Chocolate Weetabix Giveaway

I love my cereal but I’m a bit of a kid about it. I like Lucky Charms, Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, Cinnamon Grahams (Curiously Cinnamon is stupid name and I’ve stopped buying them in protest), Coco Pops Mega Munchers and my own Jordans Country Crisp into which I put at least as much chocolate and fruit and nuts as cereal.

Taste is important to me and, when it comes to cereal, as with so much else, I have a sweet tooth.

(I’d have to be brain dead before I’d voluntarily eat the cardboard that is Bran Flakes – I don’t care how good for me they might be! )

But even I am not stupid enough to think it’s a good idea for me to eat a bowl full of sugar each and every morning.

So I was intrigued when I heard about the new Weetabix Chocolate described as “a healthier chocolate cereal”. launching this month.

What’s it like?

It’s exactly like regular Weetabix but with a subtle chocolate taste. It isn’t massively sweet – the chocolate just lends a flavour. It’s sweeter than it’s Plain Jane sibling but not jarringly so and certainly significantly less sweet than the candy concoctions I mention above.

I like it, and I feel I’m having a (comparitively) virtuous breakfast at the same time.


I have two boxes to give away. Leave me a comment about your favourite breakfast – cereal or otherwise – and I’ll send one box each to two of you picked from comments left by the deadline – midnight GMT 23 August 2010. Open to UK residents only.

Please leave a comment - I love hearing from you!
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  1. twannywun

    My favourite breakfast cereal is rasin wheats, but i don't really eat cereal anymore. i have a big bowl of mixed fruit.

  2. leiladukes

    Best breakfast ever, you ask? That's easy!

    Ultimate dream breakfast, for when I've got time for a treat, or if someone else is cooking: hair of the dog bloody mary followed by eggs royale (which is like benedict except for smoked salmon replacing the standard ham– still with lovely hollandaise and toasted muffin of course!). Loads of summer berries on the side to pick at, and all washed down with alternate swigs of strong black coffee and freshly squeezed oj.

    In reality, the most I can stretch to when I'm feeling poorly is soft boiled eggs with marmite soldiers to dunk and lots of cups of tea.

    Best all-round breakfast: bacon with brown on white.

    Saying that, I rarely have breakfast during the week & usualy just grab an apple or banana! I know it's unhealthy but I guess it lets me appreciate the weekend even more…

    still keen for that coffee Kavey if you're about? x

  3. Littleme96

    Best breakfast? It's got to be the highly unhealthy Pain au Chocolat on Christmas day!

    Normal breakfasts sadly aren't that exciting and tend to be crumpets or Jordan's nut clusters with plain yoghurt!

  4. mollylou

    cold plum and apple crumble – always my fave

    failing that, Jordan's Country Crisp (raspberry) with yogurt, the next best thing

  5. Unknown

    Full English – Sausage, egg, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms and black pudding with plenty of hot buttered toast. All washed down with a mug of hot tea.

    Needless to say, I only have this as a treat two or three times a year.

  6. Mary

    Whoo I love Porridge but to make it more creamy, exciting and probably unhealthy I like to pour 'Tip Top' over it. Yummy.

    I also like regular weetabix mixed to a mush with warm milk. OK so maybe I am weird after all?

  7. Justine

    I eat weetabix – its a healthy extra on Slimming World – as is the chocolate version. Not tried the choccy variety though but chocolate is chocolate!!

  8. margf

    Original weetabix topped with banana's and strawberries. But I must admit I haven't tried the chocolate Weetabix yet.

  9. Kanga_Rue

    So much to choose from, a Full English breakfast, home-made porridge with dark brown sugar melting on top, or an indulgent bowl of Coco Pops. Probably the Coco Pops as I was only allowed them when I was on holiday so they always seem like such a treat when I have them when I'm at a B&B or hotel breakfast buffet!

  10. katherinesara

    oooo cinnamon grahams are gorgeous but i agree the new name is silly!

    I love honey nut hoops, crunchy nut cornflakes, frosted wheats and recently have gone back to loving shreddies!

  11. Steph

    I'm naughty and have 2 weetabix covered in sugar and milk, so they go all soggy and sweet then add some blueberries, heaven 🙂

  12. CadiM

    I love Lucky Charms! But since I'm a grown-up, I stick to Weetabix with fruit each morning. Apart from special Lucky Charms occasions…

  13. thetoothfairy

    I adore shreddies…ever since I was a child. I hadn't had them in absolute years, but my daughter saw them in the shop and wanted them, so I had a sneaky bowl myself when no-one was looking…and yum yum yummy yum yum…..took me right back to lie ins and bike rides in the park. Love them

  14. Amelia Royle

    Weetabix mixed with milk and slices of apple put in the microwave to heat up, then add a teaspoon of honey and mix in … mmmmm, my carb. fix in the mornings!

  15. Sharon

    Mmmmm Special K is my fave 🙂 Normally regular Special K but sometimes the one with Strawberries & Chocolate too – yummy!! Boyfriend likes the chocolatey kids cereals like Coco Pops & Chocolate Meteors haha! He saw the Weetabix Chocolate today and pondered for a second (he does like Weetabix too when being healthy) but then bought bad bad Frosties instead!!

  16. Anonymous

    Porridge, love the stuff. Plain, with jam, honey, berries – anything – just love it.

