Shortbread Secrets at Bob Bob Ricard

There’s been quite a buzz in the London food blogging and twitter community about Bob Bob Ricard in the last couple of months, not least because, since my visit back in January, Leonid has run a number of vodka and zakuski tasting events for bloggers, which have gone down very well indeed.

But saying good things about BBR on twitter has had one person ask me if I’m their new PR (er, no, I work in IT!) and another make disparaging comments about the many blogger recommendations coming only at the expense of free vodka. I think that’s rather unfair – I’ve read many comments by many bloggers about places they’ve been to on a complimentary basis (including that invidual) and, believe me, not all of them are positive by any stretch of the imagination! Besides which, quite a few of us BBR fans have been on our own buck and still loved the place.

I like Bob Bob Ricard for the outrageously kitch decor, the suitably delicious food and the air of flamboyant fantasia about the place. It’s eccentric. And that’s what I love, quite frankly!

One of the things I had been dreaming about, since my first visit, was the airy light, crumbly shortbread biscuits that are part of the bramley and cox apple jelly dessert. Following that first visit, I asked Leonid if there was any chance his chef might teach me how to make them!

To my delight, James Walker, the head chef of the BBR kitchen, kindly agreed and Pete and I went in one fine Monday morning to learn the secret! And secret it shall remain – the recipe was brought into the kitchen by chef Robert Panek and I am honouring the request not to make it public.

We did have a lovely morning, thank you James and thank you too for the eye-opening tour of the kitchen and explanations of all the amazing appliances. I was so impressed with that ice-cream maker, that machine that makes hot sauces such as bechamel, those ovens that can introduce as much or little humidity as you decide and all the other specialist equipment.

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5 Comments to "Shortbread Secrets at Bob Bob Ricard"

  1. Heavenly Housewife

    Oh Kavey, I am green with jealousy. Are you sure you can't share the secret with little old me???? I so want to know!!!
    *kisses and pretty please with sugar on top*

  2. Kavey

    HH, sorry, no a promise is a promise…

    Sarah, ha haa, you're not the only one still holding a grudge about that. But it came up in conversation recently: Leonid explained that when he'd first joined twitter, he'd not really understood how it worked and followed everyone he came across in the food community. He very quickly realised he couldn't even remotely keep up and unfollowed virtually the entire lot and started again, adding people as he got to know them. It wasn't anything personal!

  3. The London Foodie

    How lovely that they kept to their word and taught you how to make those lovely biscuits. Well done for keeping it a well guarded secret. I had a most lovely time there with you, Rej, Neil, Mimi and Rachel. Thanks for the link.


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