The Lékué Bread Maker (& Competition)

Friends of mine have recommended Spanish brand Lékué to me before; they are fans of its innovative silicone cookware. The range includes steaming, baking and storage containers, including a large selection for microwave cooks and cake makers and decorators.

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The item that intrigued me most was the Lékué Bread Maker, a flexible silicone bowl that can be used from start to finish of the bread making process – mix and knead the dough in the bowl, let it rise, knock it back, let it rise again and then pop the whole thing into the oven to bake.

Thus far, we’ve found it a little tricky to mix and knead the dough inside the bowl – its flexible and lightweight nature means that an attempt to lift the sticky dough before pushing it back down ends up lifting the bowl itself. We’ll experiment with different kneading techniques to see if we can overcome this.

However, where the Bread Maker comes into its own is for rising and baking wet, sticky doughs:

The dough needn’t be disturbed after its second rise, thus avoiding the risk of knocking out some of the air. Of course, this can equally well be mitigated by transferring dough from a regular mixing bowl into the final baking container ahead of the second rise.

For baking, the bowl has an ingenious design that allows it to be very easily fastened at the top, leaving it open at each side. The shape of the Bread Maker when fastened, provides both a pleasant rounded shaping of the final loaf as well as an environment in which the bread can create steam as it cooks, which makes for a lovely crisp crust.

The instructions also mention the option of baking the bread in a microwave (and finishing with a few minutes in a regular oven to provide crispness), though we’ve not tried that yet.

Lastly, the bowl is also dishwasher proof, which may be helpful for some, though its silicone nature means it’s a doddle to clean anyway, since nothing sticks to it.

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Lékué have offered a Bread Maker as a competition prize for Kavey Eats readers. The prize includes delivery within the UK.


You can enter the competition in 3 ways:

Entry 1 – Blog Comment
Leave a comment below, sharing your favourite memory of baking or eating freshly made bread.

Entry 2 – Facebook
Like the Kavey Eats Facebook page and leave a (separate) comment on this blog post with your Facebook user name.

Entry 3 – Twitter
@Kavey on Twitter. Existing followers are, of course, welcome to enter! Then tweet the (exact) sentence below.
I’d love to win a @Lekue Bread Maker from
Kavey Eats #KaveyEatsLekue
(Please do not add my twitter handle into the tweet; I track entries using the competition hash tag. And you don’t need to leave a blog comment about your tweet either, thanks!)


  • The deadline for entries is midnight GMT Friday 21st March 2014.
  • Kavey Eats reserves the right to alter the closing date of the competition. Changes to the closing date, if they occur, will be shown on this page.
  • The winner will be selected from all valid entries using a random number generator.
  • Entry instructions form part of the terms and conditions.
  • Where prizes are to be provided by a third party, Kavey Eats accepts no responsibility for the acts or defaults of that third party.
  • The prize is a Lékué Bread Maker. The prize include free delivery within the UK.
  • The prize cannot be redeemed for a cash value.
  • The prize is offered and provided by Lékué.
  • One blog entry per person only. One Twitter entry per person only. One Facebook entry per person only. You may enter all three ways but do not have to do so for your entries to be valid.
  • For Twitter entries, winners must be following @Kavey at the time of notification. For Facebook entries, winners must Like the Kavey Eats Facebook page at time of notification.
  • Blog comment entries must provide a valid email address for contacting the winner.
  • The winners will be notified by email, Twitter or Facebook. If no response is received within 7 days of notification, the prize will be forfeit and a new winner will be picked and contacted.

Kavey Eats received a selection of sample products from Lékué.

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179 Comments to "The Lékué Bread Maker (& Competition)"

  1. Olivia

    My first date with my now boyfriend was going round to his house for dinner when he was full of cold and poorly. I arrived expecting beans on toast or take away. He nonchalantly produced freshly baked homemade bread (probably the first time I’d had it home-baked) made with home-grown herbs. As well as making me fall for him, it was a bit of a wake up call. Over a year later and I can now proudly say I can cool and bake and owe it all to him (and my hideous competitive streak).

  2. Emma Burnaby-Atkins

    My freshly made (in a bread maker, am a cheat!) loaves always taste sub par the next day, so I make it my business to eat them all on the first day, ideally still warm and smothered in unsalted butter! Bread maker has since died, so this might just get me baking bread from scratch…

  3. Jane Willis

    I make bread regularly so I don’t really have any favourite memories – so how about my WORST memory? I was quite newly married and wanted to impress my Cornish husband by making saffron cake. It was the first time I’d ever cooked with yeast, and the loaf came out like a lead weight. We couldn’t eat it, so took it to feed the ducks in the local park. They swam away in disgust!

