Kavey @ The Underground Farmers Market

I recently took part in the UK’s first Underground Farmer’s Market hosted in the home of MsMarmiteLover, who runs one of London’s longest running underground restaurants.

The day went really well and I enjoyed meeting other stall holders (mainly also supper club hosts plus a few bloggers and other home producers) and of course, meeting and selling to the visitors.

Photo courtesy of aforkfulofspaghetti

I also bought myself a few goodies too – my favourites being Beijing street food pancakes from Mama Lan, empanadas from Can Be Bribed With Food and cardamom brownies from A forkful of spaghetti.

Thank you to all those who visited and especially to those who bought some of my goodies. I hope you enjoy them!

To read other peoples’ feedback about the day (and see more photos) visit:-
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  1. Sarah, Maison Cupcake

    I so wish I'd been able to go, I had a family party to attend in Birmingham which I couldn't get out of but I really feel I've missed out on a brilliant event. I keep hearing about these empanadas, they sound wonderful.


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