Grow Your Own With Seed Parade (Competition Closed)

For many years, Pete and I have been enjoying fruit and vegetables we’ve grown ourselves, gradually increasing the variety of things we’ve grown and the space given over to them, until eventually, a few years back, we gave over our entire back garden to a kitchen garden, or what we often call the home allotment.

Now we have an actual allotment too, so our seed buying has increased even more!

For me, choosing what to grow and which varieties to try is one of the most enjoyable times of the year – so full of promise and expectation.

Over the weekend, Pete and I discussed what we wanted to grow in 2012, and went through the seeds we had left from last year.


I’ve been following Seed Parade on twitter for many months. As we wanted to buy more seeds, I tweeted them to ask about any current discounts, as they regularly have one or more of their seeds on special offer. In response, business founder Lajos Szabo got in touch, asking if I might like to run a competition for my readers.

Well, of course!

There are many online seed retailers to choose from. One of the reasons I am interested in Seed Parade is their commitment to keeping packaging to a minimum, using only what is necessary to ensure that your seeds arrive safely, and in good condition.

Also, they are DEFRA registered, which means that the business is regularly inspected to ensure adherence to sound environmental practices.

Handily, they stock a couple of varieties we had already decided on, and also have a nice selection of other seeds to choose from, both newer varieties and some traditional and heirloom ones.

And their prices are good. Some of the retailers I’ve looked at are charging double or more for the same seed varieties, and putting far less seeds into each packet to boot!

I have chosen a lovely basket of seeds including Sungold, Black Russian, San Marzano and Tigarella tomatoes, leeks, onions, cape gooseberries, a selection of herbs, three different beans including Cosse Violette, Borlotto and Purple Queen, Swiss Rainbow chard and Chocolate Habanero chillis.

Now it’s your turn!

black cherry tomato borlottclimb clim cosso tom supersweet choco habanero c p haze cuc mohican g s mix hot cayenne on brauns cauli p.c. sungold tomato seeds leek lyon tom san marzano tomato tigerella


Seed Parade are offering not one but two winners their own choice of up to £25 of seeds, delivered free to any UK mainland address. That’s a lot of seeds, meaning a lot of fantastic fruit and vegetables over the coming year!


You can enter the competition in 2 ways.

Entry 1 – Answer the question
Leave a comment below, answering the following question:
Why would you like to win and what would you like to grow?

Entry 2 – Tweet
Tweet the (exact) sentence below:
I’d love to win £25 of @seedparade seeds from Kavey Eats! #KaveySeedParade


  • The deadline for entries is midnight GMT Friday 23 March 2012.
  • One blog entry per person only. One twitter entry per person only. You do not have to enter both ways for your entries to be valid.
  • The two winners will be selected from all valid entries using a random number generator.
  • The prize is the winner’s choice of seeds up to a value of £25, chosen from in-stock items on the Seed Parade website. Delivery to UK mainland addresses is included.
  • The prize cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • The prize is offered directly by Seed Parade.
  • Valid entries must contain either an email address or twitter account, for contacting the winner. For those leaving a comment using their blogger/ Google ID, please make sure an email address is visible in your profile.
  • The winners will be notified by email or twitter. If no response is received by the end of Monday 26 March, their prize will be forfeit and a new winner will be picked and contacted.

*If you don’t have a secondary email address already and are nervous about sharing your main email address on the internet, why not set up a new free email account on hotmail, gmail or yahoo, that you can use to enter competitions like this?


Kavey Eats received a complimentary basket of seeds from Seed Parade.


This competition is closed. Congratulations to winners Pigling Bland and Hilda Hazel Wright.

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72 Comments to "Grow Your Own With Seed Parade (Competition Closed)"

  1. @milliepaw

    I’d love to win this as it would mean I could grow a lot more varieties than I have currently budgeted for. I would choose black cherry tomatoes, Blue Solaise leeks, strawberries, marigolds and nasturtiums, Radicchio Palla Rossa, paprika and tabasco chillies and pak choi.

