Win a Soreen T-Shirt

Are you a little bit, or maybe a whole lot of a bit, addicted to Soreen’s fruity malt loaf?

If you’d like to win this sweet Soreen T-shirt to wear to your next session of the SAA (Soreen Addicts Anonymous) or perhaps as a gift to the lady Soreen addict in your life, why not leave me a comment below letting me know about your food and drink addictions, Soreen or otherwise?

I’ll pick a winner from all comments left before July 15th 2010.

The T-shirt is a Fruit Of The Loom, Lady Fit Large. The competition is open to UK residents only.

Please leave a comment - I love hearing from you!
13 Comments to "Win a Soreen T-Shirt"

  1. BribedwithFood

    I don't particularly care for the t-shirt, but thought I'd share – Coconut rice and kidney beans the Panamenian style.
    I'd eat it even for breakfast if I could.

  2. Food Urchin

    Hmm tough one as I couple of food and *ahem* drink addictions but I'd have to say…grapes, I could eat grapes until they came out of my ears.

    In the past, they've invariably come out of my bottom first though.


  3. Kelly Sibson

    Chiles. I definitely crave the burn, though there is a limit to how hot I can go. Exceeding that limit usually has disastrous results.

    Previous addictions include hamburgers, pork of any kind (except ham) and chocolate, though I've pretty much recovered from that one.

  4. Annes S

    Oooh soreen is lovely! spread thickly with butter its a real treat!

    Though my real addiction is cadburys dairy milk with crunchie bits, I normally have a quite good level of self control but this stuff is doomed from the moment its in my shopping basket! One square is never enough and before I know it – its an empty wrapper! I love everything about it. Seriously.

  5. Kavey

    @helen oh yes, frankfurters, I like them in cheap soft doughy hot dog rolls with ketchup and mustard and fried onions…

    @carla I have never had that, is it sweet or savoury?

    @foodurchin you made me snort out very loudly at WORK!

    @kelly I'm the opposite, can't do chilli at all. Pork is good, oh yes.

  6. Kavey

    @anne we cross-posted! I used to eat cadbury's as a kid but, oddly as I'm a sweet-toothed person, I prefer my chocolate darker and less sweet, though there are some exceptions!

  7. Anonymous

    My favourite is pie, humble pie. I don't seem to be able to eat enough of it….apparently 😉

    Failing that it's Waitrose Columbian Coffee ice cream, always on offer too (damn them). Once the lid is off, the Gods of all of the Worlds major religions (and some of the minor deities too) can't get it out of my hands and back in the freezer. Not meaning to try to trump a previous comment, I have also eaten it for breakfast with cornflakes – and yes, it was gooooood.

  8. Kavey

    @larduk I loooooooooooooove coffee ice-cream, one of my very favourite flavours. Good choice.

    I do like pie, but mostly chicken pie and cow pie and pig pie and so on.

  9. Dom

    I'm addicted to Marmite with everything, and everything with Marmite.

    Especially malt loaf…

  10. BeccaRothwell

    Toast. Boring I know, but I've been sat here for about 5 minutes trying to think of what I'm addicted to and that's really the one thing that keeps popping into my head.

    Lovely hot buttered toast, preferably freshly cut wholemeal seeded or granary of some kind, but cheap plastic white is always welcome too.

    Sometimes spread with honey, sometimes peanut butter, sometimes lovely melty cheese with Worcestershire sauce, and very occasionally marmalade or jam, but best of all dripping with far too much artery clogging butter.

    Oh I could eat slices of toast everyday and never tire of it. Damn I really want some toast now….

  11. Mark

    A bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape 2004, Camembert, freshly baked French bread and most important of all, someone to share it with.

  12. Kavey

    @Dom – What an interesting idea – the savoury marmite presumably brings out the malty yeasty flavours in the fruit loaf rather than the sweeter ones…

    @Becca – Ah yes, one must never forget those things that are almost so familiar we DO forget them… toast is a simple pleasure and yet, yes so good!

    @Mark – now that does sound like an addiction worth having!

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