Booze Free January with Luscombe Drinks (Competition)

Did you overindulge on booze in December?

Too much mulled wine and cocktails at endless rounds of parties?
Too much bubbly for Christmas breakfast?
Too much port with the cheese board?
Too much beer, sherry, whisky or wine…?

Here at Kavey Eats & Pete Drinks, we reckon starting the new year with an alcohol-free week or two might be in order.

And if we’re going to cut out alcohol, why not also cut out concentrates, preservatives, artificial colourings and flavourings, flavour enhancers, acidity regulators, artificial sweeteners … not to mention residues from artificial pesticides?

Based at Domesday Farm in Devon, Luscombe don’t use any of the above in their range of drinks which are made with fresh raw ingredients. Their range is organic (with the exception of the elderflower bubbly, which is made from fresh wild flowers picked in May and June) and it’s also free of GMOs and animal by-products.

They kindly sent us a box to help us with our booze-free start to the year.

We haven’t worked our way through the whole range yet but so far, Kavey particularly loves the elderflower bubbly and Pete is very enthusiastic about the organic apple juice.


Win a Luscombe Drinks Selection Box

We have a selection box containing each of Luscombe’s sixteen soft drinks and fruit juices including raspberry lemonade, cranberry crush, elderflower bubbly and hot ginger beer ready and waiting to send to one of you!

How to enter

  1. Leave a comment on this post telling us about your favourite non-alcoholic drink. Please ensure you leave your email address* in the field provided or in the body of your comment. Entries without any means of contacting the winner will not be included in the draw.
  2. Enter on twitter by tweeting the following:
    I’d love to win a selection of Luscombe Drinks from @kaveyf. Check out for details! #kaveyeatsluscombe


  • The deadline for entries is midnight GMT Friday 7 January 2011.
  • Only one blog comment entry and one twitter entry per person.
  • The prize can be delivered to UK residents only.
  • The prize is a selection box of Luscombe soft drinks and fruit juices. The prize cannot be substituted or redeemed for cash. The prize will be provided and delivered by Luscombe Drinks.
  • A winner will be selected from all valid entries using a random number generator.
  • The winner will be notified by email or twitter on Saturday 8 January and asked to provide a delivery address. If no response is received by the end of Monday 10 January, the prize will be forfeit and a new winner will be picked and contacted.

*If you don’t have a secondary email address already and are nervous about sharing your main email address on the internet, why not set up a new free email account on hotmail, gmail or yahoo, that you can use to enter competitions like this?

Please leave a comment - I love hearing from you!
151 Comments to "Booze Free January with Luscombe Drinks (Competition)"

  1. Jo

    My favourite non-alcoholic drink is ginger beer. I love it, especially when it is really fiery!

    Happy New Year Kavey. Thanks for doing another fantastic competition

  2. Louise

    Since getting pregnant, I've been trying lots of different soft drinks where normally wine would prevail 😉

    Top favourite is definitely ginger beer, which is fab with gin for those that can! I do love Luscombes scilian Lemonade too though.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win xx

  3. Louise

    sorry forgot to add my email address
    its lacoppard at hotmail dot com.

    Also tweeted for the extra entry! 😉

  4. Gilla01

    My favorite non-alcohic drink is any of the elderflower cordials.

    Have retweeted, and am following you on Twitter as @Gilla01.

  5. Katie Bryson

    I adore carrot, apple, celery and Ginger juice made in our juicer. It's so damned healthy it feels like you'll live forever after necking a pint of it!!
    katie_bryson at yahoo dot co dot uk

  6. aquarius

    An absolute fave is a drink called 'Sorrell'. It's very popular in the Caribbean and is so refreshing. It's made from boiled 'sorrell' leaves. Once cooled you add brown sugar to sweeten and spices to give it a kick. Add some crushed ice, et voila… a delicious non-alcoholic drink! Dark rum is optional however :p. Oooh, I could do with a glass now…:D

  7. happyfox

    Fresh pineapple, vanilla ice cream, ice cubes, pineapple juice and an egg all whizzed up in the blender.

    Tweeted @happyfox
    givinganswers [at] googlemail [dot] com

  8. purelyfood

    Traditional cloudy lemonade. Sounds like a great collection of drinks.

    Happy new year.

    purelyfood [at] gmail [dot] com

  9. emmabarron

    Me and my partner are giving up drinking in the week so would love a soft drink alternative – these look lovely.
    twitter @ emmabarron

  10. Anonymous

    My all time favourite is Pineapple juice but I'd love to broaden my horizons this year….
    bowierat at hotmail dot com


    My favorite drink is orange juice and lemonade i find it great if your feeling very thirsty and it's very refreshing too !

    tweeted @CHOCOAJ x

  12. Anonymous

    I love Peppermint tea, it's lovely hot or with ice 🙂


  13. pinksy

    Here's my fave non-alcoholic cocktail!

