September BSFIC: Spices

Running Bloggers Scream For Ice Cream has lead to my getting to know many more bloggers and ice cream lovers, not just in the UK but from around the world.

Recently, I made a new online friend, Laura Weiss, New York journalist and author of Ice Cream: A Global History, when she commented on a previous BSFIC round up. She very kindly sent me a copy of her book to review.

ice cream global history-frontcover

In Ice Cream: A Global History, Laura relates how ice cream, in one form or another, can be found all around the world. She charts its surprisingly long history, explaining how it was once a luxury for the elite, but evolved into one of the most popular products available for all. The story takes us on a trip from ancient China through the Middle East and Europe, and across to modern America. We learn about the different methods used then and now, and the development of industrial machinery to churn out ice cream by the thousands of gallons.

At the end, Laura shares a few recipes, though this is not primarily a recipe book.

It’s fascinating reading, especially for those who love both food and history, as I do.

It’s also a small format hard back, so easy to carry. Since buying an eReader, I’ve fallen out of practice of carrying real books around with me, and refuse point blank to carry proper door stoppers!


September BSFIC

In honour of the international history of ice cream, this month’s theme is spices.

You can go for a sweet or savoury ice cream, or a sorbet, gelato or semi-freddo, or lollies, ice cream cakes, even a baked alaska. As long as one or more spices are a key element of the flavour, you’re in!

Oh and I’m using Wiki’s definition of spice which lists dried seeds, fruits, root, bark or vegetative substances used for flavouring, colouring or preserving food but distinguishes them from herbs, which it describes as leafy green plants, also used as flavourings or as garnish.

So spices are in, herbs are out (unless they’re a secondary flavouring ingredient)!

As usual, I’ve been bookmarking inspiring ideas over on my BSFIC Pinterest board.


How To Take Part In BSFIC

  • Create and blog a recipe that fits the challenge by the 28th of the month.
  • In your post, mention and link to this Bloggers Scream For Ice Cream post.
  • In your post, include the Bloggers Scream For Ice Cream badge.
  • Email me (by the 28th of the month) with your first name or nickname (as you prefer), the link to your post and an image for my roundup, sized to no larger than 500 pixels on the longest side.

You are welcome to submit your post to as many blogger challenge events as you like.

If the recipe is not your own, please be aware of copyright issues. Please email me if you would like to discuss this.

If you tweet about your post using#BSFIC or #bloggersscreamforicecream, I’ll retweet any I see.


Kavey Eats received a review copy of of Ice Cream: A Global History from Reaktion Books.

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13 Comments to "September BSFIC: Spices"

  1. milliepaw

    Ooh, I actually have an idea for this one. So I will be researching recipes this week and probably making the ice cream next weekend.

  2. Miss Whiplash

    Just catching up on stuff post-holiday… Good choice with the spices.
    Quite a hard one for me, I think, though we’ve got a few wee ideas.
    Maybe I can make them in lolly format with my new toy 🙂

  3. kaveyeats

    I wouldn’t count nuts as spices, really but we do have a nuts challenge scheduled in a few months time… if you can combine nuts with other spices, that would fit though! x


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