The First Rule About Steak Club…

… is that I can’t go to steak club!

A comment I made on twitter about feeling like the only food blogger yet to enjoy the legendary steak and burgers at Hawksmoor restaurant in London lead to a flurry of tweets from fellow carnivore friends suggesting we go together. Result and happiness on my part! The suggestion of a girls steak club quickly took off and many excited wimmins eager to share the beef chimed in.

Sadly, in the ensuing rush to make this into a reality, a date was picked that I could not attend. Learning of this on a day when I was already very close to tears (thanks to paypal and ebay, who I hate with a true and fierce passion) lead to the embarassment of my crying actual tears, just because I couldn’t go! Behaviour quite unbecoming of a 38 year old, even one who loves her steak!

Cue gallant behaviour from (no doubt slightly bewildered) husband who suggested he’d take me instead and we’d have our very own steak club!

Having just started a glorious three month sabbatical from work we took advantage of our freedom to make a weekday lunch time visit, driving into the city and finding a pay and display parking space virtually opposite the restaurant. Great start!

Our lovely waitress took our drinks orders, responding well to my nondescript request for a non-alcoholic cocktail, “something sweet”. Quick, targetted questions helped elicit my eventual request for raspberry and mint and she had the barman make me a virgin raspberry mojito which absolutely hit the spot! Pete went for a Meantime Pale Ale, which he enjoyed though felt was served too cold.

Reluctantly, but sensibly given the meatfeast to come, we eschewed starters and went straight to the main event.

Pete opted for the famous Hawksmoor burger. A real burger lover, he confirmed that the (very generous) pattie was incredibly moist and tender, wonderfully beefy and perfectly balanced by the lettuce, tomato, gherkins and red onions. He was pleased with his choice of ogleshield cheese too. The accompanying chips were nice, though nothing to write home about.

I was permitted a bite of the burger and was duly impressed, even after all the hype! Yes, it really is a very tasty burger!

I chose a 400 gram (gulp) rib-eye steak, medium rare. And some grilled marrow bone, because I love it. And a side of buttered spinach. To my delight, a little bowl of bearnaise was also provided – tasty but would have been nicer warm. Far too much meat for me, but I gave it a good effort and enjoyed what I managed to eat immensely. A nice texture and great flavour, and deftly cooked. All one wants from a piece of beef!

Full beyond belief we nevertheless could not resist the allure of the Victorian apple and blackberry trifle. Spiked with brandy and topped off with scrumpy cider ice, it was refreshingly light and the perfect thing with which to round off our meal!

I was also delighted to be able to catch up with owner Will Beckett, who I’d been wanting to meet for ages, having met fellow owner Huw Gott at the Blaggers Banquet! Will’s dry humour on twitter often has me smiling and he made us very welcome at Hawksmoor.

I’m looking forward to confirmation of their second restaurant in the West End. Apparently, they’ve found the premises but won’t say a word until the paperwork is all signed!

In other news, why not join the ranks demanding weekend burger goodness at their original branch?!

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9 Comments to "The First Rule About Steak Club…"

  1. mathildescuisine

    I can't male it either for the Steak club as David booked us ticket for le Cirque du Soleil that night but I will definitely give a try to Hawksmoor soon!

  2. Lizzie

    The bone marrow is such a mammoth portion. I was sad when I last went that they didn't have the 600gr ribeye. I had to make do with a 400gr.

  3. Kavey

    Lizzie, 600 grams for one? I stand in awe.
    (Picture me doing “I am not worthy” bowing, in your direction)

  4. Patrick

    There are not many UK restaurants brave enough to serve bone marrow like this. I must try it out. (PS did you have to scoop the marrow out à la StJ or was it served in a blob as in France?)

  5. Kavey

    I don't know how it is at SJ but I just scooped it out with my regular cutlery. Wasn't difficult as they'd cut the bones in half.

    Am more used to sucking marrow out of smaller marrow bones or using spoon to eat marrow from giant ones!

  6. David Strange

    Hawksmoor is brilliant! I first went there in January of last year and it made such a positive impression on me (even though I was screamingly insane at the time) that I have ended up going pretty much once a month since then. I have recommended it to many friends who have all loved it (and I have posted reports and pictures on

    For a while I was convinced that the steak of choice was the bone-in sirloin as it had the tenderness of fillet steak but more flavour. However, on my last couple of visits I've shared massive bone-in prime rib steaks which have been truly, mind-buggeringly brilliant. Obviously the best steaks in London. I am yet to try a burger, so was pleased to read your report on it.

    I should mention the excellent 1920s-themed cocktail list, and the expert bar staff who mix these with great skill.

    If you like meat make your booking now; you will not be disappointed.


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