  4. Tracy Nixon

    I can still remember making my first loaf of white bread at high school during a home economics lesson! Our teacher was called Mrs McClean and my loaf rose the most and I was so proud to take it home to my family that afternoon! We enjoyed it with a bowl of my mum’s homemade broth! I am 38 now so please my memory is still good!

  5. iain maciver

    my mother always used to make fresh homemade bread always a lovely smell coming from the kitchen

  6. karen delaney

    My mam and dad both baked when i was little .I remember my dad baking bread in terracotta Plantpots .That was before the invention of silocon or bread machines. Im showing my age now Ha
    i remember him adding herbs to the dough and the smell from the kitchen was great. We would wait for it coming out of the oven so we could eat it with some butter on. Its a lovely memory.

  7. Zoe G

    When I was little we lived very close to a bakery so when passing it you could smell the bread, I loved it and would be sniiffing the air like a dog! So now if I am passing by that bakery it brings back childhood memories

  8. liz denial

    I had no sense of smell till after an operation & my first experience of smell was freshly baked bread & I’ve loved it ever since

  9. Hazel Rea

    My favourite memory of baking bread was when I developed my own recipe for my son who is allergic to gluten, milk and egg – and he thought it was delicious!

  10. Emily Crotty

    Never made hand made bread before, only ever used one of the bread making machines. Love the look of this though 🙂

  11. Heather T

    I use my bread maker at least once a week. I can’t eat that stodgy white rubbish from the supermarket anymore. I love my fresh bread with a bit of Clover spread and dipped in homemade soup.

  12. Christina Brown

    Probably when I was younger and would help my mum bake bread 🙂 It made the whole house warm and smell like a bakery!

  13. Lorraine Tinsley

    My mum loves baking fresh bread, she sometimes makes flavoured rolls as well. I love the smell of fresh baked bread and even better is eating fresh bread, it’s heavenly 🙂

  14. Sarah Maclean

    As a child, I remember one family walk that ended with us buying warm, fresh bread from the village bakery. But by the time we got home there was a big hole at one end of the loaf where my brother and I had pulled out chunks of the warm bread on the way!

  15. Sandra Clarke

    My grandmother always used to make bread and I can remember many times eating warm bread with butter & jam – delicious.

  16. Lorna Kennedy

    Loving the idea of the The Lékué Bread Maker – can’t wait to try it! Lately am doing a bread that you leave to rise overnight in the fridge, and hardly any kneading required – so crusty and delicious.
    (Liked and commented on Facebook) Lorna Kennedy

  17. David Reeves

    I baked my first loaf of bread by hand when I turned 50. It was a bit dense in texture so quite heavy going to eat. But it smelled gorgeous and I absolutely get why people love doing it!

  18. Samantha Atherton

    I used to use a bread maker to make our bread but lately I’ve started making bread from scratch because my little girl is 2 now and it’s fun to make bread together, we’ve made white rolls a few times and last week we tried wholemeal rolls and plaited them. We’re still making our memories.

  19. Rhonda

    My sister has a bread maker and she brought down some lovely tomato bread, it was still warm so we slathered it in butter and ate it, was lovely!

  20. JAN H

    I used to make my own bread and waking up to the smell of fresh bread, is fantastic.

    Facebook name is JANET HASTE

  21. Jayne Sullivan

    Whilst still at primary school we made these little bread rolls one day in class. I remember taking them home to show my Mum and Dad.

  22. Catherine Culmer

    Baking bread brings back memories of my Nana she used to make bread and wrap the bowl and leave it in the porch to rise before cooking it.

  23. Linda spevick

    I used to walk home from school eating a hot wonderfully smelling french loaf leaving a waft of delicious aroma behind me

  24. David Holland

    My favourite memories of making bread are the first time me and my wife made it in our own house together 🙂

    It was lovely 🙂

  25. Hassni Malik

    Growing up in a house where mum made her own bread, filling the house with that lovely aroma. The smell of freshly baked bread is still comforting.

  26. claire woods

    I’ve never made my own bread. But I remember the smell when Mum brought it from the shops.

