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Several weeks ago I went to my first Christmas dinner, a banquet hosted by Green & Blacks and cooked by Micah Carr-Hill (who boasts the fabulous job title Head of Taste, and is in charge of product development) and William Leigh, Taste Assistant who works alongside Micah.

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Together, they developed a menu inspired by the Green & Blacks chocolate range. Not every dish featured chocolate, but all were delicious.

To my surprise, one of my favourite elements was the lentils served with the quail. To say that I’m not a fan of lentils is an understatement, so the fact I loved these was quite a revelation. William did reel off the recipe to me, but I didn’t take it in, so will have to grill him on it further.

I also loved the tiny white chocolate disks covered with a pile of salty black caviar. An odd combination but it worked! The milk chocolate disks with dried potato powder reminded me of unconstructed maltesers!

And there were small chocolate-rimmed cups of Marmite broth which even some of Marmite-haters appreciated.

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The other goal of the evening was to showcase some of their Christmas gift range, which as always, look very appealing.


So isn’t it lovely, that Green & Blacks have kindly offered some for me to share with readers of Kavey Eats?

And not just one prize, but three, so definitely lots of chocolate to go round!


1st Prize – Green & Black’s Organic Ultimate Collection (£14.99)


2nd Prize – Green & Black’s Tasting Collection (£11.99)


3rd Prize – Green & Black’s Dark Miniatures (£5.49)

How to enter

You can enter the competition in 2 ways.

Entry 1 – Answer the question
Leave a comment below, answering the following question:
Which flavour Green & Blacks bar comes in a purple wrapper?

Entry 2 – Tweet
Tweet the (exact) sentence below:
I’d love to win Green & Blacks Christmas Chocolates from #kaveyeatsgreenblacks11

Rules & Details

  • The deadline for entries is midnight GMT Tuesday 6 December 2011.
  • The winners will be selected from all valid entries using a random number generator. The first one selected will win the 1st prize, the second selected will win the 2nd prize and the third selected will win the 3rd prize.
  • One blog entry and one twitter entry per person.
  • The prizes includes delivery, and can be delivered to UK mainland addresses only.
  • The prizes cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • The prizes are offered and will be delivered directly by Green & Blacks.
  • The winners will be notified by email or twitter asked to provide a delivery address. If no response is received by the end of Friday 9 December, the prize will be forfeit and a new winner will be picked and contacted.

*If you don’t have a secondary email address already and are nervous about sharing your main email address on the internet, why not set up a new free email account on hotmail, gmail or yahoo, that you can use to enter competitions like this?

Thanks to Green & Blacks for inviting me to their Christmas banquet and for providing this lovely prize.

All banquet images courtesy of Tom Bowles.

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119 Comments to "Win Green & Blacks Christmas Gifts"

  1. Suelle

    Oooh! Another chocolate prize on offer – how can a chocoholic resist? I believe that the MILK chocolate comes with a purple wrapper.

  2. Miss Whiplash

    Chocolate for me please, Kaveeeeeeeee 🙂

    I actually think the purple is dark burnt toffee – I guess it does depend on your perception!

  3. Anonymous

    I also think it's Dark Chocolate Burnt Toffee, the cherry to me is more burgundy… (posted by Catreia)

  4. Crystal Mse

    I think it's Green & Black's NEW Dark with Burnt Toffee Chocolate Bar

    I've Tweeted you as @CRYSTALmse

    Thank You for this delish competish !


  5. EmmaH

    I think it's the new Dark chocolate with Burnt Toffee Chocolate Bar

    However both the Cherry and Raisin and Hazel nut bars have purplish wrappers.


  6. Helen

    It's the new Dark Chocolate with Burnt Toffee Chocolate Bar

    But the Cherry and the Hazlenut and Raisin bars are also shades of purple

  7. Heavenly Housewife

    Oh i do love Green and Black's, especially the white chocolate!
    the purple wrapper= hazelnut and currant

    Stop by daaahling, I'm doing a giveaway too!
    *kisses* HH

  8. Jo Y

    I think the purple wrapper is the raisin and hazelnut 🙂

    I have also tweeted as @BoostieBoo

  9. Anonymous

    I think it's the Raisin and Hazelnut bar.

    I have also tweeted!


  10. Julie

    It could be cherry, raisin & hazelnut or burnt toffee – very hard to tell what you mean by purple as all of them are purpley shades!

  11. Margaret

    I think it's Dark Chocolate Burnt Toffee. It sounds lovely doesn't it.

  12. rugbymum

    Mmmm, I love Green and Blacks chocolates. The Dark Chocolate Burnt Toffee bar has a purple wrapper.

    I have also tweeted (@rugbylovingmum)

  13. Niamhs Mum

    Raisin and Hazelnut looks more magenta to me which makes it a shade of pink, Cherry is more burgundy but definitely in the purples spectrum(although I adore the smell, I'm violently allergic to cherries and can't eat it) and Burnt Toffee is most definitely purple.

    Colour may vary according to monitors to all of you who googled it.

  14. John Banks

    It looks most likely to be the new Dark Chocolate with Burnt Toffee Chocolate Bar

  15. maxineflossy

    this is harder than it looks! am going to plump for the burnt toffee bar (after much research, trying to find the bar in local shops!), but agree with other comments that cherry and raisin & hazlenut are also purpleish too!

  16. Anonymous

    Ooh the new Burnt toffee flavour with crunchy bits of Yorkshire toffee in *mouth waters*

  17. Susie

    Burnt Toffee looks most purple but Cherry is a burgundy purple and Raisin and Hazelelnut a cerise purple.

  18. Kelly Martin

    Which flavour Green & Blacks bar comes in a purple wrapper?

    I would say Cherry as the other one that could be purple is more a magenta pink.

  19. Choclette

    Purple is a tricky colour to get right, but being a bit of a fan of the sour cherry, I would say that was purple.

  20. Sarah

    I would say that the most purple one of all is the Burnt Toffee with Dark Chocolate. Sounds scrummy!

  21. kats56

    I would say its the Raisin and hazelnut bar. There are a few bars that look different shades of purple so not an easy choice!
    Have tweeted. as @jenneewren

  22. Kavey

    Update: Competition closed, winners were 1) Nursey (@maxineflossy), 2) @frommyplate and 3) @sushi_junki.

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