ at his parents house (yes…big kid). He opened it and it was a hoover….not what he was expecting. His face was hilarious!!

  14. Maxine

    Me and my brother always used to enjoy playing ‘guess the jumper’ when we could feel the hand-knitted parcels sent by our grandmother – I have fond memories now, but some of the jumpers were truly horrific!

  15. Chris O

    I really like to coordinate my presents to my Christmas Tree decorations and I have to admit that if somebody gives me a present that doesn’t fit my colour scheme I hide it behind the tree!! Friends in the know now ask me whether I/m traditional red green and gold or silver now.

  16. Fleur JJ webb

    I take ages to unwrap a gift I like to savour it as Christmas day is also my birthday too. Most people forget that one so I only ever open presents once a year so I have this thing about holding it for ages and slowly unwrapping it. drives everyone else insane but I have done since i was very little.

  17. Alice Toop

    My favourite story about unwrapping presents was when I was a child, I desperately wanted a hobby horse for christmas. I had unwrapped all my presents, looking out for a hobby horse, and I did’t have one. I was so upset as it was the only thing I asked for for christmas. We then had christmas lunch and in the afternoon, my mum came in with a wrapped hobby horse saying ‘Santa just returned because he was so busy he forgot to drop this off in the night’….and it was my hobby horse! I was so happy.

  18. tracy caroline steer

    always remember decotating the tree and wrapping presents with my auntie when i was 12. we used to pinch the chocs before they went on the tree

  19. sue hodges

    i never let my husband do the wrapping as he tends to sellotape the wrapping paper to the present to get it to stay in place – when you tear the wrapping off on christmas day, you’re likely to tear part of the present!

  20. julie laing

    My mum hates wrapping presents, so one year she got my big sister to help her wrap all the presents. My sister soon realized that she’d helped mum wrap all her own presents as well.

  21. Kate Deakin

    My worst wrapping moment was the moment my little girl realised that the wrapping paper santa used was the same wrapping paper that I had used – and she concluded that father Christmas wasn’t real. 🙁 I’m so sad just thinking about it. I should have used different paper – just didn’t think she’d notice.

  22. Kate Deakin

    …however my best wrapping moment was the look on the kids faces when they ‘unwrapped’ a box containing a little puppy! woohoo.

  23. Kate Deakin

    oops – just realised I was supposed to be sharing my BEST wrapping moment. That’s easy – when the kids opened a box with a little puppy in it. Their faces were a delight.

  24. Kristy Brown

    All piling into our parents bed to unwrap our stockings! Something we do with our own children now

  25. steve

    When my sister and I we were kids, about 6 years old, I remember one Christmas when my mum switched our stockings around, when we awoke we eagerly set about unwrapping presents and didn’t twig that anything was up until about present four, simply assuming that Santa was old and had got a little muddled, by present five the penny dropped and we swapped stockings and I finally found the ActionMan I was after!!

  26. simon elson

    I used to work in a duty free shop and we had wrapping lessons….. people are quite often amazed with my wrapping (not the musical kind I’d be rubbish at that) skills as I’m a bloke……

  27. Ashleigh Allan

    I love watching my children unwrap their Christmas presents – every year they get faster 🙂

  28. victoria ruth stevens

    I wrapped up a positive pregnancy test for my husband. He nearly had a heart attack. Then when he thought I couldnt suprise him like that again I did it 2 years later aswell!


    I remember when we had pocket money stalls at school. Me and my sisters used to set up the front room with all the wrapping and toys. We had so much fun and felt so festive wrapping everything up for our family.

  30. Corinne Henson

    Weirdest Christmas wrapping ever is my mother in law who leaves them in there carrier bags??? then wraps over them I thought this was very bizzare when opening my first gift from her and finding it in a Tesco bag underneath :/

  31. Katie Skeoch

    Wrapping them as a child my sister and I were responsible for the Christmas tape. Loved cutting it to make sure none of the festive decorations were cut in half. I hate wrapping now, wish all the stores would do it for me!!

  32. glenn hutton

    Spending hours carefully wrapping (& finding the end of the tape) my daughters presents and within minutes they are all torn to shreds… You have to smile & laugh or you would scream!

  33. Sharon Hingley

    When I lived in Birmingham us moms had what we called Wrap and wine parties where we sat about helping each other wrap whilst having a drink, nibbles and a catch up. It went on for about 8 years and I still miss it,

  34. kellyjo walters

    every year since I was 16 my hubby has bought me the huge chilly teddy from tesco, in 1999 he put and engagement ring on the chillys carrot nose 🙂 it was my last gift to open on xmas day and as I knew it was the teddy I didnt take much notice

  35. Lorraine Tinsley

    For my daughter’s 1st Christmas we wrapped all her gifts and put them under the tree, she was only 9 mths old so not the most coordinated. We wrapped them so she would be able to pull the paper off herself, but it took forever as she would pull of paper bit by bit, we opened loads in the morning, then some more after lunch, then more after dinner (she had 2 naps as well). We still had some left in the night so we opened more on Boxing Day, plus gifts family delivered on Christmas Day. We are not making the same mistake again, less presents or grouping some together. Plus all of the wrapping paper, it was bonkers!!