  27. sarah birkett

    One night my husband and I spent a night with two dear friends, an outside hot tub, and a snowstorm, followed by some hit home made bread. She died earlier this year, and that night still remains one of the best of my life.
    Snow, and the smell of hot bread will always remind me of her

  28. Angela Wilson

    My Grandma made muffins for us as a treat for supper when we stayed there and we always had a bath with Mister Matey, also a treat, not the bath the Mr Matey!! So oddly I still get a smell of bread as a memory when I see Mr Matey!!

  29. Priscilla Stubbs

    I can still recall the mouth watering smell of the bread my mother used to make many years ago.

  30. Laura Pritchard

    I love fresh crusty rolls to dip in soup…makes me think of feeling better after being sick.

  31. Lynne Hinton

    The smell of freshly baked bread always reminds me of my early childhood. The owner of our local bakery had sweets on the counter which she would give to her customers children.

  32. Angie Hoggett

    the first loaf I baked was a monumental day, bread was never the same after thatm hehe!

  33. Dawn Henson

    My mum used to make her own bread and I can still smell the lovely aroma when it was baking and the first taste with butter spread on it was Mouth Watering.

  34. Claire Simmonds

    Cheesy breadsticks – fresh and doughily warm from The Old Bakehouse on Malmesbury High Street on a Saturday morning. Simple pleasures.

  35. Andrew Golley

    When i was a small boy,my Gran would send me to the local baker first thing in the morning to get a loaf of warm crusty bread.Then i would have a couple of slices with real butter and syrup.Scrummy.

  36. Sue Cole

    My first memory of freshly baked bread was working in a local bakers when I was 13 and helping to get the rolls out of the oven and onto the shelf. Could never resist eating one or two !!

  37. katrina walsh

    When I was little we used to visit my mums childhood home in Ireland and every morning bright and early we’d head down to the village bakery to buy fresh ‘blahs’ for our breakfast. As soon as we got within 10 or so houses of the bakery our nostrils were filled with that mouthwatering aroma of delicious fresh bread. Its such a fond memory.

  38. Maxine

    genius is a word that I probably use far too much, but this gadget does seem to fit that description well …

    I love making bread and do so every weekend, but can’t decide on the best way to cook it – at the moment I’ve been using a baking stone, but I’ve used crock-pots, tins and silicone mats too. You can’t beat the smell and taste of fresh bread, today’s batch includes some walnut bread and the house smells heavenly – can’t wait until tea when I can have some with lashings of butter!

  39. Kirsty Fox

    I remember when my dad got a breadmaker as his new kitchen gadget, we enjoyed fresh warm bread all the time.

  40. thebeesleybuzz

    What a unique and interesting ‘bread maker’. My favourite bread memory is my son making bread in the shape of a snowman when he was little. He was only about 2 or 3 years old, yet i could clearly see he had tried to make a snowman with the dough. it was really adorable and that memory has stuck with me even though he is nearly 10 years old now. Rebecca Beesley

  41. Stacey Carnell

    In primary school I made my first bread. I incorporated white chocolate (typical 10 year old). It was absolutely stunning and I remember feeling so pleased that I had made it myself 🙂

  42. Stephanie Whitehouse

    Nothing beats fresh bread, warm from the oven with butter melting into it. I’ve eaten bread made by each of four generations of the family – long may we knead.

  43. Janice Papworth

    I make bread most days as my son has allergies. I love it when my children come home from school and delight in the smell of freshly baked bread and have a slice of bread and butter straight away

  44. Claire Tucker

    I love getting fresh bread in France every morning on my holidays, the smell is divine

  45. Solange

    Baking bread reminds me of my Grandmother’s kitchen. She used to make a great bread. Soft and delicate…

  46. Emma Baker

    baked a loaf of bread for the first time.. and it smells absolutely gorgeous, best slice of bread with butter ever!

  47. Joy Lawson

    Every term break at school we make pizzas and although its not quite bread on its own, the smells and aromas are just the same and its scrummy!

  48. sarah bootland

    Fresh bread always reminds me of my best friend baking it in her mums kitchen. Xxx

  49. sonia williams

    I make a loaf of Bread every day for Hubby’s sandwiches etc,It’s fresher and better for you in my opinion then bought bread.

  50. Danielle Graves

    the time I made bread in the slow cooker, it was lovely and I was just amazed it had actually worked. We all enjoyed some.

  51. Ann-Marie Marshall

    What an amazing innovative idea! Love it – I have tried making bread so many times and I am rubbish at it ! I can never get it to rise – I will keep trying though!

