Follow your dreams, indulge in your passions, share the happiness…

A little parcel arrived in the post for me this week.

A parcel containing a very thoughtful gift from a stranger who’s obviously been reading my blog.


The note stuck to the back reads “A little gift inspired by We love that you follow and share your passions! Pass it on. xxx

I’m thrilled to bits – you remember how much I loved that chocolate, right?

So what’s this cupid concept then?

Searching the interwebs takes me to this blog post on thingswemake about another random gift and the cupid concept’s website blog.

What an intriguing idea. The cupid concept encourages the world to “get on indulging in what makes them tick, share it, find and connect with all those others who get it too.

I’m a firm believer in the adage that we only live once and should do our best to enjoy life (so long as we can do so without hurting others).

Following our dreams, indulging in our passions, sharing our happiness and excitement with others… I’m all for that!

This blog allows me to share just a small part of what makes me tick with others and it’s great to know it’s striking a chord!

Thank you so much to my anonymous benefactor – you’ve really put a smile on my face today!

I am already thinking hard about how and to whom I can pass the love on…

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4 Comments to "Follow your dreams, indulge in your passions, share the happiness…"

  1. Debs @ DKC

    How wonderful. I wish I received random gifts in the post LOL.

    I'm sure you'll find someone worthy person to pass it onto. Shame it's not Mother's day!

  2. thingswemake

    Ooh! You got one too! How lovely. Who doesn't love a little gift to remind you you are on the right track?

    Jealous of that chocolate, after reading your blog I went to get some but can't find it anywhere. It's 'very' limited edition. Enjoy, and do let me know if you pass it on. I will be passing it on soon too…

  3. Kavey

    @Debs – I have a few people in mind!

    @Thingswemake – I hope that chocolate bar makes it to their permanent range, I know it's limited edition (sort of testing the waters) at the moment.

    @Lizzie – hadn't even thought of that! That said, not only do quite a lot of PRs/ suppliers have my address a lot of blogger/ friends do too so I guess could be anyone of them!

    It's a good point though, I was getting excited thinking what I could pass forward but will have to restrict to people for whom I have address!


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