Polska Chatka, North Finchley

I’ve been meaning to pop into the Polish restaurant, Polska Chatka, at the top end of North Finchley high street for ages. I finally made it for lunch recently.

The interior is pretty casual, good for a relaxed meal out. And there’s a very low corkage charge on BYOB – I think it’s £2 or £3 per person. And Polish beer, of course!

I’ve not had Polish food much before, so couldn’t comment on it from authenticity perspective, though my friend who knows the food better said the mixed pierogi she ordered were good.

Pete loved his chicken breast marinaded [sic] in special sauce, fried and served with chips and cabbage. The chicken was moist and well-cooked and the flavours of the sauce were good. The cabbage is much lighter than German sauerkraut but still with a pickled flavour. Not bad.

I asked for a cucumber salad instead of the cabbage with my pork chop in breadcrumbs, which also came with mash potato. The chop was nice enough but nothing special, a little soggier than I’d like. The cucumber salad was delicious!

I’ll definitely pop back and try a few more unfamiliar items from the menu.

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  1. Sarah, Maison Cupcake

    Interesting… there was a popular Polish restaurant in Shepherds Bush called Patio, I presume it's still there. I only ate in there twice but found the food unappealing and didn't appreciate the vodka. I'm surprised more Polish restaurants haven't opened up recently.


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