November BSFIC: Savoury

Perhaps you’re wondering whether I’m a little insane? Inviting people to continue making ice cream in this kind of weather… when a short stint outside chills us to the bone and we are dreaming of steaming soups, warming stews and huge mugs of hot chocolate.

But what I say in response is this: ice cream is not just for summer!

This month I want to explore the world of savoury ice creams and sorbets.

FatDuck-8939 HestonIceCream-9821

Heston’s mustard ice cream has been widely publicised, both the one served in The Fat Duck and the supermarket version. I’ve tried both and to my surprise, liked them very much.

Japan CrabIceCream Japan HorseIceCream jicoctopus1

In Japan, savoury ice creams are common place, with flavours such as beef tongue, caviar, chicken wings, crab, curry, eel, horse, octopus, snake and wasabi. Most of those don’t appeal but I am rather taken with the idea of a wasabi ice cream served over a lightly seared tuna steak, just starting to melt into a sauce.

Abergavenny-2043 Abergavenny-2045

As I learned from reading Laura Weiss’ book, Ice Cream: A Global History, just a couple of centuries ago, savoury flavours were far more common and popular, with cheese, vegetable and alcoholic beverages featuring heavily. You really ought to seek out the fabulous cheese ice creams that La Cave a Fromage sometimes offer, created from cheeses such as Epoisses, Brie and Stilton; sooo good!


Whether you choose to make a fully savoury ice cream or simply use a savoury ingredient in a sweet ice cream is completely up to you.

You can create something to serve as a palate cleanser, as part of a savoury starter or main dish, something that provides a savoury kick at the end of the meal, much like a rarebit, or something sweet but with a flavour you normally associate with savoury (like the avocado ice cream I made a while back).

And it’s your choice of ice cream, sorbet, granita, semi-freddo, slushy or other such variations on frozen desserts.


How To Take Part In BSFIC

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8 Comments to "November BSFIC: Savoury"

  1. Alicia (foodycat)

    I can’t tell you how excited I am by this one! And apparently ice cream sales don’t fall that much during winter – I guess because people need lots to scoop on hot puddings.


    Yes, but I suspect lots of people suddenly withdraw to vanilla to serve with those hot pudds…

  2. Miss Whiplash

    I have mixed feelings about this…
    I LOVE the novelty and am super keen to be all creative and whatnot, but, actually, I don’t think I’ve ever (occasional palate cleansers aside) eaten a savoury ice cream that was actually nice, and, whilst it would undoubtedly be fun to play with beef tongue, I probably won’t be *that* popular if I just end up filling the freezer with inedible stuff…
    I quite like the idea of cheese or similar, though. Hopefully can come up with something that isn’t *too* revolting 🙂


    I have enjoyed both that mustard ice cream and several savoury cheese ice creams, so will probably go something along those lines. The cheese does work very well.

    However, I’ve also opened it up a bit by inviting people to create sweet ice creams from ingredients normally associated with savoury food (which would be like my avocado ice cream, a definite dessert ice cream but in Europe, avocados are more associated with savoury). So that should give you a bit more leeway if you don’t fancy the really savoury route.


  3. Andy Carolan

    It has to be Peanut Butter! I can think of no better savoury ingredient for ice creams.

    Stick with smooth, and to make it crunchy just add chopped peanuts!

    And although savoury, it could even be served with a strawberry compote. Bringing to mind Peanut Butter and Jelly/Jam 🙂


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