  2. @clairelh

    With 3 young picky eaters, growing our own veg is a good way to try and keep them interested. The Purple Cape Cauli would be hard to resist (especially when your favourite colour is purple!). I love being able to go out and pick my own sweetcorn, beans and courgettes, so a packet or two of these would be on my list. I’d love to try the yellow one ball courgette.

  3. russ wiseman

    i would like to win some seeds as i have now got a plot on my new community garden i would like to grow beans, cauliflower, carrots, potatoes, and leeks

  4. tracey hopewell

    I would be greatful of any seeds as I love to grow anything new !!! and experiment with my garden.

  5. C.H Man

    As new owners of a 12th floor flat in London, we would like to win because we are attempting to grow vegetables on our reasonably sized balcony. This will be our very first time ever to grow vegetables, but we are very enthusiastic about it! A lot of time has been spent on researching container gardening, and we simply cannot wait to put it into practice. We would like to grow black cherry and black krim tomatoes, hestia dwarf runner beans, salad leaves, mohican cucumber, all the year round lettuce, oregon sugar pod mange tout, and basically anything that will grow well in containers.

  6. robert dunn

    i would love some seeds of different variety,to grow in our communal greenhouse.

  7. Fiona

    Would love to have the pick of seeds to grow for myself, my Sister-in-Law and for the community allotment that we all share in locally.

  8. Rach Watson

    We don’t have a garden but a twenty by ten foot balcony that we are experimenting with each year to grow bigger and better fruit veg and flowers , all must be in containers ,grow bags etc but love each nrw season. Mote seeds would be fabulous as we want a fantastic display for a small area .

  9. Pigling Bland

    Oh my! This couldn’t come at a better time. Next Monday I move from a 1 bed flat in central London (where I’ve had to make do with a window box of tomatoes) to a house with a garden. Mr B and I have already lhad long discussion about where exactly the veg patch should go, and he bought me a month-by-month allotment book for my birthday!

    I would love to try the black cherry tomatoes, pak choi, sweetcorn, some peas, oh and some sweet peas to smell nice and look pretty.. so much choice!

  10. Natalie

    I would love to chance to grow all the basic things, that are never going to go to waste, onions, lots of different herbs such as coriander, parsley and basil, chillis and potatoes!

  11. Sarah

    Like Russ I’ve just got a plot on a new community garden. Later in the summer I want to plant sweetcorn. And I’d like to share the seeds with the other plot holders.

  12. Ruth @ Minibreak Mummy

    I would like to win because we are starting to grow things with my son Aled (who is 3 and a half). So I would choose to grow things that are easy like tomatoes and salad and carrots.

  13. Donna D

    This is a great contest – I want to start a container garden this year, so it is also so TIMELY! My neighbour had huge success with her container tomatoes and cucumbers last year, I want to challenge her this year… Plus, nothing beats fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, thinly sliced, with a bit of cottage cheese. Delicious – and a childhood memory of after school snacks fresh from my mother’s garden 🙂

  14. jules

    I’d like to win because I want to build a herb garden and a small veggie patch in our communcal garden with the children in the block. We’d grow just about every herb we can and hopefully get the kids interested in eating and cooking.

  15. Zosherooney

    My Dad who is Polish and gave me my first interest in growing fruit and veg, taught me how to prepare soil and compost and provide warmth and light to see those first signs of life spring from what look like dried out pods/seeds. I am still (every year) astounded by the wonderful sight of beautiful green shoots lurching up from a depths of brown ! My heart leaps (literally) when I know I have been playing with nature to produce F&G that will taste sooo much better than anything you can purchase in a supermarket. To pick sun warmed tomatoes and eat them 2 minutes later is lifes delight. I would like to win because I spend more time tending my beloved garden than I do attending to any other competitions that pop up ! I try to grow a balanced F&V diet that will keep us healthy. I have to admit I have a passion for different varieties of tomatoes but also love most varieties of beans as they grow so quickly. We are really lucky to have the most amazing soil, which was created by a glacial valley back in the mists of time. Thank you for reading.

  16. Mamta

    As Kave’y mother, I am obviously not entering the competition. How wonderful to win seeds for your vegetable plot, so good luck all. Whoever wins, please come back and tell us later which were the best seeds, so we can consider them for next year.

