Ladies Pudfest 2010!

Back in January 16 food-loving ladies assembled for the inaugural Pigfest at St John bar and restaurant in London’s Smithfield.

As documented then, whilst the suckling pig was marvellous, service went a little awry. Luckily for us St John General Manager Thomas Blythe takes customer service very seriously and invited us back for desserts and bubbly by way of apology. (Dessert because, with the service issues, a few of us left before dessert was served on the original night). In the end, work commitments and illness meant 16 became just 5.

We had a very lovely evening at the restaurant, sitting and chatting with Thomas for a few hours over our bubbly and desserts. One of the bar staff created a wonderful, sweet and fruity non-alcoholic cocktail for those of us not drinking and we each ordered a dessert from the a la carte menu.

Thanks for a lovely evening, Thomas!

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