Tea at Liberty

I first visited Liberty’s ground floor Tea room with Kate from Lahloo Tea. I already wrote all about Kate’s marvellous teas; if you haven’t tried them already, you really should!

The memory of Liberty’s incredible fruit loaf cake was so strong and so alluring that I had to return for another helping; it was just as good as I remembered.

Pete opted for a fairy cake and we both enjoyed a cuppa.


But the star of the visit, for me, was that fruit loaf cake. The interior is moist, but not overly so, with juicy raisins and a simple flavour. The crust is slightly crispy, slightly chewy and a little dense. Goodness, it’s such a perfect balance, I am salivating just trying to describe it to you!

So what are the chances of my persuading the Liberty chef responsible for this utter delight to share his or her recipe with me? Do you think they’re the kind of place that jealously guard their in-house recipes or might they be warm and fluffy sharers?

I shall rustle up the courage to contact them and find out!

In the meantime, if you have a particularly good tried and tested recipe for fruit loaf cake to share, I’d be grateful!

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  1. mistymaria

    I'm not a huge cake fan but this is my favourite cake.
    1 cup (I use a standard mug) milk
    1 cup sultanas
    1 cup All-Bran
    1 cup sugar
    Mix these 4 together in a bowl and stand for at least an hour stirring occasionally until the All-Bran dissolves.
    Mix in 1 cup SR flour.
    Pour into greased/lined (non-stick parchment) 1lb loaf tin. Cook on moderate (180C?) for about an hour.
    Beautiful spread with lots of butter 🙂

    Unsurprisingly I think this originated as a “have-you-tried?” recipe off an All-Bran packet back in the '70s 🙂


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