  17. carole smith

    I am going to grow a wonderful array of edible plants and flowers this year. I have already planted beans and tomatoes and would like to experiment with squashes and salad leaves. I would love to see pumpkins and butternut squashes luxuriating in my garden and chillis and peppers in the greenhouse. i will also save some space for the edible flowers and raise some courgettes to pick young to cook the flowers. I will grow most of these even if I don’t win the seeds, but the win would help me to persuade the family that it will be cheaper to grow our own as well as tastier,healthier and more ecological. I’m off to prepare the potatoe patch now. happy digging!

  18. Melanie Hunt

    would love to grow tomatoes again this year.last year we grew cucumbers but for some reason they flopped so going to try again. this year i would like to grow peppers and maybe some fruit. would like to try grapes !!

  19. Tracy

    I’d love to win because my son, who is 3, recently plated a bean at nursery and is expecting it to grow into a huge beanstalk – big enough to climb! If I won we could grow all sorts of fruit and veg, and perhaps it would help with the disappointment of the beanstalk issue! We’d grow anything with a stalk!

  20. Rebecca Foster

    My goal this year is to enter the produce show in our village of Rainton, North Yorkshire. This prize would paid for the seeds I need. I’m dreaming of the glory of winning the longest bean competition!

  21. Kerrie

    we have an allotment so would like to grow a lot more variety this year, and maybe a few more weird and different veg

  22. Sean

    i would love to grow enough flowers to be ablt to pick myself a bunch every week 🙂


    I would love to grow carrots with fresh seed because otherwise they don’t come up!

  24. paul stride

    I would love to grow friut and veg with my 2 young boys, to show them where fresh and healthy fruit and veg comes from ,and let them see it grow. And a few flowers to brighten the garden would be lovely.. xx

  25. Jo Jones

    I tried growing tomatoes for the first time last year and the taste was so different to the supermarket ones that I would like to ‘dig’ my success and move into other veggie this year. As I am a novice I would like to start with carrots, potatoes, lettuce and radish but am open to suggestions!

  26. John Berridge

    I would like to win some purple carrot seeds to prove to my missus that i haven’t made them up!

  27. Hilda Hazel Wright

    Great competition! I was looking at seeds in the supermarket yesterday. I can never decide what to grow as all the packets look so appealing, its like being a kid in a sweetshop! I tend to experiment with different things and never have high expectations! I’ve grown lots of herbs and salads indoors and out, and had some peas growing all over the place for the last couple of years. This year the garden will be different as my shady flowerbed where hardly anything grew has now seen the sun as the neighbour has cut his tree down! woohooo think of the possibilities!

  28. Patricia Whittaker

    I was lucky enough to get an allotment last year and this year have treated myself to a new greenhouse so winning a selection of seeds would be fabulous. I like to grow all the usual vegetables like runner and dwarf beans, broad beans, tomatoes etc but now I have the space it would be great to experiment with more unusual varieties that you don’t often find in the shops. For example, purple carrots, yellow tomatoes and yellow courgettes and hot chillies.

  29. diane findlay

    id like to win to plant a bee friendly area in my garden due to the rapid decline in the bee population.. we need more bees

  30. ste appleton

    I’ve always fancied growing my own dinner! and I’d like to grow loads of REALLY hot chilli peppers

  31. Gaspode

    I would love to win this prize. I don’t have green fingers at all but my Mother in Law grows her own vegetables on her allotment and they are so yummy! My 11mth old daughter would love to see them growing and eat the produce too!

  32. suzanne Sendell

    Love to be able to grow anything from seed,Im ok doing hanging baskets when I by plants already planted but apart from that Im hopeless,would love to grow my own vegtables though

  33. Richard Turner

    I’ve got an area of garden set aside for growing vegetables, just need a variety of seeds to plant. Would like to grow a variety of vegetables, but would like ot try aubergines as these are my favourite.

