Les Peches Plates

The first time I came across “les pêches plates” (flat peaches) was in France but I’ve since come across them here in the UK, now and then.

They are also known as doughnut (or donut), Saturn and even UFO peaches!

I bought these tasty beauties at the local newsagent/ grocer at the top of my road on Thursday!

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13 Comments to "Les Peches Plates"

  1. Su-Lin

    They're gorgeous, aren't they? This year's seem to be very good – my lot from my grocer is very tasty and sweet!

  2. Kavey

    @Rejina Yes, a real taste of summer!

    @Su_Lin Mine were lovely and sweet too. Shall have to pick up some more, once I have got through today's strawberries!

  3. Debs @ DKC

    Hi Kavey, How odd you should post about the peaches.

    Whilst at a BBQ just last night, my MIL was asking about these very peaches & some people had never heard of them & others didn't know what they were called.

    I can pretend to be very knowledgeable now & tell everyone what they are called hee hee, thanks.

  4. Choclette

    I've never seen doughnut peaches before – do they taste just the same? They remind me more than anything of “mother goddesses”.

  5. Kavey

    @choclette yes they do taste the same, though the best of them are so wonderfully sweet. Then again, that applies to the best regular round peaches too. Maybe it's just their rarity or the cuteness of the shape, but they make me smile to see and eat them!

  6. S

    i love these- and adore your photo. i know they should be had as is but it doesnt hurt to broil them for just a teeny bit and have w thick cream and crushed pistachios. x shayma

  7. Kavey

    @shayma That sounds lovely too, might try that, especially if end up with some that aren't as sweet and soft as expected…

  8. Kavey

    @foodycat Me neither, infact all I've had are 8 of these (I went back and bought another four, for the princely sum of £1.02) a couple of days later!

  9. Howard

    I do like peaches of all shapes particularly
    nectarines but this year I’ve had some superb apricots which I usually find a tad dry.


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