  36. Jan Beal

    When I was quite young, I remember wrapping my sister’s present and was so proud of the ribbon and bow that I wouldn’t let her open it – it needed parental intervention to solve the situation!

  37. Eleanor Wigmore

    My Mum opened a present from my Dad many years ago and it was a deep fat fryer. She was furious with him. He kept asking her to open the box and she refused as she didn’t want to ‘look at a deep fat fryer’!! Finally she gave in and there was a beautiful ring in there. 🙂

  38. jodie crossley

    we take it in turns to open one present at a time and spend ages guessing, have done this since a child and still love doing it although my boyfriend isnt quite so patient!

  39. hazel Rea

    When I was a child an uncle of mine used to send us a huge box of Christmas treats every year – there was always gorgeous chocolate, box of biscuits, cake, etc. When I was about 9 the box arrived as usual, and as usual my Mum said I could open it. I pulled the box open and two large turkey feet popped out and I screamed – he had sent us a turkey!

  40. Louise A

    I have great memories as a child of the wrappings from Christmas presents being thrown on the fire and the flames roaring up the chimney

  41. lynn mitchell

    i get my hubby to help me wrap it is the only way he gets to see the gifts as he hates Christmas shopping

  42. Becs

    When I was younger I found my Christmas presents all wrapped up ready in my mum’s cupboard, so I felt them trying to guess what was inside that not being enough I checked inside the wrapping to see if my guess was correct! I knew every present I had on Christmas day that year and it was disappointing but my mum was sneakier than me as she had hidden a riding crop inside the roll of wrapping paper. Needless to say that one hidden surprise was my best present that year a simple whip bought me a big smile. I happily wait to to see what I get on Christmas day now.

  43. ValB

    We had a real problem one year with my daughters present. She wanted a ‘princess’ bed with posts and canopies and drapes. We had to wait till Xmas eve to erect it ( in the living room) took AGES and we were exhausted afterwards. Only way we could wrap it was with a huge ribbon and gigantic bow round it ! Once she had seen it of course it all had to be disassembled and put up again in the bedroom !

  44. Gemma

    I once wrapped a present for my cat – I put some treats into a tissue box (the ones with the big hole in the top), wrapped up the box in paper and put a small hole in the paper to let the food smells come out. She made the hole in the paper just big enough to stick her head in. She then proceeded to walk around with the box on her head sliding it around the floor…

  45. Emma Birley

    Probably every year spending hours trying to opening my sisters presents! She wraps them in that terrible plastic type wrapping so it’s literally impossible to open them. And then on top of that she tapes it to within an inch of it’s life, so we have soooooo much fun trying to get into them.. no sarcasm there at all 😉

  46. nicci cowdell-murray

    wrapping pressies takes me hours at christmas but its all worth it when i see my kids faces as they unwrap their goodies

  47. Michael Williams

    Trying to unwrap presents at night when I was young without rustling the paper and alerting my parents!!

  48. Christine Northrop

    wrapping presents with my granddaughter making sure I keep hers out of sight we have a right laugh doing it but it takes ages

  49. Emma Nixon

    I remember my dad being given a stilton cheese which was wrapped up but left in the cool on the kitchen floor. The dog unwrapped it and had a nibble…

  50. Margaret

    I love wrapping the presents, I wait until I have completed all the shopping and sit with a glass of sherry and mince pies and wrap the gifts

  51. angela bates

    I remember unwrapping a bike when I was seven, mum tried – bless her – to wrap some of it but got stuck on the handlebars so there was a big bow over them, I tried to act surprised as the handlebars gave it away

  52. Stephanie Whitehouse

    My sister in law does amazing wrapping with ribbons and decorations. We save them and reuse to wrap her gifts the following year

  53. kate white

    I find it more fun giving presents. To see the person you gave the present to slowly unwrapping it, anticipation and doubt on there face. And then they open it and wonder feels their eyes… I particularly remember buying my sister the extra large £16 chocolate bar from hotel chocolate. I was 12 at the time. A first she thought it was a joke, the present being so big. Anyway, when she opened it and for a moment I don’t think she could quite believe it, she then jumped up and started jumping and dancing and giving me a big hug. She absolutely loved it and made it last for almost 8 months!!! I would love to win this Christmas collection, to see her enjoy herself again ( even though now see is an adult!!)