  34. Claire

    A whole lot of herbs for my father to use in his cooking! (Any excuse to get him to take over once in awhile)

  35. Linda Revell

    I told my partner that this year we wouldn’t grow anything unless we could eat it! So I’m hoping to grow runner and french beans, tomatoes, beetroot, carrotts, radish, courgettes, squash and anything else I can cram into my small garden. We have fruit growing espalier trained along our fences , 3 sorts of apple trees, opal plum, damson and greengage a kiwi which has yet to fruit and 2 pear trees in pots. So we are looking forward to a bountiful year.

  36. Anne Thompson

    I would like to grow Carrotts, cabbages and Runner beans.

  37. Rachael Lines

    We have just moved to a new property and the garden is in a very bad state, we have alot of concrete to remove before the children have a nice play area. However we have been blessed with two raised beds, one which I have already got parsnips and carrots planted as seeds. The other area needs turning over, and I hope to plant some sweetcorn, cucumbers and maybe some low growers, brocolli, onions, garlic.. All things the children can help with too. Fabulous competition, please enter me in the prize draw, and I wish everyone a very happy time gardening in 2012.

  38. Debbie Curwen

    Thank you both for the fantastic competition! My boyfriend and I are in the process of buying our first home which has a good sized garden so we’re planning on growing our own herbs and veg to help cut down on our food bills. We’ve already got our carrot, pea and sweetcorn seeds but there’s still so much we’d like to grow including a range of lettuce, onions, Pak Choi and I’m sure we could find some space for some physalis.

    Plus nothing says home like some fresh flowers so it would be lovely to be able to cut some fresh flowers from the garden than having to pay supermarket or florist prices.

    I’ve also tweeted the competition :!/Heavenly_Charm/status/181500636410552321

  39. Tim Bain

    I’d like to diversify from the basic stuff I grew last year, more herbs and salad veg would be great, nothing like going into the garden and bringing in fresh food and eating it within minutes. I’d like to go for some peas and beans and roots this year too, increase the amount of home made soups I make. Very hard to beat a hearty bowl of home made soup and crusty bread for a quick meal with a large chunk of your 5 a day in there. To grow the ingredients and freeze it to eat when they are out of season is the plan. 🙂

  40. Andy Thompson

    I’d like to win so I don’t have to spend a fortune buying tasteless fruit and veg from the supermarkets. I’d grow tomatoes , beans, peas, salad leaves and fresh herbs.

  41. Frances Heaton

    I would like to win as I love growing fruit and vegetables in the garden. I would grow cherry tomatoes, leeks, beans, salads, and new potatoes. They taste much better than what you can buy in supermarkets.

  42. FionaLynne Edwards

    I’ve just taken a corner of my garden and made a veggie patch. I’d like to grow everything – particularly mange tout – my fave!

  43. Ben Audsley

    i would like to win some yellow courgettes – because i havent grown them before!

  44. Laura Boyes

    I’d love to win this – the purple cauliflower looks so funky!

  45. Barrie Phillips

    As far as vegetables are concerned I would like to grow potatoes,carrots,onions,peas,turnips,cabbage,cauliflower,peppers and tomatoes.As for fruit my list includes blackcurrant,blackberry,blueberry,raspberry and strawberries.I built raised beds last year out of the wooden planks of non returnable pallets but I didn’t have enough compost to fill them all so i only grew potatoes,carrots and onions.After a year of composting everything available to me I now have enough material to fill all the beds,All I need now are the seeds and if my luck is in they may come along,Growing your own food is a great way to keep fit as I have found out also the benefits of healthier eating that comes from the fruits of my toil.

  46. Jen

    I’d like to win because I enjoy gardening and love growing things from seed especially. I’d try a mixture of flowers and veg, maybe some petunias and lobelia as I am going to try making a hanging basket.


    I would love to win because I have a graden for the first time in my whole lofe and its taken me 31 years to get to this point. To be honest, I would love to try anything that isnt to hard for me to keep going but would give me the encouragement to carry on and try bigger and better things; Im a great fan of edible things,l fruit, veg, herbs and and even things like cress etc. I love plants and flowers too. I love it all but I just wish I was better at it and with perseverence im sure i will get there in the end.

