Purple Sprouting Broccoli

We enjoyed our first crop of 2011 this weekend – purple sprouting broccoli; a very early variety that came free with seed packs for other vegetables grown during the last year.

There’s something very wonderful about opening the back door and harvesting something colourful and delicious, under grey cloudy skies.


We served it very simply – steamed and with melted butter and Maldon sea salt.

It was delicious! I am not a fan of normal broccoli but have discovered only very recently that I rather like this purple sprouting stuff. I’m looking forward to subsequent pickings over the next month or two.

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11 Comments to "Purple Sprouting Broccoli"

  1. Greedy Diva

    This is exactly what I was looking for to add to the greens I cooked for my Chinese spiced chicken last night! Couldn't get it anywhere – next time, I'll have to sneak over your fence…

  2. Kavey

    Matt, I hadn't had it until a couple of months ago! I don't like the normal stuff but we got these seeds free so thought it worth trying and really like it a lot more. (It's a texture/ shape thing with the normal stuff, not taste)

    Greedy Diva, ha haa, this is a very early sprouting variety, the main crops should be in before too long.

    HH, yes there really is, it tastes even better! Thanks!

    Dom, get planting this year, go on!

    NN, no, there certainly isn't. Well, actually, until I have my own cows and sheep, there still is! 😉

    Celia, yes very nice. Not a mild winter at all, a lot of snow, which stayed around a fair amount of time, unusual for London. But this is a winter vegetable and the one we planted a particularly early flowering variety. The normal stuff should be in a few weeks.

  3. Kathleen

    Rabidly jealous. It's -16C here right now. I suspect it will be sometime before I see anything green, purple or anything other than white on the ground here. (And it's not cauliflower out there, I assure you, LOL!) Well done, and enjoy!


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