  54. Rebecca I

    I love wrapping presents. I treat myself to a little box of chocolates, glass of fizz and either Elf or Home Alone and wrap all of them in one go

  55. Jacqueline Cook

    My favourite memory of unwrapping presents goes back to when I was 9 years old. My sister (aged 8 at the tie), gave me a present of some earrings and a huge pencil with a small pack of pencils attached the eraser end. I opened my presents and was delighted. An hour later, she wanted the presents back as she was annoyed with me. I can look back and laugh 🙂

  56. Susie M

    One that made me laugh was opening a present from a notoriously tight relative to find a good quality bottle of wine. I was delighted even though later, I discovered a festive label still stuck to the back which made it clear the relative had obviously originally received it from someone else the year before . . .

  57. Gill Bland

    The not long before the first christmas after we’d got married mr B had asked me if I would be interested in a stand mixer sample that he’d been testing at work. It was an unbranded one but better than nothing so I said yes. On Christmas day I unwrapped the mixer with the box from the sample…..but when I opened it there was a KitchenAid inside!

  58. Hayley Mulgrove

    lol Am not very good at wrapping presents but i do enjoying it or ask my mum to do it,

  59. Emily Clark

    When I was little, my parents bought me a new desk for my bedroom, all wrapped up. I was chuffed. But the best, best thing about it, was when I opened the desk drawers there were lots of other little presents inside, all wrapped individually. And when I opened the top of the desk, there were even more! I was really spoilt that year, but it made a wonderful lasting memory – all the hours my mum spent wrapping were so worth it.

  60. Michael C.

    Wrapping presents Matrushka style for a friend. Took ages to find suitable packaging for each and to put it all together but it was worth it.

  61. Hannah smith

    I solely do the wrapping my partner could not wrap a sandwich so it’s best left to me! And my little boy is only 17 months so he would just end up eating it. That’s why I have already started wrapping because it will take me till Christmas Eve to finish it on my own. Xx

  62. Katie Corr

    My cat is very nosey+ gets into everything! On Xmas eve he wouldn’t leave me be to wrap the gifts so I wrapped him up a bit. He was purrrfectly happy until his dinnertime!

  63. Stephanie Farrell

    My sister would always make me open my Xmas presents early and if I didn’t she would threaten to open them herself so she could know what I was getting! She was so mean! Ha ha!

  64. Elizabeth Smith

    As usual I’d left wrapping presents until the last minute so late on Christmas Eve I sat down on the floor (had a tiny flat) with a pile of presents and wrapping paper. The other tiny detail was I had a puppy. A puppy that had tired of her own toys and thought bright shiny paper and boxes looked like the ultimate game. I laid down paper, she sat on it. I pushed her off, put the present on it, reached for the scissors, she was sitting on those. I called her off them and cut the paper, folded it round the boxes and put my hand down for the tape. With one hand on the paper I patted round the floor with my other hand, no tape. I glanced around the room and the puppy had the tape in her mouth. ‘Come her’ I called, ‘Chase me’ she ‘replied’. I bribed her and got the tape back – bet you didn’t know that you can buy perforated sellotape…There’s a very good reason that puppies have round faces and big eyes, it means frustration turns to giggles not anger. Right now I’ve only bought 2 presents off my list and they’re for the dog and since I can now afford a table I won’t be needing her ‘help’ to wrap them.

  65. Louise Smith

    My cat tries to open my daughter’s presents under the tree every year, she pulls the tags and the bows, then walks backwards with the end of the sellotape trying to undo it. When the wrapping paper is in a big pile on the floor, she dives in it and rolls about

  66. tracy sinclair

    I usually leave it late wrapping presents, then it seems over whelming to have a great big pile to wrap, but I do enjoy it, all wrapped in co-ordinating paper and give tags, colours to match my tree decorations and that’s when Christmas begins properly for me x

  67. kate

    presents are done the same each and every years.all piled into mum and dads bed.yes we siblings are now all adults too!!so now we are far to large to all fit and just jump anywhere on the bed,one end,side,standing u name it but we have to do our tradiotion.
    my quirkiest wrap was with my sister bf.his favourite biscuits are choc bourbons so i get then for him every year without mkae one year more excitiing i wrapped them all up indiviudally hehe.he liked it

  68. Maria mair

    I just love wrapping Christmas presents, I put the Christmas music on, eat mince pies and get really festive. My family all give me their presents to wrap too as I love it so much and I’m a bit of a perfectionist!,I love love love Christmas and my wrapping routine every year.

  69. Cheryll H

    I have my own tradition – since having children – of wrapping presents while eating mince pies, drinking mulled wine and watching The Polar Express. This happens over several nights and is one of my fave parts of Christmas 🙂

  70. Jaki Flowers

    I once let a friends dog unwrap my pressie – he was so overcome by the excitement he had to lie down for a bit 🙂

  71. Angela Sandhu

    One year when my son was very young, he noticed that Santa’s wrapping paper was in my room. I told him that Santa was too busy to wrap presents that year so i did it for him.

