Take A Box Of Eggs: Cheese Muffins + Competition (Closed)

Did you know there’s a British Egg Information Service? No? Me neither, but there is and its job is to promote British eggs, answer public queries about them and publish all kinds of eggcellent content. Sorry!

During British Egg Week at the beginning of October, they wrote to me about a new recipe book full of ideas on how to make good use of one of my favourite ingredients. Take a Box of Eggs promises 100 easy and irresistible recipes. It’s part of the Dairy Cookbooks range which includes titles on cakes, home cooking, recipes for one or two and one pot cooking.

I was sent a copy to review and have three copies to giveaway to readers, in the competition below.

CheeseMuffins-3884 CheeseMuffins-3893

A glossy, easy-wipe hard back cover opens to a ring binder format inside.

Recipes are divided 6 chapters covering toasts and snacks, vegetarian, fish, meat, bakes and desserts. In some, eggs are the star ingredient, in others they are more of a supporting ingredient.

Individual recipes are simply and clearly explained, all with full colour photographs.


A great touch is the QR code on each recipe page which can be scanned by smart phones to automatically display a full list of ingredients – a neat way of generating a shopping list fast. This is the first really helpful use of QR codes I’ve seen and wish more publishers would follow suit. (Our phone failed to display the fraction symbol but as the unit was a teaspoon, we knew it couldn’t be more than one or two, or it would have been measured in tablespoons instead.)


The Extra Mature Cheddar Muffins were very simple to make.

CheeseMuffins-3864 CheeseMuffins-3868 CheeseMuffins-3872
CheeseMuffins-3879 CheeseMuffins-3881 CheeseMuffins-3886

The muffins turned out well, cooked perfectly in the allotted time and had a pleasant texture.

Although we used good quality extra mature cheddar, the flavour of cheese was a little muted. This surprised us, as the recipe calls for 150 grams of cheese for 300 grams of flour, which is the same ratio as other cheese muffin recipes online. Perhaps this is how cheese muffins are meant to be, and we were wrong to expect stronger cheesiness?

Certainly, these would work well in a meal alongside a nicely dressed salad and some cured meats. On their own, I find them bland, and might try the recipe again with bacon added for more flavour.

The other issue was that the muffins stuck like glue to the paper cases. After a couple of days storage in a plastic box, they came away from the paper a little more easily but it did mean enjoying them fresh resulted in some wastage.

CheeseMuffins-3892 CheeseMuffins-3894



The British Egg Information Service and Eaglemoss Consumer Publishing are offering three copies of Take A Box Of Eggs to readers of Kavey Eats.

The prize includes delivery within the UK.



You can enter the competition in 2 ways:

Entry 1 – Blog Comment
Leave a comment below, answering the following question:
What’s your favourite recipe to make the most of eggs?

Entry 2 – Twitter
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Then tweet the (exact) sentence below. You don’t need to leave a blog comment about your tweet.
I’d love to win the Take A Box of Eggs cookery book from Kavey Eats! #KaveyEatsBritishEggs



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  • The prizes are offered by The British Egg Information Service and provided by Eaglemoss Consumer Publishing.
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Kavey Eats received a review copy of the book from The British Egg Information Service.

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36 Comments to "Take A Box Of Eggs: Cheese Muffins + Competition (Closed)"

  1. NickyB

    You had me at “eggs” – I love these little parcels of goodness and it always amazes me how versatile they are. That said, my favourite recipe for eggs of all time is Heuvos Rancheros, a spicy smoky tomato sauce (I add chipotles in adobo) on fresh warm corn tortillas topped off with fried eggs, grated cheese and a few spicy jalapenos for added oomph. I can eat it all day (it’s one of my favourite “leftover” breakfasts).

  2. Carla

    Mmmm… I think my favourite use of eggs is in huevos rancheros: egg fried in a tangy tomato and chipotle sauce served over warm corn tortillas. Mmmmm

  3. Jo Romero

    My favourite egg recipe at the moment is, without question, Eggs in Purgatory – chopped tomatoes, chilli and garlic bubbling away and then you crack in an egg or two. My favourite quick lunch or late breakfast.

  4. Tiffany

    Eggs are my very favorite thing so picking a favourite recipe is hard. I will say Bimbimbap. A hot stone bowl full of rice, veg and meat and then an egg on top.

  5. LauraHarris

    Savoury, it has to be an omelette – using up fridge leftovers. If it’s sweet, it has to be a good, rich chocolate cake!

  6. Phil Darling

    I too like a Spanish Omelette – quick, tasty and great for using up the veg in the fridge

  7. Kelly Koya

    Hollandaise sauce, use it for eggs benedict and that is LOTS of eggs!

  8. Angie Allen

    My favourite egg recipe at the moment is, without question a Spanish Omelette

  9. Lucy L Richards

    Looking forward to trying this.
    My all time favourite is gruyere cheese, chipotle chilli and asparagus frittata.

    It’s so delicious and versatile as you can add pretty much anything you fancy.

  10. Hannah Wilding

    Spanish Omelette without a doubt. Great for any kind of leftovers

  11. Sally Carter

    Bacon and egg is a firm favourite in my house! But I love making a lemon meringue pie.

  12. foz

    Nothing beats a traditional victoria sponge filled with whipped cream and jam!

  13. Sarah Rachel Wray

    I love eggs – scrambled, fried, boiled, omelette etc – for a special treat I’ll make French toast for Sunday breakfast: thick white bread dipped in egg, milk sugar and vanilla, fried in oil and smothered in maple syrup (not healthy, but delicious!)

  14. Brigitte Leprince

    I like to fry some chopped onion and bacon in real butter until the bacon is nice and crispy. Beat approximately five eggs and add them to the bacon and onion mixing until it resembles scrambled egg then I add salt & pepper to taste plus some chopped parsley. Great on some toated french stick or on a sandwich!

  15. Emma

    Lovely, lovely eggs and I cook them scrambled with feta, spinach, tomato, chilli and spinach or eggy bread!

  16. susan capeling

    i love quiche as you can change the contents to whatever you have in the fridge except the eggs of course!

  17. Joanne Crosby

    Plain, simple scrambled egg. You can’t beat a bit of scrambled egg and toast for breakfast.

  18. Helen Grayson

    Eggs. Hmm.

    I love a cheese, ham, bacon and tomato Omelette. It just is so warm and filling, quick and easy to do after work too. I’d love to actually dive into some new recipes though! xx

  19. Susie M

    I’ve got a great recipe for an easy to make, foolproof Victoria Sponge that uses four eggs in it so that’s what I whip up if I need an impressive cake quickly.

  20. Shirley Harpley

    My favorite way to cook with eggs is homemade quiche lorraine, delicious!

  21. Helen B

    Kedgeree – really tasty, but quick and easy to make when I get in at night. All-purpose, too, since you can eat it for breakfast

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