Birthday Dim Sum at Gerrard’s Corner

A year is quite a milestone in the life of a blog, I feel. So many blogs fall by the wayside a few posts in, once their creators realise the time and effort required to keep a blog going and lose their initial momentum. So I was very happy to reach my first blog birthday a few weeks ago. I’m still loving sharing my love for food and haven’t lost steam yet!

Of course, the most appropriate way to celebrate the birthday of a food blog is to enjoy some great food and, as mine fell on Good Friday, I was pleased that a few friends could join me. I fancied going somewhere I’d been visiting for ages, with that comfortable feel of the familiar that comes of knowing the place and staff and looking forward to long time favourites on the menu. And of course, it had to be food for sharing.

So dim sum at Gerrard’s Corner in China Town it was.

Thank you so much to Pei, Marcus, Luiz, Dr G, Bea, Rachel and Pete for helping me mark the date!

The best thing about dim sum with 8 people is being able to order so many dishes. We had all kinds of goodies, including virtually all my favourites – a variety of steamed Chinese dumplings with meat and seafood fillings, silky cheung fun filled with savoury Chinese doughnut, seafood croquettes, sesame prawn parcels, delicious minced-meat-filled taro croquettes, cold and spicy Thai octopus, turnip cake stir fry, stir-fried noodles and bean sprouts, sticky rice parcels, beef balls and even chicken feet, which, in the photos below, you can see Rachel look nervous about, try for the first time and then judge it a positive experience!

Everyone seemed to enjoy the dishes, I know I certainly did! And we washed them all down with some of Pei’s teas (available from his website), which the restaurant kindly provided us teapots and hot water to brew.

We finished with custard tarts and sesame dumplings. The custard tarts were soft and creamy and with a wonderfully light pastry. And I was so pleased to be able to order the sesame dumplings I love so much – I’m seldom with others who like them and I just can’t eat a portion of 3 on my own. That hot, sweet, dark nutty filling is just delightful!


A table groaning under the weight of so many delicious dishes!


Rachel and the chicken feet




Friends helping me celebrate!

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7 Comments to "Birthday Dim Sum at Gerrard’s Corner"

  1. Heavenly Housewife

    What fun 🙂 There is nothing that makes me happier than a table loaded with good food… oh and i guess friends too… i guess. LOL
    Wishing you many more successful years as a blogger. I love coming here and reading your blog.
    *kisses* HH

  2. The London Foodie

    I had a great time celebrating this special date with you! Thanks for inviting me along. It was also nice to meet Pei and Marcus (wonderful teas), Peter, Bea and Rachel.

  3. Kathleen

    Kavey, having dim sum with you is one of my very fondest memories of my last trip to London! So happy to hear you celebrated your blogiversary, and wishing you many more to come!

  4. The Grubworm

    Happy one year blogiversary! Lovely looking Dim Sum there. I love the whole idea of ordering a huge pile of dishes and then sharing. Looks like it was suitably delicious, judging by the expressions of the eaters.

  5. Kavey

    Thanks everyone, it was a lovely lunch and so nice to have friends come and celebrate with me!


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