  48. Paul Kay

    I tried the black cherry tomatoes from seed parade last year and they where delicious with a complex smokey flavour but took a long time to ripen.
    I love the sound of the Chocolate Habanero chillis as I love Mexican and spicey food. I bet they would be great for a Chicken Fajita 🙂 tweeting as @pompeypaul30

  49. Linda T

    In the current economic climate we all have to watch the pennies.
    I would like to win because I could then select new varieties or new crops without having to worry about the cost, and home grown stuff always tastes better.

  50. Alison

    I love growing veg. Id love to try the tomatoes gardeners delight and the purple cauliflower looks interesting , purple cape, Id love to win as it would mean I could really experiment this year


    my young son has started to become interested in gardening since we grew a sunflower last year, i would love to win so we can do some more this year & hopefully it will be something he can do as a hobby as he gets older 🙂

  52. sharon mead

    Just got a huge poly tunnel, lucky me 🙂 so will be going mad with toms, chillis, melons and cucumbers. We get hit badly with blight here so tomatoes outside is a big no no. Mmmmm can smell them already!

  53. Cara Dafforn

    Planting a row for the hunger, the orphans and the widows the homeless and downtrodden will be lifted up and gleaning will live on at the tiny urban farm in #Indiana

  54. Isabelle Smith

    always thought it would be cool to grow your own fruit and veg, id like to grow strawberries

  55. caroline hughes

    I’d love to grow salad leave to kick start my diet!

  56. Ren Behan

    I’d like to win these seeds because this year I would love to try and grow something of my own with the kids. I’d probably try courgettes and maybe some herbs and tomatoes – something easy as I’m a grow your own novice!

  57. Emma Hicks

    I would love to win because we built two raised veggie patches last year so I’m very new to growing my own! It would be great to grow something slightly unusual, I like the look of the black tomatoes and purple caulis! 🙂

  58. Yasmin Jafri

    I’d like to win this for my mum, who spends morning, noon, and night outside in the garden regardless of the weather. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have enough money to buy expensive seeds in the shops, so I would give the prize to her. I know she’s being eyeing up some wild flowers in Wyvedale!

  59. Holly Green

    I’d like to win because the satisfaction of growing your own food is amazing – grew some baby strawberries in the garden when I was young and was so proud! I’d love to try growing my own chillis.

  60. Denise S

    Id love to win the seeds I have an allotment an love growing bolotti beans and sweetcorn and tomatoes and raspberries, tastes sooo much better than shop brought. This year I have finally got a greenhouse comes with the house we are moving into in 2 1/2 weeks sooo excited about it , never had one . want to grow cucumbers and chillies.

  61. Christine Constable

    I’d love to win because we are just about to move to a new house and will have a garden for the first time. I’ve grown tomatoes in containers for the last 2 years, but now I want a full kitchen garden. So, I would grow plum (Roma) and a selection of cherry tomatoes (yellow, as well as red). I’m looking forward to growing sweet peppers, courgettes and butternut squash. I will need a herb garden, so parsley, thymme, mint and fennel as a starter. I love the idea of being able to pick fresh peas, straight from the plant and have also been looking into growing asparagus. Then there are the more standard root veggies, like carrots and parsnips, not to mention salad leaves.

  62. Rachel Marr

    This would be a wonderful prize for me to give to my brother for Easter, unfortunately we don’t have a big enough garden and both work full time so growing veg is harder that one might think. We do try but only really have success with onions and potatoes. My brother and wife, however, are a different kettle of fish altogether having retired early and are self sufficient. They source rare seeds, grow them and swap them with fellow gardeners, they grow assorts of strange things that they share with the rest of us and being organic they taste delicious. My only complaint is that several of the varieties of chillies he grows are far too hot for me, but he will insist in putting them in everything he cooks! Hot Stuff!

  63. Emma Smith

    I would love to win as we’re trying to cut costs right now, and only spoke yesterday about growing our own veggies, so perfect prize for us!!

    Fab comp

  64. Zatun

    I would love to grow some berries! I was unable to bring my fruit plants when we moved house and this would really help! Thank you

  65. Rachel Blackburn

    I’d like to win the chilis so I could spice my life up a bit!

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