Churros y Chocolate @ Wahaca

Looking for an early evening eatery, food tweeters came to my rescue by suggesting a visit to the Covent Garden branch of Wahaca, a place I’d wanted to try for a while.

Arriving early, we were rewarded with quick service and a funky but peaceful environment. The food was good, though a few dishes were too hot for us, especially the pork pibil tacos, which had me hyperventilating with chilli shock!

As time ticked on the tables filled up, which created a great vibe, though it was a shame when the volume of the music was whacked up, drowning the buzz and making it difficult to talk.

We stuck to street food with a mix of tacos, tostadas, taquitos, tortilla chips, guacamole and frijoles. Some great flavours – fresh, zingy, energising!

churros y chocolate

But the dish we both lusted for was churros y chocolate! The churros were crunchy throughout, rather than soft within and crispy without, as we’ve both experienced before… so not quite what either of us expected. But they worked well with the rich, viscous, dark chocolate dipping sauce. Mmmm!

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7 Comments to "Churros y Chocolate @ Wahaca"

  1. Sarah, Maison Cupcake

    These look tasty, not having been to mexico I've only had them in France where I think they call them Chi Chis! Suppose I need a deep fat fryer to make them at home. Boo hisss I'll have to go to Covent Garden instead. See you Saturday at FBC!

  2. Heavenly Housewife

    i have always wanted to try these. so far, churros have never met up to my expectation. i now realise its because the ones i liked were Mexican style and i've been trying the Spanish ones. good to know that these ones weren't up to par. Are there any in London that you think are particularly good?

  3. Kavey

    HH, it's not that they weren't up to par, they were delicious, it's more that they weren't the style we'd expected, with softer texture inside and crispy outside. But they were lovely and I'd order them again in a heartbeat!
    And I guess as churros are prevalent in so many Spanish-speaking regions of the world, there are probably a lot of variations and styles, so these may simply be a style I am not familiar with – I have never been to Mexico!
    I've not tried churros anywhere else in London but maybe, if you fancy, we could do a joint HH and KE mission to find and try out at least one other churros provider and post on our blogs? Would be a great opp. to meet up!

  4. S

    i hadnt noticed the macaron in your header before, Kavey, it's lovely!
    churros and chocolate. lovely.

  5. Kavey

    Thanks, Shayma, that was my first ever macaroon making attempt and it came out so well. The second try wasn't quite so good, though still tasty!


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