Pete Drinks a Finalist in Saveur’s Blog Awards 2012

As some of you will know, my husband Pete started blogging about beer as a guest writer here on Kavey Eats back in June 2010. A year later, he was writing so regularly that it became obvious that he should launch a blog of his own. Pete Drinks went live in October 2011 with the Great Alcoholic Ginger Beer Taste Test.

That was just 6 months ago!

Since then, he’s branched out further and now shares posts about beer, whisky and his homebrew efforts. There are even occasional food posts, where alcohol is a key ingredient, of course!

I know I’m biased… but I think his blog is pretty good, so when I saw Saveur magazine invite nominations for their 2012 blog awards, I went ahead and nominated Pete Drinks. The magazine received nearly 40,000 submissions across its 16 award categories before narrowing the field down to just 6 finalists in each category. Just being in those 96 is a great achievement!

For those who don’t know Saveur, it’s an internationally renowned food publication, written and produced in New York, but with a global focus. The content is informative, interesting and well-written and I have been enjoying the online site for quite a while.

So, late one evening, just as we’re about to go to bed, Pete turned to me and asked me, “Have you heard of a save-you-er dot com? I wonder if this is spam, they’ve just tweeted me about some award voting thing…”


“Whaaaaaaaaat?!”, I squealed in disbelief and ridiculous excitement. And proceeded to tell him exactly who Saveur are, just how amazing this was and that yeah, in my opinion, it’s a pretty big deal to be selected as a finalist! It was a few hours before I calmed down enough to sleep!


To view all the finalists in all the categories, do visit the site, and of course, add your votes. You will need to register with the website, but it’s a very quick process and doesn’t require the normal rigmarole of waiting for a confirmation email, clicking on the link and so on.

Check out all six finalists in the Best Wine or Beer Blog category, and if you think Pete deserves your vote, so much the better!

Voting closes on the 26th April so if you’re planning to participate, do get your votes in soon.

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