Kavey Eats @ The Underground Farmers & Craft Market

Many of you will have visited or heard of MsMarmiteLover’s Underground Restaurant. One of the very first in the UK, she’s the doyenne of a movement that’s flourised over the past several months and her underground dinners are definitely something to talk about!

Her newest project is an underground farmers and craft market, to be held on the 28th March at her Kilburn home.

You can learn more about it (and see a list of some of the producers who’ve signed up so far) at her blog, The English Can Cook.

If you’d like to attend, tickets are £5 and the address will be provided to ticket holders only.

I’ll be selling a small range of home-made Indian chutneys, pickles and ketchups as well as a few jams. I had great feedback from customers of my one-off Covent Garden stall so if you missed out then (or want to be a repeat customer!) do come by!

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  1. Sarah, Maison Cupcake

    I have just visited MML's blog and think this is a brilliant idea. Unfortunately I am away that day but if she does another one I will definitely book – it's a lot easier than getting away at night for me. Hopefully I will get chance to buy some of your wares then.


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