    Lemon Daisy

    25ml fresh lemon juice
    10ml grenadine
    15ml sugar syrup
    60ml lemonade
    60ml soda water

    Stir the lemon juice, grenadine and sugar syrup in a white wine glass, add ice, and top with the lemonade and soda

    Try it in the summer!

    markpinks at yahoo dot co dot uk

  14. proctors

    What a great prize – these look wonderful. Happy new year!

  15. tippytlawton

    Green Cream Soda, I have only seen this sold in the Far East (I spent time in Brunei as a child) I think its made by Fanta, but is er green bright green and is the best cream soda ever. I have been known to sneak cans back in my luggage…..

  16. Jo

    Happy New Year and thanks for a fab opportunity.

    Elderflower cordial mixed with freshly squeezed orange, halved strawberries and orange wedges, poured over crushed ice. I so want one right this minute.
    Tweeting now @Jo_Bryan

  17. Anonymous

    My favorite non-alcoholic drink is called BOH Iced Green Tea with Lime. I first tried it when I went to the BOH plantation in Malaysia, and now I buy it in bulk on their website and get it shipped over to the UK – I'm addicted!

    It has the taste and health benefits of green tea, but with a wicked lime tang, although is sweet enough to not get heartburn afterwards! lol.

    It comes in packs that contain 30 sachets of the powder which you mix with cold water. I love the stuff :).

  18. Anonymous

    I love pure orange juice with a splash of ginger beer – don't knock it till you've tried it. Orange and ginger go together fabulously – I also like dipping ginger biscuits in orange juice – yummy!

  19. scrumpy

    I simply adore blackcurrant cordial by the bucketful! Am also tweeting at scrumpy11 on twitter.

  20. Juls

    My favourite non alcoholic drink is a loose leaf tea I discovered a few years ago called “Chilli, Chilli, Bang Bang” which is made from Rooibos, Red chillis, thistles, ginger and pepper. It may not have caffeine in but I'm awake and energised in minutes!

  21. Anonymous

    Fizzy water with a slice of lemon 🙂

    RuthJ (

  22. Anonymous

    My favourite soft drink is orange juice mixed with lemonade and ice- my kids love it too!! They think its a 'cocktail'!! Thanks for the competition Amy 🙂

  23. M.

    My favourite non-alcoholic drink is coffee because I love the rich aroma, stimulating drive, always making me feel alive!

  24. Lynn

    My favourite non alcoholic drink is a homemade cool thick milkshake, i like vanilla flavour best,

    lattieh at yahoo dot com

  25. S Lloyd

    No, I did not overindulge on booze in Decemer, and feel in line with the aforementioned resolutions. I love Ginger juice

  26. Arabella

    Always ginger beer, but I am sure the non p.c. home-made variety of my childhood would explain why the village children slept soundly after the annual fete… arabellabazley at gmail dot com

  27. Daisymaebee

    I love passion fruit juice it's great for waking up those taste buds,plus my other half hates it so all the more for me heeheexxx

  28. haxel

    My favourite non-alcoholic drink is elderflower.

    I have tweeted as @beachrambler.

  29. ustupidwoman

    Got to be lashings of Ginger Beer – a throwback from my Famous Five days!!!

  30. Joanna

    I am very fond of Luscombe's Sicilian Lemonade. Don't put me in your draw though please, I still have about 30 bottles of homemade elderflower cordial from last summer !

  31. Anonymous

    I love apple juice straight out of the fridge …


  32. pepicola

    I just love Pepsi Max. I can't get enough of it but try to limit to a can a day – bit worried about all that caffeine!

  33. splatky

    Ooops not sure where my comment went, I'll try again!

    My fav is usually appletiser, but strangely yesterday I tried Luscombe Pear with Madagasgan Vanilla & it tastes amazing 🙂


  34. Anonymous

    Smoothie, made from fresh fruit juice and yoghurt, mmmm

    robyn_logan (at) yahoo (dot) com

  35. kpdchudleigh

    I adore Luscombe apple juice! It's delicious and it's produced locally to me. The crisp fresh taste always takes me back to summer picnics at National Trust properties with my children. Just the thing for a grey January day.

  36. Anonymous

    I love drinking fresh young cocunut and then scooping out the lovely jelly – yum – @dini152

  37. I heart cupcakes

    My favourite non-alcoholic drink is a diet-coke float – although not sure if you class it as a drink as such as it has ice cream! If not I'd go for Irn Bru!

  38. katrinao

    Soda water and lime, I still drink this on a night out. Looks like a cocktail without the headache the next day 😉


  39. clare seal

    My favourite non alcoholic drink is Diet Coke with lots of ice!!

  40. cnelson

    Pomegranate juice with lemonade is my favourite cold non alcoholic drink. Following you on twitter as @compingclaire

  41. Anonymous

    I'm very boring,
    It's milk with crushed ice,
    But the Luscombe drinks,
    Sound very nice!!
    I could become teetotal,
    That's for sure,
    Because tasting one,
    I'm bound to want more!!

  42. Anonymous

    I love water its refreshing and cool
    I always take a bottle to school
    Like Luscombe drinks its natural and pure
    And I couldnt live without it thats for sure!

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