    Liked you on Facebook as ann-Marie Marshall

  52. angela sandhu

    I love making bread. The first time I made it, I thought it would take forever!

  53. Tania Atfield

    I get cravings to make my own bread when I’m feeling down, the smell of it cooking always cheers me up.

  54. Katherine L

    I still remember when my husband and I successfully made our first loaf of white bread. After several failed attempts, we couldn’t believe it. There was nothing better than buttering our first slice and savouring our hard work. Now we make fresh bread every week!

  55. Helen Atkins

    My first memory’s of bread making is with my gran, just a basic white loaf but delious and the smell is fantastic

  56. Sarah Nixon

    When my boyfriend was poorly he had no will to eat whatsoever. I used to try making different foods each day and used to be disappointed when he would push it aside. Then one night I decided to do homemade soup and homemade bread. I think it was the gorgeous smell of the bread but he gobbled the soup down and about half a loaf of bread. I now make it once a fortnight to keep the memories of the fantastic smell in our minds.

  57. Zowee Moore

    My best bit of bread ive tasted was made by my daughter at playschool in December!

  58. Patricia Avery

    I remember as a child going to the local bakers on a Saturday morning to buy a penny mini Hovis loaf ready to eat with the threepennorth of chips and scraps I always had for Saturday dinner. The smell of baked bread and a fish shop are still two of my favourite aromas nearly 60 years later 🙂

  59. Elizabeth Gurney

    I remember with my nan baking bread animals – I made a hedgehog and it tasted amazing (when I could bring myself to eat it!)

  60. Emma Davies

    My favourite memory of baking was the first time I baked my own bread for little boy to eat. It was great to see him enjoy something I’d baked.

  61. stephen holman

    i remember making my first loaf of bread in home economics at school, i put chocolate chips in it as well – i remember thinking it tasted like the best bread ever!!!! 🙂


    the first loaf my partner & i made, we both sat watching it in the oven untl it was ready, exciting!!!!!

  63. HollyC

    When i was a little girl i remember making fresh bread with my mum, looking forward to doing that with my own little boy now x

  64. Emily Knight

    Oh god, my first memory of making bread was my Food Tech GCSE course – we had a breadmaking project as part of our coursework! I always got bored and under-kneaded, leading to lovely dense creations that my family felt forced to eat when I brought them home!

  65. Kelly Hooper

    mmm I still remember the smell coming from the kitchen when my mum would make bread

  66. Joanne Blunt

    The first time I made bread it turned out like a brick – I forgot to knock the dough back. It was all a learning experience and my next loaf was much better.

  67. Charlotte Cottam

    When I was a youngin I used to help my uncle make homemade bread and he’d always let me take most of the credit 🙂

  68. Lucy Pasifull

    My favourite memory is when I was little Mum used to make two loaves at a time so we could pull the first apart and eat it hot from the oven.

  69. Rachel B

    the smell of freshly baked bread reminds me of being about five at my grandma’s house.

  70. Emma Jackson

    Wow, that looks amazing. My best memory of fresh bread was my Nana making it when I used to go for tea. I’d have it with her homemade strawberry jam too, it was heaven x

  71. Rachel B

    i follow you on twitter and have tweeted about the giveaway @LadyChelington

  72. Amy J

    My best memory of making bread was when I made individual challah rolls for my entire extended family at a gathering – it was great fun making them with my cousins

  73. Karis

    I made a pizza in highschool and I rolled the base too thick and it came out like a doorstep!

  74. Jane Henshaw

    My husbands the breadmaker in our house (!!!) and this would be a nice treat for him 🙂

  75. ali thorpe

    I love to bake and my favourite baking memory is when I was about five and I was at school mixing yeast with water for some reason. The teacher told me my mixing was wonderful and I’ve never forgotten that! It’s probably partly why I love to bake my own bread!

  76. Judi

    I love making a simple cheese bread that you eat warm. I am not great at baking but this is always scrummy, especially with soup.

  77. cheryl lovell

    I used to make bread with my late Grandad but it never turned out right….regardless he used to eat it and say how well I had done. I have since starting making bread with my son to keep this memory alive a littl more 🙂

  78. Lesley Bain

    When I was little my dad worked in a baker’s mobile van, and at the end of the day he would bring us all the leftover breads and cakes. I loved evenings in our house stuffing our faces with all the lovely treats 🙂 x

  79. Karen R

    I remember helping my mum bake bread when I was small. I remember being amazed every time the dough rose so much 🙂

  80. Maria Jane Knight

    I remember the first time I made bread was at school in a food tech class and I was so mesmerised by the transformation that as soon as I got home from school I baked some at home. I remember we had vegetable soup and some of my homemade bread 🙂

  81. Sue Robinson

    When I first made home made bread about 2 years ago and gave it to the kids. They raved about it which spurred me on to try different recipes.

