Resurrecting Bloggers Scream For Ice Scream – April: Chasing The Ice Cream Van

We’ve been blessed with a fair bit of warm and sunny weather these last few weeks, and even though we’ll no doubt have another cold snap or two, spring has definitely sprung. Hardy Brits everywhere have already enjoyed their first barbecue of the year; the rest of us will no doubt follow soon. Surely it won’t be long before we’re filling paddling pools in the back garden and picnicking and sunbathing in the parks – indeed anywhere we can find a patch of sunshine.

It seems the right time to resurrect BSFIC – time to join together with fellow bloggers in making and sharing frozen treats, with a different theme to challenge us every month.

I’m returning to the last challenge I proposed last year, to kick things off.

Image by Kenjonbro, used under Creative Commons license (attribution, non commercial)

Many of us have an almost Pavlovian response to the music of the ice cream van; a collective memory leading to a shared reaction…

First we catch the distinctive trill far in the distance. Suddenly alert, our ears strain to work out the direction of travel. Each time the music stops, we enviously envisage kids – other kids in some other street – jostling at the van’s window. Eventually, the music’s increasing volume announces the van’s approach; our turn has come. It’s time to beg money from parents and race out into the street to wait the last few moments… expectantly, eagerly, impatiently. Finally, the ice cream van trundles into sight, greeted by excited whoops and shouted exclamations about which ice creams we want. When our turn at the window comes, we must urgently narrow down our potential choices and settle on just one. Flake 99, Screwball, Orange Split, Funny Feet, Cornetto, Twister, Rocket, Mini Milk, Fab, Calippo, Lemonade Lolly or, in later years, Solero, Feast, Magnum… Order placed, money handed over, we grasp our frozen treasure and walk carefully away, mindful of the time we dropped our bounty and watched it melt forlornly on the pavement. In minutes, we wolf it down and, satiated, return to our play.

Chasing The Ice Cream Van

So here’s the challenge – take inspiration from your favourite ice cream van treats for your BSFIC entry this month.

Whether you choose to recreate the original faithfully or simply use ice cream van staples  as a starting point for your own creative twists is completely up to you.

Of course, I’ve listed British favourites in my nostalgic prose above, but I want you to draw on your own experiences and memories. Tell me what ice cream vans (or trucks or bikes or carts) were like where you grew up. What did you love to order? How do your memories play into what you have chosen to make?

icecreamvanmenu2_thumb icecreamvanmenu3_thumb

How To Take Part In BSFIC

  • Create and blog a recipe that fits the challenge by the 28th of April.
  • In your post, mention and link to this Bloggers Scream For Ice Cream post.
  • In your post, include the Bloggers Scream For Ice Cream badge (below).
  • Email me (by the 28th of April) with your first name or nickname (as you prefer), the link to your post and an image for my roundup, sized to no larger than 500 pixels on the longest side.

You are welcome to submit your post to as many blogger challenge events as you like.

If the recipe is not your own, please be aware of copyright issues. Email me if you would like to discuss this.

If you like, tweet about your post using the hashtag #BSFIC. I’ll retweet any I see. You are also welcome to share the links to your posts on the Kavey Eats Facebook page.

I’ll post a round up of all the entries at the end of the month.


For more ideas, check out my my Pinterest ice cream board and past BSFIC Entries board.

If you have any questions at all, please get in touch!

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11 Comments to "Resurrecting Bloggers Scream For Ice Scream – April: Chasing The Ice Cream Van"

  1. Hannah

    Ooh! I heard the first ice cream van of the year at the weekend (the one around our area strangely plays the Match of the Day theme tune) I wonder whether they still sell those oyster ice creams… I am in BSFIC this month!

  2. Corina

    i”m so glad this has been resurrected but I’ve no idea what to make yet! I’ll have to try and get my husband to give me some inspiration – he’s the biggest ice cream fan in our house!

  3. Helen

    How fabulous! We have been experimenting with making ‘healthy’ and quick soft-serve ice-cream since the weather improved. You’ve inspired me to get it written up on the blog sooner rather than later!!
    Thanks! Helen x.

  4. Food Urchin

    Great idea Kavey. Is it me or does anyone find ice cream vans slightly creepy and menacing though? Especially the music……..

    Maybe it’s me


    Haaa! I am always struck by those who tell me their parents used to say that when an ice van played music, it meant it had run out of ice cream! Now that’s a bit noir, isn’t it?


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