  17. eleanor73

    Weetabix with raisins or porridge (but only in the winter!) When hungover it has to be a fry up (make sure the bacon is crispy!) x

  18. nonblonde

    i like two weetabix with ice cold milk and a banana so nice and it fills me up untill dinner time, its so refreshing when i eat it. mmmmm love it

  19. craig brown

    american pancakes ,with 2 fried eggs over easy and lashings of maple syrup. …mmmm

  20. Kelly

    Slightly crisp smoked middle bacon, 2 big fresh eggs with runny yolks, freshly sliced toast with slaterings of butter, a well-fried tomato, piles of buttery fried mushrooms with black pepper, a couple of spicy Cumberland sausages and enough tomato ketchup to lubricate the trip to my thighs 🙂

  21. Anonymous

    Jordans Country Crisp with a glass of fresh squeezed orange 🙂

  22. philiboy

    Hmmm – full English has to be the best (if not the healthiest) breakfast. Doh….now I've gona and made myself hungry

  23. Katie A

    my usual choice would definitely be 2 weetabix with so much milk they become unrecognisable but extremely yummy, along side a cold glass of apple juice.

    But as a favourite it would have to be cinamon hot cross buns with plently of melted buter

    ..and not to forget a bood bacon buttie for those sunday morning hangovers

  24. David

    You can't beat a full english on the weekend. But for during the week I usually have Shreded Wheat

  25. joho

    My favourite breakfast is actually porridge made with milk with raisins and linseeds and sunflower seeds. Sets me up for the day! But a quick brekkie is banana on toast with a drizzle of honey! Yum. 🙂

  26. mustangsally

    I've never tried chocolate Weetabix. Sounds yummy! At the moment I love Dorset Cereals Fruit Muesli with pineapple and papaya and Berries N Cherries.

  27. Jo

    My favourite breakfast is just cold toast with butter on, I love it. Usually eat cereal though as I have no time to wait for toast to be cold.

  28. Anonymous


  29. Lucy

    I love those almond croissant thingies from Pret but that's a rare treat! My usual breakkie is just toast n marmite.

  30. Anonymous

    Mmmm my two fave foods – Choccie and Weetabix. But combined? Lol sounds delish!

  31. John

    I like my greek yoghurt and chopped banana, but preferably with some of your mother's cold curry, Kavey.
    Chocolate weetabix? Sounds more for late night snacking to me!

  32. Gilla01

    I tend to skip breakfast – not enough time – and take a couple of yoghurts into work with me to snack on, along with a couple of bananas.

    Breakfast is only good if someone else makes it for upi!

  33. bellingham

    my daughter loves chocolate squares so Im thinking she would love this too and I would be happy too as its weetabix so its the best of both worlds really…

  34. sophie

    Don't usually get much time for breakfast.. usually go for kelloggs cereal bars, usually the rice crispies or cocopops cocorocks. I guess they're pretty childish too 🙂

  35. thr33k

    My favourite at the moment is Jordans Chocolate cereal, because its delicious and chocolatey…and healthy!

  36. Pam

    Favourite breakfast is a full English, but only have it when we are on holiday.2nd favourite is toast and marmalade.

  37. nicola

    My favourite breakfast is a Full English Breakfast complete with Bacon,Fried Egg,Mushrooms,Tomatoes,Sausages,Beans,Black pudding and either bread and butter or toast and a cup of coffee.A great way to start my day.

  38. Anonymous

    It's got to be these new Chocolate Weetabix i love them. yummy

  39. beffffff

    At the moment I'm alternating between favourite breakfasts….I'm loving Dorset Cereal low fat flakes with a sliced banana & pouring yoghurt AAAAAND Cheerio Clusters with skimmed milk.

  40. Michelle Kinsey

    My favourite Cereal has to be either Kelloggs Cornflakes and Kelloggs Rice Krispies, and it has to be Ice Cold whole milk that I use too 🙂

    I like weetabix in the winter, but I prefer it mashed til soft with the milk and then warmed up in the microwave for 30 seconds to warm me up a bit …….Is it winter yet?

  41. Blue

    mmm American pancakes with lashings of maple syrup, bacon on the side and two fried eggs “over easy”….. or pretty much any American breakfast buffet bar…they really know how to over do it lol

  42. johnston352

    I love cereal. My family goes through boxes of the stuff!!
    My favourite is Krave, It's amazing when your in the mood for a sweet treat. I don't eat it every day as it can not be good for you, my main cereal is Rice kripsies. Also Dorset cereals are amzing the full range. Mmmmm

  43. ali991

    I love museli but only if its got loads of fruit in it. The more raisins, berries, banana chips etc the better.

  44. Mandy

    I don't often get a chance to have a proper breakfast with a baby and toddler keeping me on my toes, but if I could choose anything I would go for greek yoghurt and fresh seasonal fruit. Sadly the reality is a strong cup of coffee and a breakfast or the crusts from my childrens toast!

  45. Anonymous

    My favourite cereal is Crunchy Nut cornflakes but I'm not very good at eating breakfast each morning.

  46. earthmommaof6

    My favourite breakfast is granary bread lightly toasted and the barest scraping of a very very low fat spread…………………then heaped with a massssssssssive dollop of nutella, topped with squirty cream 🙂 I love food too xxx

  47. Terri Fox

    A full english every sunday morning, cures the hangover straight away yummy 🙂

  48. Richard Boothroyd

    Can't beat a bowl of steaming porridge with demerara sugar in the morning!

  49. Anonymous

    i love a weetabix ,with slice banna on top and milk x holdera5 dot aol dot com

  50. brideoflichtenstein

    My favourite cereal is Golden Nuggets. Who remembers Corn Pops? Golden Nuggets are sort of like them, but I think Nestle make them.

    My favourite all time breakfast is pancakes, either American with blueberries and maple syrup or the crepe kind with lemon and sugar.

    You also can't go wrong with crispy bacon!

  51. Louise

    i love weetabix minis nut and crisp they are gorgues 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!

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