  82. vicky varley

    baking bread rolls in food technology at school and adding different flavours, i took it home for my mam to try and left out the bit that id dropped it on the floor haha.

  83. susan willshee

    I’m coeliac so it’s really expensive to buy gluten free bread from the shops. I love to bake my own bread but it’s so easy to lose all the elasticity when kneading because there isn’t much stretch in gluten free flour. So this sounds ideal because there’s no need to take it out of the bread maker between provings

  84. Louise A

    sorry wrong comment…darn

    favourite memory of baking bread is being taught by my mother when i was a child how to make it from scratch, it came out ok too! lol

  85. Annamarie Riddiford

    My first attempt at bread making last year was quite a disaster and I could have broken windows with it or done weight training! I would really love to have a go at this as it would be great to be able to make bread myself for my family. Thank you for the opportunity

  86. Chantelle Kemp

    I love walking through town very early in the morning, going into the bakery and choosing my own warm freshly baked loaf!

    I would love to win this so that maybe I can make my own delicious bread! 🙂

  87. Chantelle Kemp

    I followed you on twitter … @cmkemp1

    I liked your page on facebook ….. Chantelle Kemp

  88. Louise mcnicol

    On holiday in France, we were living on freshly baked bread, butter and cheese. The taste was out of this world. My mouth is watering remembering how good it was!

  89. jodie harvey

    my mum makes the most amazing bread, always have it with chicken soup 🙂 yum!!

  90. Emma Price

    I’m not very good at making bread myself – it always comes out doughy. But my nan used to make fresh Stotty bread whenever we went to visit her in Northumberland and that smell will always remain with me. lovely 🙂

  91. Gail Bennett

    I remember my Mum used to make bread … and there’s nothing like the smell of fresh baked bread … there was always a ‘fight’ to have the first piece 🙂

  92. Jamie

    We always use to make fairycakes from a book my mum had when she was a child, and we could stand on a chair to bake 🙂

  93. anthony burns

    Making walnut bread over a period of 8 hours and actually getting the children to taste and enjoy it!

  94. Natalie Crossan

    My friend once baked me “carb free” bread and it was pretty good. Smelt pretty horrible though 😛


    my favourite memory of eating and smelling freshly baked bread was when my now 8 year old son was about 18 months old. we were in a small local grocery shop that also had a department for things like cakes, pies, rolls and sandwiches. they had not long taken some baguettes out of the oven and my son kept saying “yummy smell mummy, lovely smell” he wouldn’t stop until the owner very kindly cut some off , buttered it and gave us both some. it was gorgeous but the best bit, and why it sticks in my memory was my son he silently ate every crumb and had butter all over his face and when he finished he said “better than yours mummy, more please”. it was funny and yes i did buy some to take home and my son made a new best friend in the shop that day.


    i’ve liked on facebook; my fb name is yolanda davis.
    i also followed on twitter and tweeted; my twitter handle is @yoeydabvis

  97. Holly Boyd

    When I was at primary school my grandmother came in one day to teach the class how to bake bread. I am in my 30s and still remember that day fondly

  98. Fiona J K

    When I was a child we lived in Gabon, a former French colony. On our way to school my sister & I would pass the local boulangerie. The smells coming from all the freshly baked breads would be wonderful. On Fridays we were given our pocket money and we would stop at the bakery to buy freshly made pain au chocolat. In Gabon this was not a croissant-style flaky pastry with chocolate inside which is what is typically called pain au chocolat, but was instead a mini baguette baked with a strip of milk chocolate in the centre. The combination of warm crusty bread and melted chocolate was absolutely heavenly. I’ve never found them anywhere else, so I’d love to try and recreate them at home.

  99. Helen Garner

    My grandad used to bake bread when we were younger. I can remember the smell of the house when it was baking and the cute little slices that we used to use for toast.

  100. Charissa Chan

    I love having hot bread in the morning that i went to try and make some but it didn’t turn out great. I hope with Léuké bread maker would help me with make thd perfect bread for me and my soon to be husband


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