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I have posted before about Matcha Chocolat, one of the new quality chocolatiers on the block launched just a few months ago by Katie Christoffers, who is keen to marry the delights of good quality chocolate with the equal wonders of tea.

Since we met for an interview, after she first sent me her original Emperor’s Selection box to review (I subsequently put in an order of my own) I’ve been keeping in touch regularly, keen to show support for this fledgling business, one I admire greatly. You can read more about the inspiration for and launching of the business on my original post, and you can find lots more information on Katie’s website, including a page on ingredients, Matcha’s green policy and of course, her product range.

What I’d really like to draw your attention to today is Katie’s absolutely fantastic blog featuring beautifully written articles on tea history, culture and processing as well as a selection of delectable tea recipes. Not many new blogs are so well presented and such an enjoyable read. Don’t be fooled by it’s integration into the business website into thinking it’s a thinly veiled commercial blog – not at all, it’s a rich and fascinating read and quite separate to the beautiful chocolates on sale in the shop. I absolutely recommend this blog to any fellow teaphiles out there.



Her new Jade Collection is going on sale in June and includes delicious china rose beauties, white chocolate green tea squares with a pretty gold design imprinted on then, dark chocolate domes filled with green tea liqueur and matcha, dark strawberry chocolates and the popular masala chai variety in the centre.

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