Observer Food Monthly’s Secret Supper Club

A few weeks ago the Observer Food Monthly team invited a group of mainly London-based food and drink bloggers to join them at a secret supper club – so secret we weren’t even sent the address until the day itself!

They hosted the evening at The Dock Kitchen and enlisted Thomasina Miers and Stevie Parle to cook a fantastic meal for us.

I’ve long since forgotten the details of the delicious voddie cocktail I had a few too many of (sticking to the cocktails in place of the wine that everyone else switched to) but it made me warm and fuzzy inside.

As did the delicious food – the memory of those delightful elderflower fritters is with me still. It was a feast of gargantuan proportions and I am most thankful for the invite!

A few photos from the evening:

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6 Comments to "Observer Food Monthly’s Secret Supper Club"

  1. Kavey

    @meemalee – Aah yes, cucumbers! (Virtually a gherkin cocktail)

    @douglas – they were huge! but gorgeous!

  2. Allan

    @kavey – very welcome, loved the evening and god to meet everyone
    @ douglas – don't knock the fritters, best of the year.


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