Carrot Love!

We ended up leaving the carrots in the ground far too long, what with the snow and our inherent laziness! But we decided we’d better harvest them (and the parsnips) before we left for the Falklands at the end of January, incase they ended up rotting in the ground.

We got kilos and kilos of both!

Here are a pair of giant entwined carrots:

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6 Comments to "Carrot Love!"

  1. Sarah, Maison Cupcake

    These look like something off “That's Life”. Bet they tasted good though. On the radio this morning they had some batty item about home grown carrots ending up costing you a pound each. Quite how they arrive at that figure sounds bonkers.

  2. Kavey

    Sarah, that was when the growers bought carrot seedling plugs rather than grow them from seeds! A very expensive way to grow your own carrots!

  3. Zoe

    They look almost obscene! 🙂
    I'm enjoying discovering your blogs! Fascinating post on indian wine too! Who would have thought?



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