  72. Em S

    The trick about a box in a box in a box in a box… My then boyfriend wrapped my engagement ring that way… Best present ever!

  73. sylvia hughes

    when I was a child presents were always wrapped but put in a pillow case I remember on Christmas morning waking up and seeing a doll (that I really thought I had no chance of getting )peeking out the top of the pillow case

  74. William Gould

    I always try to unwrap presents without damaging the wrapping paper! I don’t know why, just always have done! lol

  75. Letitia

    My mouth is watering just looking at these! I always try to unwrap my presents without ruining the paper. I have no idea why because I’m not going to use it for anything! :L

  76. Henrietta

    I love these yum Yums always used to snack on them with nan while helping her with the gift wrapping

  77. Kimberley Alex

    I remember waiting with my brother and sisters till Christmas morning to have a cheesy photo taken by our dad before we were allowed to open our presents 😀

  78. Helen Porter

    fantastic prize I think If I won I would have to pop them somewhere high up so my two little monsters didn’t try and eat them all!! I love them nom nom!

  79. Michelle Carlin

    I love wrapping presents for loved ones. My favourite memories are of the children’s faces, as they walk into the living room and realise Santa has been! Magical.

  80. Fiona Mallard

    I love wrapping presents because my cats think it’s a game. It takes 3 times as long as it should, but it’s great fun!

  81. Solange

    Every year when I attempt to wrap presents my dog thinks this is the time to roll around in the wrapping paper…

  82. Lesley Bain

    My husband got sellotape stuck to his beard one year….painful experience! I couldn’t help but laugh though it was very funny. I do the wrapping myself now! =D x

  83. Kat Allinson

    I love keeping all my presents to be wrapped until Christmas Eve, then I have a massive wrapping session watching something Christmassy on TV with a glass of bubbly and sit back and admire the presents awaiting my children!


    I love wrapping presents – I even wrap other peoples! I do get a bit bored after a bit though!

  85. Gilla01

    I love wrapping presents so that they look good – I need to wrap them early to keep them away from prying eyes!

  86. Isabelle Smith

    used to love tearing wrapping open and puttin in a big pile, then jumpin in it

  87. Maddy

    I have an awful story about some expensive jewellery being scooped up with the discarded wrapping paper and that dreadful panic… Happy ending tho’ 😉

  88. sion manley

    always wrap up last year Christmas boxes and put them under the tree and hide the real ones around the house

  89. Alison MacDonald

    I wrap all my presents and keep the hidden so when the Grandchildren come into the room on Xmas day there is suddenly a huge pile of pressies to dive into.

  90. Hannah Smith

    My favourite memory is sitting on my Mum’s bed helping her to wrap all the presents, I really miss her at Christmas.

  91. Maria Jane Knight

    I remember being a little girl and sneaking downstairs Christmas morning at about 3am and unwrapping some of the Christmas presents and then wrapping them back up again x


    I love adding small treats and baubles to my parcels to make then extra special

  93. Jacqueline Fawcett

    I remember slightly unwrapping presents when I was younger just to peek inside and then cover it up again x

  94. Stephanie Burchatt

    Wrapping presents is my favourite job in the whole house!! I love writing little clues on the gift tags haha x

  95. stephanie campbell

    i love wrapping pressies with christmas music blaring away. i just have no time this year so my mum will be wrapping my puddings pressie with christmas music playing and ill be in the corner writting my dissertation :'(

  96. stephanie campbell

    i love wrapping pressies with christmas music blaring away. i just have no time this year so my mum will be wrapping my puddings pressie with christmas music playing and ill be in the corner writting my dissertation. cant wait for uni finished! :'(

  97. Jane Middleton

    Love wrapping presents for my family, making them all nice with ribbons and stuff

  98. Rosie D

    I wrapped all the presents under the tree and labelled them beautifully. My daughter gave them out on Christmas day when the family were here. Everything was going brilliantly till she read ‘Dad’ and handed the present to her day- my hubby! But the present was meant for ‘my’ dad- her granddad… Awkward moment or two whilst I sorted that out…
    @kohsamuirosie on twitter

  99. Alison

    I am terrible at wrapping. One Christmas eve I was up till about two in the morning getting all the wrapping done as it was the only chance I got when my son wouldn’t see. He was up at five with excitement

  100. Lindy Hine

    I once worked at a perfume counter in a posh department store and became an expert in doing beautifully wrapped gifts – when it comes to presents that aren’t the shape of a perfume box I’m not quite so clever! 🙂

  101. Alisa Moore

    I remember my uncle wrapping presents in newspaper one year as a joke! I thought it was great!

  102. Helen Garner

    I am not very good at wrapping presents so try and get others to do it for me if possible


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