Glorious Soups!

Two reasons why I hadn’t come across Glorious Food‘s soups:-

1) I’m not a huge soup eater.
2) They aren’t (yet) stocked in my nearest supermarket.

The main reason for the first is that I often find soups to be quite dull. Whilst the flavours are often great, the lack of texture, bite, chew makes me feel like I’m eating baby food and regularly relegates soup to the role of get-well-soon food or the occasional winter warmer.


I came across Glorious when they generously offered me complimentary tickets to the Taste Of London 2010 festival where they had a colourful and welcoming stall.

I was a little nervous about accepting – after all, what if I didn’t think much of their products? Regular readers have worked out by now that I’m not one to recommend anything I don’t genuinely like and I won’t hold back from negative comments if I think they are warranted.


Luckily, Glorious manage to counter the baby food problem by including generous chunky bits of meat, pasta, vegetables which make their soups vastly more satisfying than the various posh, fresh soup brands I’ve tried before.

I really like their soups! Phew!

My favourites so far are Tuscan Chicken & Orzo (which includes proper mouthfuls of chicken not to mention that lovely orzo pasta), Toulouse Sausage & Bean Cassoulet (nice, firm beans, proper bits of sausages in a lovely rich saucey soup) and Sunny Thai Chicken (which is lifted by the addition of lovely sweet potato).

I’ve also tried their Big Easy Chilli Cream Sauce which we used with chicken and pasta. In retrospect, given it’s Thai-like flavours, it would have been better with rice, but even with pasta it was delicious!

The soups last well in the fridge and are quick and easy to heat.

I’m really hoping they will be available in my Waitrose soon, as I’ve been thinking longingly about that Chicken & Orzo soup on a number of occasions, especially during some of the drizzly days spent in the Lake District recently!

Hand on heart, I’m happy to recommend these soups to anyone looking for a simple, tasty and hearty meal… even better with some fresh, crusty bread!

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8 Comments to "Glorious Soups!"

  1. Heavenly Housewife

    Daaaaahling, I want to hug you for saying you aren't a soup eater LOL. You are a kindred spirit indeed :D.I feel like I'm the only girl who really isn't into it. That being said, if you say its good, if i see it, I'll give it a try.
    Hope you are having a great weekend.
    *kisses* HH

  2. Geordie In London

    Tuscan Chicken & Orzo is my favourite too! When I tried it at Taste of London they got me hooked. Luckily I live next to a Sainsburys that stocks them.

  3. Kavey

    @HH – 🙂 You KNOW it! There are only very few occasions where I am in the mood for something with no bite or chew. I have to be proper ILL! So these soups really work for me…

    @Libby – not bad but not my fave!

    @Geordie – I do have a Sainso not too far away but it's my least favourite of our local supermarkets, it's dingy and unfriendly, I avoid if possible. Maybe pop in for the soups though!

  4. Anonymous

    Just tried my first soups today, as they were on offer in Sainsburys. Superb!! Far better than, well, that other well known brand that retails in a tetrapak. I'm eating Sunny Thai Chicken and love it. Ten out of ten.

  5. Daffyd K Jones

    I've just tried two varieties of Glorious soup, including Sunny Thai chicken – very unimpressed, watery and bland. I thought this was supposed to be a luxury brand of soup but the Tesco Finest range of soups is cheaper and much tastier in comparison.

  6. Kavey

    Daffyd, what a shame…
    I didn't find them bland or watery, rather thick and full of flavour with generous amount of chunky ingredients.
    That said, I've not tried them recently, so can't comment on whether they've changed formula…


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