Nostalgia Reigns Supreme for #BSFIC April 2014

Missing my monthly ice cream fix, I decided to resurrect Bloggers Scream For Ice Cream, kicking off with the last theme I set before the hiatus, Chasing The Ice Cream Van.

Here are the lovely recipes (and stories) we shared:

Karen ice cream soda

Karen, author of Lavender & Lovage, spent some of her childhood years in Hong Kong. In this post she remembers sneaking off, at the age of five, to the The Shatin Heights Hotel where she demanded an Ice Cream Soda. Kind staff obliged, while phoning her parents who had no idea where she was! She shares her low-calorie recipe for the Ice Cream Soda of her memories.


Chloe, who writes Gannet & Parrot, created a Blackcurrant Fruit Pastilles Sorbet inspired by the fruit lollies which were themselves based on the fruit gum sweets. The fresh fruit came from a friend’s allotment and she boosted the flavour (and the vitamin C) with some damson vodka for a grown up treat.

Foodycat gaytime (small)

Foodycat Alicia always comes up with such fun ideas and her entry certainly brought a smile to my face. She shares a marvellously retro TV advert for Gaytime ice cream before creating an ice cream with the flavours of Golden Gaytime – but instead of trying to form toffee ice cream around a vanilla ice cream core and coat the entire thing in chocolate and biscuit crumbs, she used the flavours as inspiration for an ice cream featuring vanilla custard, canned caramel and crushed chocolate-dipped honeycomb biscuits.


I took a literal approach to the theme, deciding to recreate a Mr Whippy-based Screwball. Sourcing the gumball bubblegum wasn’t too difficult but creating the distinctive white soft-serve ice cream was more of a challenge. I found a gelatin-based recipe that involved whipping, freezing and blending and it worked pretty well. A lack of moulded plastic cones resulted in my upside down Screwball.

Monica snow cone

My American friend Monica of Smarter Fitter had the clever idea of making a grown up version of the Snow Cone. Her Snow Cone Margarita features tequila, lime juice and agave or flavoured syrup over shaved ice. Very refreshing!

Hannah Oyster

Hannah from Corner Cottage Bakery paints a (slightly disturbing) image of childhood Egyptian burials for her teddy bears and a creepy ice cream van that played a distorted version of Greensleeves. She goes on to share her recipe for Ice Cream Oysters. The oyster shells are made by shaping hot waffle cone pancakes over bowls and she has filled them with vanilla ice cream and toasted marshmallows.


Rosana, who writes Hot & Chilli, has fond memories of the ice cream van. She used to love coconut or lime popsicles but now she’s more interested in chocolate. For this month’s challenge she has recreated the Magnum – a vanilla ice cream core dunked in a thick dark chocolate shell. I think her version looks absolutely beautiful!

IceCreamChallenge mini

Thanks to Karen, Chloe, Monica, Hannah and Rosana for joining me in this challenge. I’ll post May’s theme in the next couple of days.

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10 Comments to "Nostalgia Reigns Supreme for #BSFIC April 2014"

  1. kaveyeats

    Karen I’ve included you’re wonderful post that you kindly wrote when I originally posted this challenge. I hope you feel better soon. x

  2. insearchofheston

    I absolutely love your BSFIC series, it’s great to see them back for the summer. The creativity you inspire is awesome to see.

    Really hope the next challenge is something we can fit in with. Dry ice recipes maybe?? 🙂


    Thank you, I wonder if you’ll consider entering… with a Heston recipe or otherwise? 🙂

  3. Corina

    These look lovely. I need to find space in my freezer for my ice cream maker again and start making some now summer is coming. I wanted to join in this month but I’ve got a new baby and just didn’t manage to find the time! Hopefully next month.


    Congratulations! And hope to have you join in for May or whenever you can! X


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