Win Moser Roth Chocolate Bars! (Closed)

Moser Roth is a long-standing German chocolate brand which seems to have passed through a few hands in recent decades. It’s now sold globally, exclusively through Aldi stores as far as I can tell.


Priced at £1.09 each for 125 grams, the range includes milk and dark chocolate as well as a number of flavoured bars. I think there are also some filled bars which are slightly more expensive.


Inside each box are 5 individually foil-wrapped mini bars. This makes the bars great for sharing or, as I’m currently doing, keeping in the office drawer in case of emergencies. Note: emergencies commonly involve brain drain after a particularly long and boring meeting and eye strain after a day spent peering at Excel. Your mileage may vary!

The quality is lower to middle of the stream, which matches the pricing. For my money, I like these better than the cheap big brand milk chocolates but not as much as somewhat pricier brands such as Green & Black’s. Then again, Green & Black’s use cocoa butter. Obviously, it’s not fair to compare Moser Roth to higher end chocolate with its correspondingly higher prices.

Moser Roth use vegetable oil, as do most lower end manufacturers. But I am happy that their bars are palm oil free, which is great news for habitats and wildlife endangered by rampant palm oil production.


The milk chocolate bar is creamy smooth and quite sweet. It strongly reminds both Pete and I of Galaxy milk chocolate in taste. This is the chocolate we’re reaching for when we need a chocolate and sugar hit.


The milk chocolate caramel is divisive though we both really like it. Pete is wrong-footed by his expectation of a soft, more liquid caramel filling in place of the harder, slightly crunchy and slightly chewy texture in these bars and thinks they should be labelled as toffee. I don’t mind the solid caramel at all, in fact I rather like it. Again, the overall bar is very sweet, but also surprisingly addictive.


The 70% dark is shockingly sweet – far too sweet for me; it reminds me of Bournville even though the cocoa content is much higher. Pete finds it “quite tolerable”, which is very telling as he usually won’t eat dark chocolate at all. It does have just a hint of bitterness in the aftertaste, but needs a lot more of it in my opinion.


The dark chocolate with chilli is similarly sweet. Pete describes it as having a nice hint of chilli heat but it is missing the fruity flavour that chilli can provide. That said, he likes it.


Dark chocolate, orange and almond is reminiscent of Terry’s Chocolate Orange. The almond doesn’t come through in the taste, and serves only to give it a slightly gritty texture. That’s a shame as I like the flavour of the chocolate and orange together.


The 85% dark chocolate is, unsurprisingly, deemed too dark by Pete. Yet it’s not particularly bitter. In fact, I find it a little bland in terms of flavour, like an under-roasted coffee. It comes into its own when stirred into coffee and I can imagine it making good hot chocolate or used as an ingredient for baking.


The dark chocolate and mint is one of our favourites, probably because the bitterness of chocolate, sweetness of sugar and strength of mint are balanced on similar lines to nostalgia-inducing favourites such as After Eights, Bendicks and mint Matchmakers!



Aldi have offered a set of all the bars above to one Kavey Eats reader. The prize includes free delivery anywhere in the UK.



You can enter the competition in 3 ways:

Entry 1 – Blog Comment
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  • The deadline for entries is midnight GMT Friday 28th June 2013.
  • The winners will be selected from all valid entries using a random number generator.
  • Entry instructions form part of the terms and conditions.
  • The prize is a set of seven bars of Aldi’s Moser Roth range of chocolates, as shown above, and includes free delivery anywhere in the UK.
  • The prize cannot be redeemed for a cash value.
  • The prize is offered and provided by Aldi.
  • Where prizes are to be provided by a third party, Kavey Eats accepts no responsibility for the acts or defaults of that third party.
  • One blog entry per person only. One Twitter entry per person only. One Facebook entry per person only. You do not have to enter all three ways for your entries to be valid.
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  • The winners will be notified by email, Twitter or Facebook. If no response is received within 7 days of notification, the prize will be forfeit and a new winner will be picked and contacted.

Kavey Eats received review samples from Aldi.

The winner of this competition was Maxine Grant.

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11 Comments to "Win Moser Roth Chocolate Bars! (Closed)"

  1. Suelle

    I really like many of the Moser Roth varieties, compared to other supermarket’s own brands. I’d like to try the caramel version, because I can’t convince my husband to put it on the shopping list when we go to Aldi.

  2. Glynis

    I’d love to try the 85% dark chocolate.

    Although I must have a go at doing taste test comparisons…and remembering to takes notes about it too!

  3. Maxine

    easy – dark chocolate and mint – but I’m sure that I won’t have too much trouble sampling them all 😉

  4. Corin

    I would love to try the dark orange and almond one and pretty much any dark chocolate one for that matter 🙂

  5. Gill Bland

    You’ve got my interest about the Caramel one, so that one. I love Aldi – it’s such good value and the staff are amazing.

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