Kavey Eats is 1 Today!

Today is Kavey Eats’ 1st birthday, or blogiversary!

I started creating the blog on the evening of April Fool’s Day 2009, after attending a wonderful chocolate tasting event, worked feverishly on it through the next day and announced my new blog to the world on the 2nd April!

Even though I still feel like a newbie, I look back at how much I’ve posted (and eaten) over the past year with a sense of amazement (and some pride). We’re talking 127 posts over a year!

I’d like to say a huge thank you to those of you who’ve joined me on this journey, who read my blog and, especially those who take the time to comment. A year in and I still feel a childlike thrill each time you take the time to share your thoughts, so do please keep reading and please keep in touch.

For newer readers, if you’d like to learn more about me, these two posts will tell you more than you ever wanted to know!

Here are some of my favourite posts from the year that’s passed:-
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Ming the Masterchef: Mat Follas @ The Wild Garlic (Part 2)
Going Pro For A Day: Kavey Eats & Mamta’s Kitchen @ Covent Garden’s Real Food Market
Une Belle Soirée at Bell’s Diner (Bristol)
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Pierre Koffman’s Pop-Up Restaurant at Selfridges
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Cook like a wahaca – cooking with Tommi Miers
Racing to Racine!

Hope you enjoyed that little trip down memory lane!

P.S. Eagle-eyed amongst you might notice that my blog archive goes back to 2006. That’s because I’ve made notes about and taken photographs of my food, especially meals out, for many, many, many, many years. In recent years, I shared some of these in a general web diary with a small circle of friends, some I posted on a food chat website, and some I sent via email to interested friends and family. All of these, I ferreted out and copied across to Kavey Eats, so that I had all my food ramblings stored in one handy place.

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20 Comments to "Kavey Eats is 1 Today!"

  1. Sharon

    Happy blog birthday!Just wanted to say that although I haven't commented before, I really enjoy your blog (plus, we have a shared love of cheese). Now I have started blogging I realise how important it is to comment! 🙂

  2. squonky

    Congratulations on a year of gastronomic fun Kavey. You've picked out some intriguing sounding faves from the last twelve months. Off to read up about chickens and macaroni cheese right now. Happy Burpday “Kavey Eats” :^)

  3. The London Foodie

    Wow Kavey, I am so amazed that it's been just a year, and you have achieved and inspired so many (me included!). I followed your blog long before I started mine, I loved reading your posts, particularly Pierre Koffmann's (best tip ever of 2009!), and cannot wait to see you tomorrow to celebrate your blogiversary over some good dim sum! Happy 1st Anniversary! Lx

  4. Debs @ DKC

    Happy bog birthday Kavey. You've just reminded me that it's my blog 1st birthday this month too. Keep up the good work.

    PS. Loving the new photo too. Forgot to mention it recently.

  5. LexEat!

    Congrats Kavey!
    It must be very satisfying to look back on all you've achieved!
    I've enjoyed getting to meet you a couple of times and hope to again in the future!

  6. BribedwithFood

    Happy Blogiversary, Kavey!
    Sorry to miss celebratory lunch, but I look forward to many more meals and jam-making sessions together in the months to come.

  7. Maggie

    Happy Blogiversary! You've had an amazing first year and from reading your blog I can see that you have made lots of true blogging friends.

  8. Kathleen

    Kavey, dear friend, Happy Blogiversary!
    I've so enjoyed “accompanying” you on your adventures with food over this past year. Time has really flown, hasn't it? But whether you've been making food in your kitchen, or sharing your mum's lovely recipes or reviewing a meal at an event or restaurant, it has truly been a delicious experience that I've very much relished!

    Well done you!


  9. meemalee

    Happy Belated Bloggiversary Kavey Dear!

    Sorry I am a massive spoon and failed to comment on time.

    You know I love you, but more importantly I love your blog 🙂

    Here's to many more years of blogging xxx

  10. mathildescuisine

    Sorry I'm a bit late but … JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE ! I'm very pleased to have met you last year and to count you amongst my friends. My best time with you was when you guys came over for dinner. It was great to share that evening with you


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