A story of romance, love, cheating, jealousy…

Some of you might know that Pete and I recently attended a photography workshop held in the beautiful abbey in Inzigkofen, Germany and hosted by friend Chris Marquardt. We had a wonderful time learning new skills, practicing and having our passion for photography reinvigorated. We also had fun chilling out with our fellow participants.

During the 4 day workshop we were also given a project for which we split into groups. I partnered with the lovely Fabrizio, a handsome polyglot Italian living in Switzerland, married to a Czech, spent some months in Japan… you get the idea!

Chris gave us absolutely no parameters for our project but we had just three one hour sessions in which we had to decide on a subject or theme, carry out the project and be ready to present it to the rest of the group in a 10 minute presentation.

Oddly, given the eventual subject of our project, we really did come up with the idea together. I started off suggesting a set of images featuring a little espresso coffee cup, then it flew backwards and forwards between us as we decided to make it a story, then a love story, then a story of romance, love, cheating and jealousy…

We storyboarded to work out which scenes we needed to shoot and then went about capturing the images. I had great fun googling for red lingerie, pasting images into a document and then asking the bemused abbey administrator to print the page out for me!

Then we did a quick, slapdash processing of our RAW images so that we could put them into a powerpoint presentation, into which we also inserted text explanations. Our intention was for the style to be that of an old silent movie, though we decided to stick with colour images, not black and white.

The finished project isn’t as polished as it could be, but given just three short hours, we were really pleased with it and really enjoyed presenting it to the group. They seemed to really enjoy it too!

And what is it doing on my food blog?

Well, it the cast ARE coffee cups!!!


Enjoy and let us know what you think!

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